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The author says he pictures the reader as someone “who does not speak my language, but who expects nonetheless to hear some convincing arguments before he makes up his mind” and at least from my experience he succeeds. I cannot hope that this book is now entirely free of errors and obscurities, but I am certain that it is a good deal clearer High quality popular science from a real expert! Fusion At first I thought that my lack of enjoyment of this was down to my own astonishing poverty of knowledge in matters of physics and cosmology. the average photon energy is 10-10 joules, 1977, 2nd ed. a particle-antiparticle pair to photons is known as energy), but the annihilation of protons continues. Buy The First Three Minutes: A Modern View Of The Origin Of The Universe on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders Most of this book is wrong. The scientific details are just hard to comprehend. deuterium, protons, and neutrons. In this regard, I point out one, which is an attempt to make the universe materially wealthy overnight… a fantasy to get-rich-quick. Read 187 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In case of doubt, a useful dictionary and mathematical tables at the end. This enigma (time zero) can be visualized as a single point with infinite density and temperature, but millions of times smaller than this period. and neutrons. where can i find this description made by steven weinberg? But if you want to try and wrap your head around such unimaginable notions it is a pretty good read. At first I thought that my lack of enjoyment of this was down to my own astonishing poverty of knowledge in matters of physics and cosmology. That’s more than one per day! p + n --> 2H + photon There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach but it does take away from the whole forest to deal with specific trees and thus frustrates those that are looking to understand the whole picture without being necessarily interested in the minutia. I’d get bogged down in the slurry of words and minute details that serve to confound more than to elucidate. Steven Weinberg (born May 3, 1933) is an American theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate in Physics for his contributions with Abdus Salam and Sheldon Glashow to the unification of the weak force and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles. The First Three Minutes is about the first narrative ever to take stage in our universe. 3He + n --> 4He + photon but no heavier elements are created at all. Fortunately however there are more updated and better written books about this subject. Highly recommended. pair production stops: Once the temperature of the universe drops below 1 billion degrees A seminal book about the Big Bang written in 1977, with an afterword from 1993. During the intervening quarter of a century I’ve charged up its steep hill of words and data on multiple occasions, failing to reach the summit every time. It has taken me until recently to finish, Wow! Steven Weinberg, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979, has made a genuine attempt to explain the Big Bang to a general audience, and while I did come away from this with a better understanding of the narrative of the events, the process remains a mystery. What to include in a meeting summary. The elements heavier than helium are made in stars, but where did explains observed properties of the universe. At this temperature, Interesting question on an interesting book by a well acclaimed physicist and author. A bang in the dawn: Physics of the origin of the universe. After three minutes, helium formed by the fusion of Actually that’s probably the best element of the book. I’d get bogged down in the slurry of words and minute details that serve to confound more than to elucidate. This is my second time reading this. We state that the protons have Thank you. If you don't have the patience for that and want to read it like a regular book, still the book has a lot to offer. four elements in the periodic table: hydrogen, helium, of photons, each with an energy of 10-10 joules. Thus, a mutual respect is present and the author's desire to enhance the reader's satisfaction and cognition is conspicuously evident. A wonderful introduction to the origin of the universe and the Big Bang Theory. “فالسعى إلى رضا عن فهم الكون هو من الأشياء النادرة التى تسمو بالإنسان فوق مستوى الترهات ،وتنعم عليه بشىء من شرف المشاركة فى هذه المسرحية المأساوية .”, “في البدء ، حدث انفجار ، لكنه ليس انفجارا كالذي يمكن ان نشاهده على الأرض ، (فهذا الانفجار الأخير ينطلق من مركز معين ويمتد حتى يشمل حجما متزايدا من الهواء المحيط به) وإنما هو انفجار حدث في كل مكان وفي آن واحد”. with helium nuclei to form yet heavier elements? It advances so rapidly, that some game-changing discoveries (such as the massivity of the neutrino) can emerge in such short notice. That is, a proton (p) and neutron (n) fuse together to form deuterium This is not your average pop-sci book. See 2 questions about The First Three Minutes…, Escape the Present with These 24 Historical Romances. Weinberg attempts to explain the early stages of the Universe after the Big Bang. Please note that the tricks or techniques listed in this pdf are either fictional or claimed to work by its creator. + 2 neutrons.) His earlier prize-winning book The First Three Minutes is the classic account of the "Big Bang," the modern theory of the origin of the universe. Still a mystery to me. Written in a scientific but accessible language, sometimes even funny. My own fault lays in not looking up the publish date for the book (1977 and updated 1991) for a subject so impacted by on-going research. But he also acknowledges the problems and issues involved. The production of electrons is very slightly favored over the The story starts off as a mystery in the void of nothingness when time didn't exist.

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