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Wal-Mart helps society far more than it hurts society. I guess that's why Mississippi, which has more people living below the poverty line than any other state, also has a very small percentage of unionized workers -- only 4.5 %. I dare anyone to name one company or one job where someone can take a job that requires NO HIGHER EDUCATION..probably does not even require a HS diploma, but yet make a livable wage and still get health insurance benefits. Was I making it, NO! My God this is America, how can this go on. It's biased, you can say whatever you want, but if you look up the definition of bias you'll see what I mean. Able minds and bodies are a dime a dozen , this is the mindset of ALL successful companies . Minimum wages and minimum benefits: that’s the way Wal-Mart stays ultra competitive. The underwear I buy my husband and sons has gone from $7.99 a pack to $11.47 a pack. IF ITS NOT MADE HERE DONT BUY!!!!! The fact that they make a profit on not hiring full time and have the largest work force on welfare, and state health care plans. I don't know if it's because it's the cheapest or if it's because of where the stores are located, but it definitely has a disproportionate amount of underclass shopping there. Imagine how many jobs Walmart would save by making their products here in the US. Boycott the giant corporations. the philosophy should be to work for the benefit of people and local communities, not for the benefit of business itself. Your lack of tolerance in your fellow man/woman reflects your own deep flaws. Best of luck to those in the US who campaign against Walmart. Cheaper goods from other countries makes our US paychecks go farther. Even then it wasnt the townspeople who fought it. Go find a better job! They would kill for a big store thats offering lots of jobs to come anywhere within 30 miles of their home towns.. Corporate greed! Only problem I have with this is the end of the movie when they are talking about areas that defeated Wal-mart from building in their towns. Wal-Mart has become one of America's most successful retail chains by offering everyday goods at low prices for working families. Wal-Mart has become one of America's most successful retail chains by offering everyday goods at low prices for working families. Do they put money under the table so they can get away with this? this is the america that people strive to get into what a joke. More jobs in communities is great. In fact, today we got called useless... We have a meeting before we go to work (i work overnights as a stocker) and supposedly the store manager was very displeased with his "walk". You should really follow Clark suddestion and buy some speakers but please not at Wal Mart! The logic is undeniable! An quick aside: I have to say that if English is your second language, you speak (or i guess, in this case, type it [possibly with spell check], it's ok, by the way, we all use that, much better than I speak or type any Asian language you could name. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. established a competitive advantage in providing consumer goods at lower prices than competitors in the discount retailing industry. I'm sure many people posting negative comments on here are Walmart employees. Personal experiences make these discussions much more interesting. Even though, let's admit, it is preety pro-anti walmart. Well, WalMart's Phrase is "DO MORE FOR LESS" if you were given a job _would you settle for that ^^ Business's were there before walmart moved in,and closed down because of tax and less customers. They pay the taxes they get to use the tax money! More people need to watch this documentary, more people need to support local business (which may in turn create lower prices on local product, less people should apply for jobs there and try to work somewhere else. Can't see past saving fifty cents, probably drives half an hour to save that fifty cents. I can buy a tool for ~10 USD that will cost you ~100 USD for the american version- yours will last a hundred years, mine will last ten years- but the catch is that neither of us will last 100 years, and I will still have spent less. Baking their own bread is hardly cost effective and can not achieve economies of scale for single parent families with two or three people in the household. anyone noticed it too? He posted it because it's the truth. They don't make their own products with a company that sends the labor overseas. It’s sad for the shop owners but it's good for 98% of the rest of the community that now can get the same goods and services for less. RON PAUL2012. You have no idea how many people in smaller communities and surrounding areas are sitting without jobs. All else being equal, including quality, we should buy from the least cost producer. although i feel for these people they must help themselves because most people dont care unless it really affects them. Glad to see people r still Uniting. I've also found that by looking for sales and using coupons I can get things cheaper 90% of the time if I shop other places than Walmart. Also in some these small town Wal-mart has been known to drive out small businesses competitors without any remorse. Many people really did not oppose and took positions in the store. I have one (1) child and I DO have an education. But as long as the American consumer places their wallet above EVERY other consideration in making their consumer and lifestyle choices, stores like Wal-Mart are going to keep eating this country and this planet. Are you able to specify, properly, as you intimate others are not able to do, where this video's contents are inaccurate, Ken? I love Wal-Mart and hope they continue to offer low prices and good service. Thanks for listening. what about quality? I haven't ever worked there but my gf's friend just got fired for failure to take mandated breaks. I learned quite a bit between