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He spoke Armenian in a number of episodes and often quoted Armenian proverbs. They married in 1915 and had six children: Paul I, Paul II, Dorothy M., Arpesri A., Krekor, and Eugene. All rights reserved. After wartime service in the Army Air Force he enrolled at UCLA on the G. I. [28][29][30], After his son's diagnosis, Connors became active in charitable organizations for mental-disorder patients. He had a son, Matthew Gunner Ohanion (b. November 1958) and a daughter, Dana Lee Connors (b. July 1960), with his wife. and The People's Choice. His TV longform work began with his playing a Captain in "High Midnight" (CBS, 1970) and he sought to have "Revenge for a Rape" (ABC, 1976). [20] They had two children, a son, Matthew Gunnar Ohanian (1958–2007), and a daughter, Dana Lee Connors (b. [6], Connors's film career started in the early 1950s, when he made his acting debut in a supporting role opposite Joan Crawford and Jack Palance in the thriller Sudden Fear (1952). [2], Connors was an avid basketball player in high school, nicknamed "Touch" by his teammates. Connors was invited to take on a lead role in the series on an ongoing basis, but the producers had actually wanted to pressure Burr into resigning his contract with the series. But Not Serious (1965), in which Connors and Redford played American soldiers taken prisoner by a German villager played by Alec Guinness. He guest-starred in two Rod Cameron syndicated crime dramas, City Detective and the Western-themed State Trooper, and played the villain in the first episode filmed (but second one aired) of ABC's smash hit Maverick, opposite James Garner in 1957. In 1956, he played an Amalekite herder in Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments. [10] Paramount had sold the rights to air Mannix reruns to rival network ABC without informing CBS. [8], Connors was strongly considered to play Matt Helm in The Silencers (1966), but that role had eventually gone to Dean Martin. He starred in the short-lived series Tightrope! Then-president Lucille Ball pushed for CBS to keep the show on the air by removing the high-tech computers and making Mannix an independent detective. During the original pilot for 'Mannix', which initially had Joe Mannix as the top investigator for the computerized Intertect detective agency under boss Joseph Campanella, Mike performed many of the stunts himself, in the process breaking a wrist and dislocating a shoulder. He was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Willson considered "Connors" to be a "good all-American name. The character of Joe Mannix could be taken advantage of by a pretty face, he could shed a tear on an emotional level, he was very close to his father and his family, so he was more a normal personality with normal behaviour. Connors' acting career spanned six decades. 100%, Good Neighbor Sam Arguably, the one highlight of his film career -- several years later -- could be said to be his role as one of a pair of American bomber crew (the other being Robert Redford) held captive in a cellar by a lonely German drug store clerk who chooses to withhold from them the trivial matter of Germany's surrender to the Allies (played with whimsical aplomb by the brilliant Alec Guinness) in the underrated and very funny black comedy Situation Hopeless -- But Not Serious (1965).After many years as a struggling actor, Mike's first TV hit was Tightrope (1959) for CBS in which he starred as an undercover cop infiltrating an organized crime syndicate. [22] The film was intended to be the pilot for a new ABC series titled Ohanian, about an Armenian-American former homicide detective who is now a charter-boat skipper.

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