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I cherish any chance we have to spend all day together making gingerbread houses, baking cookies, or sitting around and watching movies. I had to learn - since I'm divorced now and everyone is like, 'Oh my God, you're single, what's going on?' - Cindy Morgan Friends that work together to make things work and can have a good time enjoying each others company will often be friends for their entire lives.”, “You can have a good time with a lot of people, you can have a good time with yourself and you can have good times with your friends. I love children, love spending time with them; I love getting things for them. I get my rest. Friends are often fleeting, but the memories we make with them will last for the rest of our lives. We can be tired, weary and emotionally distraught, but after spending time alone with God, we find that He injects into our bodies energy, power and strength. I believe we can accelerate our acumen, performance and success by leveraging our associations and spending time with people better than us. I have two really rambunctious little ones, and I love spending time with them. I love spending time with my friends and family. It's an extraordinary place; it's worth spending time there. In terms of my free time, I really don't have much. I wish I were more able to just act and do, rather than constantly have to retreat and examine and think. I enjoy spending time with my family. Being a grandmother is probably the most important thing to me. Friends are there for you when you need them, there when you want to have fun and will always have your back. I love to offer flowers, too! The simplest things in life give me the most pleasure: cooking a good meal, enjoying my friends. I'm pretty boring. Until then, I really was a … I love to hear about what they think. I love spending time with my family and friends during the holidays, and my favorite holiday tradition would be the pozole that my mom makes almost every Christmas. I love being around my friends and my family and spending time with my husband. Not many people will be there for their friends for their entire lives, but friends are something that can last a lifetime if both people know how to have a good time together.”, “When you find a friend that you know how to have a good time with, it is important to hold tightly onto that friend and make the most out of the friendship that you have. It's always fun to visit multiple locations on one trip, but I think it also really depends on the ages of those on holiday. Spending time with negative people can be the fastest way to ruin a good mood. Spending time with friends, love stories. I'm a big skier, and I love spending time in Switzerland skiing. The simplest things in life give me the most pleasure: cooking a good meal, enjoying my friends." I'm concentrating on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what is important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, trying to understand the universe, where science and the spiritual meet. Sometimes spending time with someone who is perceived as 'successful' can make us feel less successful. Even if the friends are no longer with you, you will always have the memory of the good times in your head to look back on and help you feel happy.”, Friendship Quotes about not Talking everyday. The time I do have, I enjoy being domestic and spending time with my girlfriend, hiking and playing tennis. A good time with your friends will be something you can look back on and smile at for the rest of your life; it will be something that you will remember forever and will always help to make you feel happier no matter where you are.”, “Good friends and good times go hand in hand. Friends are there for you in the bad times, but they’re also there to celebrate during the good times.”, “A good time with a friend is better than a good time with nearly anyone else. I don't seek the limelight. I look forward to meeting any one of them for a coffee, and when we all get together, I just love it. Sharing special moments with special people is the key to a happy life and the more times you have like that with your friends, the happier you will be throughout your entire life.”, “If you have friends that will be there for you while you are having a good time, you can consider yourself a lucky person. The Caribbean is great, but I also love the mountains as well. Christmas for me is all about spending time with my family. Friends allow you to be yourself while still having fun. The friends may go, but the memories will stay.”, “Choosing to spend good times with friends is a great alternative to spending good times with other people. Since self-control is vital to reaching long-term goals, befriending people with willpower could be the secret to success. Not just for me or other ALS patients. I'm getting to learn how to enjoy my solitude and have a good time. It's not a boring place to be, the mathematical world. But allowing a negative person to dictate your emotions gives them too much power in your life. Robert Doisneau 1 Likes My greatest pleasure is spending time with my family: my husband and daughter, but also my mother, my three sisters, and their families. Going home, spending time with the family, I feel they're my friends as well, all of them. “Spending good time with friends is a great way to keep you happy and young for the rest of your life. Friends are awesome and they will always be there for you no matter what.”, “A good time with your friends is better than a good time alone. As a child, I loved spending time in one vacation spot, getting attached to the location, becoming comfortable, and feeling as though I were at home. I'm one of those introverted people who simply feels a lot better after spending time alone thinking through ideas and emotions. We don't really have any big family traditions; just spending time with each other is the most important part. Good times with friends are the best times.”, “Spending good time with friends is a great way to keep you happy and young for the rest of your life. I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, who are my most favorite people in the world. I love spending time with young people. There are so many forms of love. Spending time with America's soldiers is always inspiring. I adore my niece and nephews and love spending time with them. - that if I don't like to spend time with myself, how can I ask someone else to enjoy spending time with me? It's the best! The good times are always good and we always know how to make the best out of everything. Spending time outdoors makes you feel great. Make a conscious effort to choose your attitude. I like being normal and recharging my batteries, and I feel like I have the coolest job in the world where I get to get on stage and perform and get to do a lot of really amazing things. At the end of the Beatles, I really was done in for the first time in my life. And they need role models. You have to pay for it and you have to pay for it with your life, spending a lot of time, you pay for it with time, not the wasting of time but the spending of time. I'm perfectly happy with a quiet life and spending time with my family, but I deserve recognition. I like to think that as I get older I'm getting better at spending time with people who have qualities that make them worth spending time with. Going home and spending time with your family and your real friends keeps you grounded. "I love spending time with my friends and family. Mathematics has beauty and romance. Their pessimistic outlooks and gloomy attitude can decrease our motivation and change the way we feel. And when my family's not around, when I'm on the road, a lot of sleep. Whether you're tempted to skip that workout at the gym, or you're considering blowing this month's budget, spending time with a disciplined friend could boost your motivation to maintain healthy habits. It keeps me young. I was very surprised when I first started spending time in America. Finding ways to make life meaningful and purposeful and rewarding, doing the activities that you love and spending time with the people that you love - I think that's the meaning of this human experience. I had a lot of work to do to try to begin to understand this enormous and complex country that I thought would be an easy process.

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