this and a few airings of The Age of Walmart on MSNBC I can say that I have made my decision . What song was that when they were talking about karaoke? I am floored. The wealthy do not pay 90% of all taxes. "Always Lowest Prices" is just a slogan. In addition the food in Tesco is never what it is sold as. I like your opinion/suggestion. As a former cake decorator at WM, everything in here is correct, sounds fancy I know, let me tell you, that fancy it was not. Ah, but planned obsclescense keeps the economy going! You and I can boycott Walmart all we want....but they appeal to the masses. There are no benefits to working at Wal-Mart and the average full-time employee CAN'T afford their rent, bills, and food for their families. Its retail. US paychecks go farther, and the China population move off the farm and get employed in factories earning a paycheck for the first time. Video was good in terms of revealing truthful evidence about wal-marts cons, but I feel as though something was left out. If you do no like it do not shop or work there. I on the other hand need to be frugal and need to watch my budget closely, and Wal-Mart serves this purpose for me at least 90% of the time. Time for a BIG change, I think! The simple answer is and was not to buy from Wal-mart.If none of the towns people had ever gone and shopped there,then Wal-mart would have gone out of business and all the Ma and Pa shops would still be in business. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT WHEN WE ARE FINALLY FORCED OUT OF BUSINESS, THAT HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WILL BE LOST WITHOUT US. How can these people who own Wal Mart get away with this ? "GO GET SOMETING BETTER" : realize, there exists only so many seats ont he board.... someone has to grease the wheels... someone HAS TO! You dont get to be the biggest Company in the world without being evil. Anyway, I have seen a lot of documentaries and this is one of the best I have seen. I currently work for Wal-mart have for about 3 and a half years now and after really seeing what it is doing to the commuinities, associates and other countries they serve I will be seeking alternate employment. If Wal-Mart was to disappear it would just be replaced by a combination of other large superstores like Target. And frankly, I don't know if they pay more....but if I was without a job....sorry I would take the higher offer. If we are going to consume resources we should at least use them well. You can too. Wal-Mart has taken the American worker back generations. And so did the neighbor's neighbor and the other neighbor's neighbor. They were about medium on the clothing and household items. Woe the world we live in. If you think they can, maybe you should watch this again...Wal-Mart is not a good choice, nor will it ever be. Fast forward years latter and a friend of mine was walking through a walmart and slipped and fell onto a broken Sobe bottle. “Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price” focuses solely on Walmart Corporation while ignoring the existence of other giant retail chains (Sam’s Club, which is mentioned, is a division of Walmart) that create most of those same destructive impacts. THEIR LIFE ON EARTH IS SHORT, BUT ETERNITY GOES ON AND ON!!!!!! The hardware store was similarly-priced but didn't have everything on the list. As a single female with no children, most government programs do not apply to me. Basically, if you need to pay the rent, more than you need to be content in your position. The ball is in your court. Stop complaining. You have no concept of the reality of the economic situation. If not, almost all readers will simply assume that you are what is commonly known as a stooge. these multi millionaire owners have no moral's they must realize how much pain and hurt their pure and unashamable greed causes and to you the middlemanagement you will realize one day that you are only pawns in their game and that you are disposable. London WC1R 4HQ. Out of several stores I went to, my grocery bill was the HIGHEST. There is a local plastics factory just 12 miles from where I live that will be laying off about 1300 people next month because they lost a product to Walmart's manufacturing, another company within Walmart. "Chop your wood"? In case you didnt know, Wal-Mart not only wants to take over the world, destroy communities and stick it to workers it wants to let you die in its parking lot. If these Walmart employees can't make a living working at Walmart, LEAVE! If you watch the documentary very closely, you will understand the severeness of Wal-Mart's low prices. Explores the marketing strategies employed by Wal-Mart Corporation and their efforts to compete in the “new” economy. Mallwort makes me sick. I have to say I worked at a Walmart in Oshawa, Ontario for 2 years during college and the things I went through are ridiculous. Our society is hooked on stuff! Unfortunately that is true. Even with spell check. Good for you. A 'Mallwort' was built in a community about 20 minutes away from me in the year 2001. It is sickening to see how this unregulated village stomping dragon is ruining communities, controverting democracy, and leaving the masses essentially subservient to its demands. No minions, no millions....Respect that. They were bought out by a Chinese company. Funny how the unions and leftist politicos don't say the same thing about K-Mart. People like you make me puke. While you are getting rid of medicare why don't you get rid of public education at the same time, that should help keep the blissfully ignorant around for a really long time. Wal-Mart, This is a case analysis of Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in Mexico and North America. Wal-Mart, “Always Low Prices, Always.” It is well known that one of the great keys to Wal-Mart’s formidable success is its lower-than-low cost of doing business.

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