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Most of the national park and vicinity are sparsely populated, but significant numbers of people as well as park resources could nevertheless be at risk from these hazards... Yellowstone, one of the world’s largest active volcanic systems, has produced several giant volcanic eruptions in the past few million years, as well as many smaller eruptions and steam explosions. Others, however, are not so convinced about the feasibility of Mr Wilcox’s idea. [47], In 2016, the USGS announced plans to map the subterranean systems responsible for feeding the area's hydrothermal activity. Yellowstone National Park has seen tremendous volcanic activity. MORE FROM FORBES No, The Yellowstone Supervolcano Is Actually Not Overdue For An Eruption By Eric Mack It’s important to remember that this … One NASA employee believes he has found a unique way to stop a major eruption – by feeding cold water into Yellowstone’s magma chambers. you monitor geysers or any other aspect of the Park? [13][14] The most recent lava flow occurred about 70,000 years ago, while a violent eruption excavated the West Thumb of Lake Yellowstone around 150,000 years ago. According to analysis of earthquake data in 2013, the magma chamber is 80 km (50 mi) long and 20 km (12 mi) wide. The Yellowstone Caldera is a volcanic caldera and supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park in the Western United States, sometimes referred to as the Yellowstone Supervolcano. A large and diversified group of earth scientists and accompanying family members participated in this 3 1/2-day field trip that focused on water/rock interactions over widely ranging... Public Lecture on Yellowstone Volcano by Jake Lowenstern at Menlo Park, CA on January 23, 2014. Some of these events were about the size of the 1991 Pinatubo eruption … The most recent supervolcano eruption was 2,500 times larger than the May 18, 1980 eruption of Washington’s Mt. As he described, Yellowstone National Park would literally be erased from the face of the continent. Concealed beneath the park rests the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano in North America. Three extraordinarily large explosive eruptions in the past 2.1 million years each created a giant caldera within or west of Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful geyser in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park erupts regularly every 90 minutes or so. Mr Wilcox told Mr Walsh: “The thing that makes Yellowstone a force of nature is that it stores up heat for hundreds of thousands of years before it all goes kablooey all at once. Over the past 18 million years or so, this hotspot has generated a succession of violent eruptions and less violent floods of basaltic lava. Map showing the path of the Yellowstone hotspot. All rights reserved. These ash-flow sheets—from oldest to youngest, the Huckleberry Ridge, Mesa Falls, and Lava Creek Tuffs—account for more than half the material erupted from Yellowstone in the past 2.1 million years. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express The USGS estimates the probability at 1 in 730,000 in any given year. Those living within 200 miles of Yellowstone would have been in ash up to mid-calf. The Henry's Fork Caldera (1.2 million years ago) produced the smaller Mesa Falls Tuff, but is the only caldera from the Snake River Plain-Yellowstone hotspot that is plainly visible today.[12]. NASA proposed introducing water at high pressure 10 kilometers underground. According to the USGS, the chances of a Yellowstone eruption is around one-in-730,000. St. Helens’ 1980 eruption in Washington State. Scientists from the United States Geological Survey say no. Their precaution could alert us to such an event years in advance, which would at least grant us time to prepare. [21], An alternate theory to the mantle plume model was proposed in 2018. Mr Wilcox told journalist Bryan Walsh in the latter’s new book End Times that the plan could cost $3.5bn (£2.9bn) and would have the added benefit of using the steam from the water and magma combo to create carbon-free geothermal electricity at a much cheaper rate than any alternative energy currently available on the market. [25][28] This swarm reached the background levels by February 21. The most recent volcanic activity at Yellowstone consisted of rhyolitic lava flows that erupted approximately 70,000 years ago. The Q&A at the end of the talk can be found on the original source video (Source URL). Over 20 large craters have been produced in the past 14,000 years, resulting in such features as Mary Bay, Turbid Lake, and Indian Pond which was created in an eruption about 1300 BC. BBC Science and Discovery Channel produced the docudrama called “Super-Volcano,” followed by the documentary, “Supervolcano: The Truth About Yellowstone.”. The superlative hot springs, geysers, and fumarole fields of Yellowstone National Park are vivid reminders of a recent volcanic past. Yellowstone caldera's NW rim at Madison Junction in Yellowstone National Park. The most recent eruptions were thick lava flows. Yellowstone's volcanism is the most recent in a 17 million-year history of volcanic activity that progressed from southwest to northeast along the Snake River Plain. The resulting volcanism has been characterized by the eruption of voluminous rhyolites and subordinate basalts but virtually no lavas of intermediate composition. The most recent volcanic activity at Yellowstone consisted of rhyolitic lava flows that erupted approximately 70,000 years ago. Map of the Yellowstone Caldera (Yellowstone Park) The last time it erupted, according to the site, the eruption area collapsed inward on itself and created a 1,500-square mile sunken crater. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), Mapping, Remote Sensing, and Geospatial Data, Big Bend Ridge, Snake River, and Red Mountains caldera segments. USGS scientist Jake Lowenstern told Mr Walsh: “It all seems a bit fanciful.”. The most likely explosive event to occur at Yellowstone is actually a hydrothermal explosion —a rock-hurling geyser eruption—or a lava flow . ", "How The world's largest eruption of the 20th century occurred in 1912 at Novarupta on the Alaska Peninsula. The Yellowstone Plateau is one of the largest manifestations of silicic volcanism on Earth, and marks the youngest focus of magmatism associated with the Yellowstone Hot Spot. Individuals living farther away on the continent would still have been dusted with a few inches of the volcanic debris. According to the researchers, these maps could help predict when another supereruption occurs. [2], Geologists are closely monitoring the rise and fall of the Yellowstone Plateau, which has been rising as quickly as 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) per year, as an indication of changes in magma chamber pressure.[32][33]. ", "What is a Caldera? With 640,000 years having passed since the last major eruption, Yellowstone is edging closer to exploding – but it could still be thousands of years away. Although no eruptions of lava or volcanic ash have occurred for many thousands of years, future eruptions are likely. Columnar jointed lava flows from 1.3 million years ago at Narrows of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. Jamie Farrell at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City believes this is just part of the natural cycle for Yellowstone volcano, saying: “Earthquake swarms are fairly common in Yellowstone.". Aerial view of the striking NW rim of the Yellowstone caldera and intracaldera rhyolite lava flows at Madison Junction in Yellowstone National Park. Scattered pahoehoe flows were located above the pali, about 1.6 km (1 mile) north of Royal Gardens subdivision. Some of these events were about the size of the 1991 Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines. The area in and around Yellowstone National Park has seen tremendous volcanic activity in its past. Using thermal satellite images, scientists take the earth’s temperature hundreds of miles away from a destination to hopefully predict volcano eruptions. Eruptions from each of the volcanic centers lasted a few million years before crustal movement reoriented the center of magmatic activity.

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