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The other development of note was Bliss watching intently as The Fiend controlled the match early. Payback's main show opens with Bobby Lashley defeating Apollo Crews to win the United States Championship. The fire the victor showed after the match is exactly what we need out of him and the type of emotion that will eventually earn him that world-title run he seeks. The Aussie caught Rollins, setting in motion a series that concluded with Dominik earning the win with a Frog Splash. Previous stops includes Bleacher Report, Sportskeeda and the LSU-focused Tiger Weekly. He still performed up to the level of his competition, turning in one of his better performances of 2020. Kay sent Riott into Morgan's knees and momentarily seized control of the match. After the match, we see Riddle walking down a hallway, congratulating himself on beating Corbin and being able to move on to greener pastures. WWE Payback 2020 results and analysis of the key hits, misses and takeaways after Roman Reigns becomes Universal Champion. By nights end, three championships changed hands as several long-term storylines are either on their way to a payoff or just getting started. Regardless, The Riott Squad ended up getting the best of the Iiconics in the end. The former NXT women's champion scored a near-fall and drove Banks into the mat. However, that wasn't the only title change over the course of the evening. Although the pairing of Baszler and Jax is a bit odd and the whole “tag team partners who don’t like each other” shtick is definitely overplayed, perhaps this could be similar to what we saw with Cesaro and Sheamus, who at first couldn’t stand each other but ultimately grew into a great tag team in The Bar. Back in the ring, he set up for The Big Ending, but Sheamus slid out and applied a heel hook. WWE booked the right outcome at Payback when Dominik and Rey Mysterio beat Seth Rollins and Murphy in a very good tag team match, with Dominik getting the win for his team as he should have. RETRIBUTION has been nowhere to be found since Reigns returned, raising suspicion about a potential working relationship between the two sides. The veteran unloaded months of frustration and anguish on The Messiah and then delivered a moonsault for a near-fall. Considering WWE only had one week to build it up, this was an efficient pay-per-view that proved to be … Big E defeated Sheamus after a wildly entertaining match that really allowed Big E to shine and demonstrate his potential to be a main eventer in the near future. Lashley, while impressive and a name in the industry, is on the back-end of his career. Mat Elfring There may be a few additions or changes throughout the day and even into the Kickoff show. And he did it in convincing fashion. Crews answered with speed and agility, delivering a moonsault from the apron that wiped the challenger out on the floor. Although it’s not easy for WWE to produce two quality events with so little time in between, Payback featured some fantastic wrestling in matches like Sheamus vs. Big E and plenty of notable storyline developments, like Reigns’ continued heel turn and a big title loss for Sasha Banks and Bayley. Orton followed up with a side suplex onto the announce table before grounding him back in the ring. WWE turned quite a few heads—but not in a good way—when Lee debuted on last week’s Raw with a few unnecessary changes, but WWE reportedly has big plans for the big man that will see him featured heavily as one of Raw’s top babyfaces. Randy Orton (RESULTS | PHOTOS) Women's Tag Team Championship Match Key Takeaway: Because Orton is likely continuing his feud with McIntyre, Lee may need to find a new rivalry on the red brand. Catch ITN's Live Results & Updates Blog for WWE Payback 2020 PPV on 30 August 2020 (8/30/2020) featuring Universal Championship title match, United States title and more. However, there was still no sign of third competitor, Roman Reigns, at this point. The post-match attack was questionable because it made him look almost cowardly as he jumped the new champion, then fled when attacked by the heels, but that is a creative misstep that can easily be fixed. Lashley regained control until an enzuigiri stunned him. A blind charge into the corner was hardly the way to achieve it as Lee smacked his shoulder into the ring post, though. Key Takeaway: This appears to be a case of WWE reverting back to its original plan that would have seen Reigns defeat Goldberg at WrestleMania 36, so essentially, WWE has reached its same goal—just nearly half a year later. This was positioned as a match between two wrestlers jockeying to become a top SmackDown star, with Michael Cole telling us several times before the bell how important this match is. Bobby Lashley defeated Apollo Crews by submission to … This was essentially a better version of Rollins' match with Dominik last week at SummerSlam. Keith Lee faced the biggest test of his fledgling main roster career as he battled a red-hot Randy Orton, seeking revenge for the brutal assault by The Viper that left his good friend, Drew McIntyre, with a hairline fracture of the jaw during Monday's Raw. She's seemingly been placed in a Harley Quinn role. Dominik and Rey Mysterio defeated Rollins and Murphy. WWE Payback August 30, 2020 Amway Center (WWE ThunderDome) Orlando, Florida We are live with ongoing coverage of WWE Payback. ET with the kickoff, followed by the main show starting at 7 p.m. WWE Payback 2020 had the difficult task of following in the footsteps of a memorable SummerSlam show that took place just a week ago, but it more than delivered with a near-flawless show highlighted by Roman Reigns’ Universal title win and Keith Lee’s lightning quick victory over Randy Orton. WWE Payback 2020 Results. I'm an LSU grad with a degree in journalism and a minor in English, and I have a. I specialize in the analysis of WWE, AEW and pro wrestling, having done so since 2010.

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