what time is it in hawaii

Time in Hawaii now. Popup Window Fullscreen Exit. This time zone converter lets you visually and very quickly convert PST to Honolulu, Hawaii time and vice-versa. Hawaii. PST stands for Pacific Standard Time. Time changes between years 2020 and 2029 in USA – Hawaii – Honolulu are shown here. HST (Hawaii Standard Time) UTC/GMT -10 hours. Time Zone News. 4:07 28 pm. Current local time and time zone in Hawaii, , . Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST) -1000 UTC UTC/GMT is 07:16 on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 Hawaii. Need some help? Hawaii time now. No Daylight Saving Time in 2020. Hawaii time zone and map with current time in the largest cities. Wednesday, October 21, 2020. 6:29 am Time in HI and DST changes in 2020. Get the latest world time, weather, images and statistics in Hawaii at World Clock Set your location. Difference. So, when it is 12:00 am PST1:00 am PST2:00 am PST3:00 am PST4:00 am PST5:00 am PST6:00 am PST7:00 am PST8:00 am PST9:00 am PST10:00 am PST11:00 am PST12:00 pm PST1:00 pm PST2:00 pm PST3:00 pm PST4:00 pm PST5:00 pm PST6:00 pm PST7:00 pm PST8:00 pm PST9:00 pm PST10:00 pm PST11:00 pm PST it will be 9:00 pm in Honolulu10:00 pm in Honolulu11:00 pm in Honolulu12:00 am in Honolulu1:00 am in Honolulu2:00 am in Honolulu3:00 am in Honolulu4:00 am in Honolulu5:00 am in Honolulu6:00 am in Honolulu7:00 am in Honolulu8:00 am in Honolulu9:00 am in Honolulu10:00 am in Honolulu11:00 am in Honolulu12:00 pm in Honolulu1:00 pm in Honolulu2:00 pm in Honolulu3:00 pm in Honolulu4:00 pm in Honolulu5:00 pm in Honolulu6:00 pm in Honolulu7:00 pm in Honolulu8:00 pm in Honolulu, Other conversions: PST to Munich Time, PST to Auckland Time, PST to Cleveland Time, Honolulu Time to PST. So, when it is. 9/29/2020 – … Simply mouse over the colored hour-tiles and glance at the hours selected by the column... and done! 6 hours behind New York. Wednesday, October 21, 2020. No DST. Check official timezones, exact actual time and daylight savings time conversion dates in 2020 for Honolulu, HI, United States of America - fall time change 2020 - DST to Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time. So, when it is. About HST — Hawaii Standard Time. Current local time in Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii, USA, Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone. There are no Daylight Saving Time clock changes. Honolulu, Hawaii time is 3 hours behind PST. 12:00 am PST 1:00 am PST 2:00 am PST 3:00 am PST 4:00 am PST 5:00 am PST 6:00 am PST 7:00 am PST 8:00 am PST 9:00 am PST 10:00 am PST 11:00 am PST 12:00 pm PST 1:00 pm PST 2:00 pm PST 3:00 pm PST 4:00 pm PST 5:00 pm PST 6:00 pm PST 7:00 pm PST 8:00 pm PST 9:00 pm PST 10:00 pm PST 11:00 pm PST.

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