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Though Melissa told Distractify that Kim is typically "really good with everything," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star does have one weakness: sprints. I love the way it looks and I love my hips,’” says Alcantara. I totally understood where she was coming from.”. “They see her struggle and they watch her work. "I do a ton of moves with Kim and even though she has a big gym with a lot of equipment, we do a lot of banded moves and body weight moves," she told Distractify. You can get your sweat on with Melissa Alcantara, Kim Kardashian’s trainer, and do her WH LIVE+ event workout anytime. And when you’re in this deep, it’s hard to go back. "When sprints come up it’s like, ‘Oh, man.’", However, the reality star's trainer told us that the mother of four is "not a big complainer. If you really, really hate it, that means you should do it more often. “She just wanted more muscle. It’s heavy, it’s killer, but she’ll be like, ‘Alright, let’s do it!’ She’s a workhorse.”, Adds the trainer: “Kim has been getting some really nice results, like with her triceps! They also do cardio — either short bursts of high intensity, or longer, low-intensity walks. “I was literally living month-to … “She loves and hates leg days,” says Alcantara. And she wanted to find something she can do for the rest of her life. We also saw her do some assisted pull-ups. Most likely if it comes out of a box, it’s not going to be good for you. I’m sure that will pass down to them. And other assorted drills on what appears to be a jungle gym in the public park. When it comes to nutrition, Alcantara works with Kardashian’s team of chefs, sending recipes and meal plans to ensure that the star is eating a balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Well, now Melissa is sharing her go-to fitness moves with the world on Facebook Messenger. Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Shares the Star’s 'Bodybuilding' Diet and Exercise Routine: 'She’s a Workhorse!' Social media completely helped change Melissa Alcantara's life. They are about 20 minutes long and all body weight.There’s no equipment needed so you can literally do it anywhere," she explained to Distractify. Oh man, looks like Kim Kardashian has found her own New Workout Plan. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Seriously, we all have that one move that we dread during a workout class. when pregnant with her daughter Isabella, now 6. Kendall Jenner's Trainer Spills on the Supermodel's Fitness Secrets! She’s eating well and she feels good.”, And even though she indulges in the occasional piece of banana bread for a treat, Kardashian is mostly sticking to her healthy regimen. Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian on the same day posted photos of themselves wearing waist trainers and the whole thing blew up. The Fit Gurl: The Total-Body Turnaround Program author created a series of workouts for a new feature on Messenger called Watch Together. A typical day might feature Alcantara’s blueberry oatmeal pancakes for breakfast (“Kim loves them!”); chicken, sweet potatoes and veggies for lunch; and fish and veggies for dinner. Melissa Alcantara remembers the May phone call from the production team of Keeping up with the Kardashians. In 2013, before Melissa Alcantara became Kim Kardashian West’s trainer, she was an “unfit, super broke” waitress living in Brooklyn, New York. She can’t believe how much has changed over the last few months. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The trainer was inspired by Insanity, created by powerhouse fitness instructor Shaun T. — she even starred in his videos — and became committed to a balanced meal plan to get herself healthy. Celebrity trainer Don-A-Matrix has helped tone some of the most famous bodies on the planet including Kim Kardashian, 39. Messenger's latest feature Watch Together makes it possible for family and friends to workout together and hold one another accountable. And, Kim is no different. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (also known as COVID-19), many people have gotten their daily workouts in through an online tutorial. Kim is known for her enviable body, so we asked Melissa to spill celebrity-trainer trade secrets about what moves we can do at home. Melissa dished to us, "Whether you have machines or not, those are moves that target your legs. Social media completely helped change Melissa Alcantara's life. Says Alcantara: “I want her to eat real food that’s cooked every day. “Kim told me the other day, ‘This is the most vegetables I’ve ever eaten!’ ”, Processed foods are off-limits, so no crackers or cookies. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Melissa Alcantara knows that working out at home during quarantine can be a huge struggle. She knows what it takes, but it’s also really grueling. “That program set something off for me.”, Half Their Size: How a Mom with Multiple Sclerosis Lost Half Her Size, Says Alcantara of Kardashian, mom to 2-year-old Saint and 4-year-old North: “She didn’t want to be skinny. Within days, Alcantara met Kardashian and the pair hit it off. Image via @kimkardashian. “Kim told me, ‘I love my body. After posting her fitness progress on her social channels, A-list celebrity and SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian discovered the New York native and asked Melissa to train her and teach her some workout tips.. Well, now Melissa is sharing her go-to fitness moves with the world on Facebook Messenger. Kardashian West and her kickass trainer Melissa Alcantara (@fitgurlmel on Instagram, and worth a follow imho!) Distractify spoke exclusively with Melissa about her new fitness videos on the app, as well as her client Kim's go-to workout move (and least favorite!) The health and fitness guru, whose viral post-baby transformation photo from several years ago ultimately landed her the dream gig of becoming Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer, has found that it’s tough to motivate oneself when working out solo. She’s focused and she has a goal in mind.”. She wanted to have muscle and feel strong. The waist trainer Kardashian uses is meant to shape your midsection in order to get a slimmer waist. “But she’s committed! Kim also said: "My trainer Mel [Alcantara] always says that before and after you train, you should eat simple carbs, like sweet potatoes, and small amounts of fat and protein, like chicken. Nothing says a family vacation like an RV, Princess Diana died when Harry was just 12 years old, It's looked — and felt — like a whole different world as we've been social distancing and attempting to keep each other safe, Comedian Fortune Feimster Weds Jacquelyn Smith: 'Hopefully Marriage Equality Is Here to Stay', Chris Evans Speaks to First-Time Voters on MTV's, Megyn Kelly Feels 'Strongly' That 'Schools Need to Be Back Opened': 'Healthy for the Children', See All the Celebs Taking RV Trips This Summer, The Sweetest Photos of Princes Harry with Diana, From Empty Streets to Virtual Weddings: What Life Has Looked Like During the Coronavirus Pandemic. 3 / 0. These days Alcantara heads to Kim’s home six days a week at 6 a.m. for workouts focusing on specific body parts: shoulders, biceps/triceps, and chest/back, as well as three days devoted to legs. Soon Alcantara was relocating to Los Angeles where she began training Kardashian full time, putting the reality star on a weight training program and a diet of healthy whole foods. that you can do right at home. As for what type of full body workouts you'll see in the video, Melissa revealed that they're "really leg heavy," adding, "but you do your legs to do anything, to do arms, in a plank position … legs are such a big muscle group, they can take a lot, and it burns the most calories. ", The fitness guru revealed that sometimes Kim's workouts consist of 20 minutes of lunges, "no stopping.".

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