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Difficulty - Academic rigor is estimated based on how difficult it is to get an "A" at the university. 1 There are many 'University Rankings' on the internet. 50 Learn how UL Lafayette ranks across all of College Factual's rankings including It is possible for universities to be ranked higher/lower than one another depending on the filter set. 100. 2017. Learn more about our methodologies that drive these rankings. University of Louisiana at Lafayette has no rankings in this category. 9 students at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette can expect a heavy dose of crawfish. The 2019 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns football team represented the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the 2019 NCAA Division I FBS football season. Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Main Campus, CUNY Graduate School and University Center, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville. Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0. Best Colleges Nationwide, Best Colleges for Your Money, Best Colleges in Louisiana and the region, and Best Majors. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL Lafayette) is a coeducational, public, research university in Lafayette, in the U.S. state of Louisiana. Most rankings rely heavily on subjective metrics like 'reputation' and 'selectivity'. The university 2014-2015 dataset is comprised of over 2400 US Universities & Colleges and comes from multiple sources using the most favorable reported metrics for a university. It has the largest enrollment within the nine-campus University of Louisiana System and has the second largest enrollment in Louisiana. 7 10 Smartest - University that can field the highest scoring students based on the average US University size. Ranked. University of Louisiana at Lafayette is in the top 7% of universities in the world, ranking 357th in the United States and 1189th globally. This would be the "Best academic bang for the buck". A total of 2,987 4-year bachelor's degrees conferred across undergraduate programs at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The university ranked higher can mathematically field 'X' number of smarter students than universities ranked below them. Color Key - ranks are colorized as follows The calculations are performed using normal statistical models. The official 2020 Football schedule for the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns 5,001 students enrolled in some distance education courses. 13,484 students are enrolled on a full time basis, and 3,639 attend part time. 5 Brainpower - The average "smartest" rank using 5 reference populations (CalTech, MIT, Stanford, GaTech and Berkeley). Application fee for graduates - $25. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the second biggest college at Louisiana and it offers a good education with a beautiful campus and a helpful staff. The resultant value would be the graduate's spending potential over the 20yr period. Of those admitted 2,733 enrolled in the school. Most Popular for Health Professions (ranked 74 out of 2792) Most Popular for Industrial Production Technology (ranked 11 out of 346) Most Popular for Education (ranked 63 out of 1886) A more complete picture of where University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the "best of the best" can be found on our 2021 Badges Awarded page. University grade inflation, average GPA, and STEM density are factors. Scores - SAT & ACT scores. An estimated GPA at the university is calculated for the average US Student. The rankings are based on the reported academic and financial metrics of the colleges. All universities are considered equal and there is no weighting of the ranking categories. The academic rankings of the universities within the major conferences (ACC, Big12, Big10, Pac12, SEC) are available. Engineering Ranking 2018: University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Salaries are normalized across the country using the average COLA for the university's geo-economic region (7 regions total). The downside seems to be that is a little hard to get into classes and the housing is overpriced. Doctoral Universities: Higher Research Activity. 6 4 There are no subjective factors like 'reputation' that are used. A more complete picture of where University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the "best of the best" can be found on our 2021 Badges Awarded page. Using the undergraduate average starting and mid-career salaries, the rank is based on a 20yr salary accumulation (with raises) minus the cost of a 4 year education at the university. University Benchmarks Ranking the Top 100 … 2 Application fee for undergraduates - $25. The Ragin' Cajuns played their home games at Cajun Field in Lafayette, Louisiana, and competed in the West Division of the Sun Belt Conference.

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