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Most of all, I’m just glad that we’re still fighting. The publicity information gave…. Some platforms allow you to rent Sea Of Shadows for a limited time or purchase the movie and download it to your device. This was all new to me. “I’m busier than ever. But I have to say that I have had films with theatrical offers and streamer offers and it’s very hard to pass up the streaming offer. You have to continue to stand in the way… Since the film ended actually it got a lot more violence. The stakes are set, and the ticking of the clock begins. “When I entered the fray there was no such thing as streaming or social media,” he says. “If this movie is able to help save the vaquita it will be a symbol of hope for so many other filmmakers and for people in general to raise their voice.”. To the naked eye, documentarians seem to be living in a golden age of nonfiction filmmaking. This year has not proven as stellar at the B.O. This was all new to me. It tackles a complex, wide-ranging problem with the grace of a big blue whale, gliding from topic to topic with footage that seems too heartbreaking to be real. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Michael is a regular critic for Ready Steady Cut and also writes for Cinema Sentries, The Film Experience and Film Inquiry. You must know it’s a dangerous job and how do you deal with the fact that every day is a new danger? “So it’s taken away a whole extra part of the producing, which is cobbling together the budget. Hulu has an impressive list of new additions for November 2020, so we’ve highlighted a few key offerings this month and provided a full list of what’s coming to the service and what’s leaving. In 1997, there were 600 vaquitas. It is the best of times and, arguably, the trickiest of times when it comes to the documentary industry. There’s no doubt that 2018 was a banner year for documentaries at the box office with Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin’s Academy Award-winning “Free Solo” garnering $29 million; Morgan Neville’s “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” grossing $22.8 million; and Julie Cohen and Betsy West’s “RBG” taking in $14.4 million. We hear story after story about the grand effects of climate change, of environment impact, and of our imminent future. So as streamers become more corporate or if they’re owned by the larger companies, they will probably have to be more careful about the things they program.”. Sea of Shadows uses its runtime to discuss the vaquita, the world’s smallest whale which is dangerously close to extinction. Anybody can look around, and should look around, what can I do to make a difference? © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Sea of Shadows uses its runtime to discuss the vaquita, the world’s smallest whale which is dangerously close to extinction. DiCaprio alleviated those concerns, because he said, well look if I put this out on Instagram, and I have 35 million followers, 35 million people will know what the vaquita is. Since I’ve done ‘The Keepers’ I haven’t had to go through that process anymore.”. Menu. In the old days if it was just for U.S. play, for say an HBO, it might not have been interesting to funders. While “Sea of Shadows” is an environmental film it is also undoubtedly a political film, which White says might keep the theatrical documentary footprint alive and well. In “The Great Hack,” Amer and Noujaim examine Cambridge Analytica, a U.K.-based political consulting firm that played a critical role in Donald Trump’s campaign by using data gleaned from Facebook to target persuadable voters in key swing states. Jack: I was approached by Leonardo DiCaprio, and he asked if we could do a film about the vaquita. “With Netflix you create a world conversation when your film is released,” says Amer. “I know it’s awards season but it’s not just about the awards, it’s also about the general attention,” he explains. ... Hulu’s Ramy, Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly and Apple’s Dickinson. In the last decade, the filmmaker’s perspective on theatrical has flipped. They combine to create a film that imprints itself upon you, tightening with tension until you’re exhausted as the credits roll. We need a public, real, big, global movement that shows the Mexican people and government that the world cares. The only thing I was worried about was if nobody, like me, had ever heard about this species, who was going to care? Ladkani wanted a guaranteed theatrical release for “Sea.” The director’s previous doc, “The Ivory Game,” sold to Netflix in 2016. Hulu offers a large library of series, with episodes available soon after they air on live TV. I’m a filmmaker, I chose this as my tool to make a difference out there. “The whole media campaign that comes with the theatrical release is a hundred times bigger than if you just release on a streaming service or just on TV,” says Ladkani. Made in partnership with National Geographic, who is fresh off its win for Free Solo, this film zeroes in on the Sea of Cortez and its neighboring region of San Felipe. The only thing I was worried about was if nobody, like me, had ever heard about this species, who was going to care? At this stage of the game, we have a moral obligation. Browse the latest Disney+ from with Yidio. “That’s why with my first film, ‘Brother’s Keeper,’ (co-director) Bruce Sinofsky and I maxed out a dozen credit cards and took out second mortgages on our homes for a theatrical release because of that communal experience that a theater provides. But now, filmmakers have opportunities because the streamers can go for more niche subject matters because they’re playing on an international level and so they will still have massive audiences.”. 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