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However, it’s like looking into a bleak future of loneliness knowing that the best days with the one you loved intensely are far behind you.

But it’s not so bad, you’re only the best I ever had, Backstreet Boys – Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely. Through originally recorded by Eric Carmen, the Celine Dion version is undeniably the more popular one. Here are some songs to soundtrack whatever type of loneliness you feel: nostalgic, angry, sad, drunk…

And in that loneliness comes the feeling of being lost without them, Lonely lines: I want you to come back and carry me home. It’s expected that we turn up the volume of Pharrel William’s song "Happy", to uplift our spirits. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Don’t be fooled by yet another happy-sounding tune! And that’s not surprising since it’s a song that so many people can relate to.

It’s revealed that she was a notorious heartbreaker, so he wonders if she still doing that or if she has found someone to settle down with.

So if you're feeling alone and sad right now, take a look at our list of songs about loneliness below, so that you can have that good cry or emotional arousal you need. Some people go to the gym to work out their anger. List RulesSongs with loneliness in the title are fair game, but this list focuses mainly on songs about being alone as a subject. What was it you wanted? There is no sure cure for loneliness. It’s difficult to explain emotions, so listening to sad songs helps ease that tension of feeling word locked. It almost feels as though they’re the rug we kick all the dirt under, to keep from confronting our depression or loneliness. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Lonely lines: It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now, And I said I wouldn’t call, but I’m a little drunk and I need you now, Guess I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all. We should restrain ourselves from ‘ruminating’ to music. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Lonely lines: Now I can’t think of air without thinking of you, And I can’t think of anything to dream about, I can’t find anywhere to hide, And when I’m hanging on by the rings around my eyes, And for a minute it gets easier to pretend that you were just some lover. Sometimes being alone is good for us, sometimes being alone just gets us down. Sometimes you can learn more about yourself, what you want, and what you should do when there’s no other person to focus on but yourself. Cool Kids is about the desire to fit in. This will promote clinical depression, and being stuck on a dark road to the past. Stay with Me is an undeniably sad song about knowing your “relationship” is headed nowhere, but still hoping and pleading for the other person to just stay with you, even if it’s under false pretenses. In a way, you tell yourself that you’re glad you got to have some time together, as short as it was. The Best Songs with a Girl's Name in the Title, The Best Country Karaoke Songs You Need to Sing, 14 Songs You Never Realized Are All About Drugs, The Worst Freakin' Songs of the '80s, Ranked, The Best Songs For Your New Year's Eve Party Playlist, I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me). Love Songs, Moving On, Single Life. Loneliness makes us feel alone, isolated, and in a way, more introspective. Songs with loneliness in the title are fair game, but this list focuses mainly on songs about being alone as a subject. The Backstreet Boys may have been known to sing cheesy pop songs about love and heartbreak, but the first single from their album Millennium seemed to mark the maturity of the band. There are people who enjoy sad music, even though they’re not down in the dumps.

No one could argue that these are good things. We all want to fit into the “in” crowd, and we all want to have a bunch of cool friends. You dream about them walking through your door during your drinking binges, but you know it’s just wishful thinking. So during lonely nights, he just tries to convince himself that she was just a passing fling. It’s difficult to relate to because it doesn’t express reality at times. 100 Common Greek Last Names and Their Meanings. So the next time you’re feeling alone, listen to the tunes on this playlist and know that loneliness doesn’t have to be something you need to deal with alone. Al Green’s soulful R&B song is about him pleading with a girl to end his loneliness. It’s a mix of sadness and the feeling of missing out on something. After all, sometimes it’s also good to embrace your loneliness so that you can better appreciate the times when you’re with great company. What Does It Mean When A Guy Gives You His Number? Sadly, with all those years of playing around and not working on building relationships, you find that you’re all alone. Others listen to sad songs to vent their emotions with an artist. Look at all these people who are so well-acquainted with loneliness that they’ve created music to capture the feeling. It's strange to think about how someone can feel better when they listen to something sad. Only the Lonely is about feeling so sad and along when the one he loves leaves him, and only the fellow lonely people of the world know the pain. And the worst part is that the loneliness strikes during those hours when you have no one else to turn to for solace. What Does It Mean If I Keep Seeing the Same Person... What Does It Mean When You Dream of Getting Shot by... What Does It Mean to Dream About a Guy You’ve Never... What Does It Mean If You Dream About Your Dead Father. Lonely lines: Sitting here lonely at a table for two, Watching lovers being lovers in the corner booth, Seems like even cupid don’t know what to do. The song is about just desperately needing someone to come back into your life. Celine Dion – All By Myself.

Spending time alone can be mentally draining, but luckily there is music to help cope with the isolation. The whole drunk texting and drunk texting phenomenon is a relatively new one, and Need You Now is one of the first songs to address this. Spending time alone can be mentally draining, but luckily there is music to help cope with the isolation. Music about isolation, alienation, and solidarity are all on this poll, whether it's about physical loneliness or emotional loneliness.

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