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performing solo, Savino’s modern take on the one-man band involves running his homemade instrument, dubbed the "Banjotron 5000" through a slab of effects and loopers, bowing, drumming, and strumming out multi-textured arrangements to support his lyrically driven songs. Jump to. I was scared of it for some reason. The energy from the music fills me up with so much hope and wonder. Often I listen to this album for inspiration on projects I'm working on. A Wave of Golden Things, his fourth studio album, opens with the distant crow of a rooster and takes off in a dust cloud of swirling banjo, drums and bass. Despite the sparse arrangements, Savino still manages to evoke the sonic imagery and pastoral landscapes that have often been hallmarks of Tall Tall Trees albums. The album begins with “Backroads”, which drops the listener into a darkened forest amidst a chorus of wailing coyotes and quickly takes off on a midnight drive. EnzoSys, The Creatures We Were Before We Are Ghostsby The Son(s), The latest from The Son(s) was recorded in a theater in Leith, which contributes to its big, ringing sound and sweeping grandeur. “We all need a little peace and love right now,” he sings as if he’s at the end of his breath. I'm deliberately cooking slower so I can listen to more of this album. On the album’s closing title track “A Wave of Golden Things,” his soft spoken meditations on mental health reflect a new maturity in his song craft and singing. Tall Tall Trees & Arc Iris at The Grey Eagle | 1.20.19 On a frigid Sunday night in Asheville, Tall Tall Trees and Arc Iris gave fans a reason to abandon the warm confines of their homes. Press alt + / to open this menu. Reflective of the dark and challenging times of today, Savino’s message is ultimately one of hope and finding peace of mind in the chatter of the modern world. The Bird’s Nest, as it was called, completely surrounded by national forest, provided the freedom and space to work without time constraints or interruption.Composed and recorded over a period of eight months, ‘Freedays’ tells the story of a man in transition and documents an artist alone at the crossroads of the life he has and the one he wants. Moving there in my early twenties was the best decision I could have made. Though the banjo is heavily featured, the influence of Pink Floyd, and Cat Stevens can be felt as much as banjo mavericks Earl Scruggs, and Bela Fleck. Latest album: A Wave of Golden Things This website uses cookies to improve your experience. i do not fear the monolith, Cause & Effect: Richard Swift / Tall Tall Trees. I so want to write music that does that. The song “A Wave of Golden Things,” which ended up being the title track, is the oldest song on my new record. The man behind Tall Tall Trees is Mike Savino, a pioneer in the the world of experimental and psychedelic banjo music. On stage and in studio, Savino breaks down the banjo into its most basic iteration, reminding audiences that the banjo is, at root, a drum. In recent years, I’ve discovered graphic novels and I’ve been blazing through everything by Neil Gaiman, especially the infinitely brilliant Sandman series, and also the work of super genius wizard Alan Moore. In the decade since, Savino has toured non-stop, pioneering a world of psychedelic electric banjo music, captivating audiences with his loop-based one man shows, as well as alongside frequent collaborator, Kishi Bashi. Tall Tall Trees dates. Tall Tall Trees is instrumentalist and songwriter Mike Savino. Beginning in 2015, Savino took a much-needed respite from New York City, where he had spent a decade and a half honing his craft, and assumed the role of sole caretaker at an abandoned health retreat nestled in the green mountains of northern Georgia.

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