what episode does victoria grayson die

Michelle banks then walks in with fake sessions detailing Victorias 'obsession' with Emily spiriling into acute psychosis. She loves her eldest son Patrick the most. Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows! Victoria was manipulative, cold and rarely displays her true feelings, ironically she was more like Amanda Clarke than either of them had ever realized, the only big difference in their personalities was; that Victoria was not loyal to her loved ones, although Victoria rarely shows her true feelings, she has a more vulnerable side as made evident by her request that Frank Stevens to stay with her when she was alone in her house. Emily knocks Malcolm down, but David shot in the leg. The Hampton Queen was also fiercely competitive and suffers no rivals. They can’t tell him that his other daughter is also amongst the living. When she returned weeks later to surprise Pascal Victoria found him in the arms of another woman. Finally Frank told her history between her 16's and 18's was in-existent and she asked Frank to follow her. In response Marion shot Tom in cold blood and manipulated Victoria into taking the blame and claiming self-defense. When she told him that he became mad and told her that she was going to marry her whether if she wants or not. Eventually Victoria's student visa expired and she was forced to part with Pascal. In "Repercussions," Victoria visits what is believed to be Amanda's grave alongside David. David apologizes to Victoria for doubting her loyalties. In "Sin," Victoria begins to investigate Nolan's deed after Aiden told her that it was paid with her fortune. Did the Grayson family matriarch -- and primary target of Emily's revenge plot -- perish in the plane crash that wrapped the first season? After the party Victoria told her that she hate her, and they would never be friends again. A large part of why she’s doing this is to get away from her. In her last scene of the second season, Victoria is surprised to find Patrick (who is unseen by the viewers) on her doorstep. She was the arch-nemesis of Amanda Clarke, who held her responsible for the destruction of her father and her life. She told Emily that Conrad was after Jack, knowing that Emily would left all behind to help him, and she did, because she missed the Voulez Launching Party. In "Allegiance," Victoria prepared a trap for Emily, she asked Luke to return to the Hampton's and they faked a fight that Emily listened. David believed her and tells her he wants to start over with her and Charlotte, as he wanted to give Charlotte what he was unable to give Amanda (suggesting he believes she died). The big question hanging over this second season premiere of "Revenge" was the fate of Victoria Grayson. Natalie tells Victoria that Edward had tried to reach out to her after Conrad's arrest, and when he couldn't get ahold of her, he rewrote his will to give his estate to Natalie. She continues to fake her unconsciousness until he opens the van door which gave her an opportunity to kick him in the face and run. She put everything in Patrick's name so Conrad could not take her money. Amanda never liked or trusted Victoria and even saw her stealing David's computer. This was the case, but Victoria still had to undergo a 6 month psychiatric review. But after Charlotte threatened him, Patrick decided to leave. Kurt arrived that night when Victoria was alone, he was able to find out that Walsh was working for Malcolm Black. Not one year ago and not today. He already knows that can’t happen, as he’s the one who killed him. Victoria was also instrumental in condemning young Amanda Clarke to a childhood filled with misery and pain. Before dying, Victoria shoots Emily in the back as she and David are embracing.

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