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I understood that the Lcp 2 is a double action pistol with a single action feel? what more do you want in a pocket pistol. Honestly, I’ve thought about trading it in just for that reason. The Ex wanted a small pistol against my advice. I have one of those Ruger 9mm revolvers that use Moon Clips due to the fact that 9mm are rimless. Barrel Length: 2.75 inches The sights were still rounded and created a low profile to help prevent snagging, which still giving shooter something more to look at. Barrel Material: Alloy Steel As far as accuracy, I think you’re getting a bit too technical for what you are reviewing. Since this article concerns Concealed Carry firearms for Self Defense, I think the following link is appropriate, especially for those who travel, i have one that I bought in 2006 & it still is good to go. Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 23, 2016. I think too many shooters are expecting something with out putting in the work…like practice, check to see your carry ammo cycles…etc. I don’t think the Ruger holster is as safe, because it’s made of cloth and doesn’t retain as well, so I don’t feel safe with a round in the chamber. Is that correct? Just have one question and I think you may have answered it in about article. I’d leave that trigger alone. Frank called it – paint the front sight white or any other color of your choice. I also had a Kahr P380 but it started becoming unreliable by not fully going into battery, and a trip to the factory didn’t cure it. If you carry a round in the chamber, just use a kydex trigger gaurd. Ultimately I bought the Sig because I already had a 738TCP with Galloway enhancements and was seeking the absolutely lowest recoil smallish gun even if a bit bigger. My permit finally came in and I opted for the lcpii 380. However, I WILL NEVER GET RID OF MY P3AT! I have an LCP II. Is anyone else’s slide almost a chore to rack? Slide Width: 0.75 inches The through-hardened alloy steel slide and alloy steel barrel have blued finishes for durability and style. Enter the Ruger LCP II. Gunbelt, OWB holster and cumberbun over all. I don’t know if it’s a Gen 2 or an LCP II, but I do know when I first saw it about two days before my dad died, I laughed my ass off. When choosing a carry gun for self-defense, my advice is simple: pack the largest gun you can comfortably carry. Landau scrubs with cargo style pockets pair well with the holster. Dunno. I bought it in 2008, $260 O.T.D. . With the gun weighing only 9.4oz, the .380 round creates a lot of torque, which some people found made it hard to handle. Let’s get the testosterone swinging out of the way… Check your spell check. So, basically you’re saying it’s a gun for strippers. Jon’s review of that gun also pushed me over the buy line. The 2nd gen version of the original pretty much solved the trigger issue (acceptable at least) that plagued the original LPC’s. Xrays showed bone spurs on my hipbones (possibly due to a heavy belt, and pinch points from the holsters). He has also worked with training and deploying search & rescue and service dogs for utilization in a variety of services. This was initiated due to Ruger receiving reports that pistols manufactured with a particular style hammer could discharge if left with a bullet in the chamber. The LCP II was released in 2016. We are at least considering the LCP for the DW. Overall Length: 5.17 inches I have found that the LCP works well for me as the gun I carry with me. The frame was redesigned for a more modern look, which included adding a more defined texture on the grip for a secure hold. To those who commented on Steve’s spelling and grammar, look at the content. I have the LCP Custom based on the original style. To determine if a pre-371 LCP has been repaired at the factory, you can look for a diamond imprint that the Ruger factory stamped on all guns that had been reworked. Well done Ruger. Why? Meh…I had a TCP that ran great(with a great trigger). It is not a gun you are going to get 1-inch groups on the first box on ammo you put through it. The LCP II is small but perfectly formed. Why am I reading so many complaints about the trigger on the LCP II ? Remember, attackers disengage almost every time the victim merely produces a firearm. mot ever picky with any ammo, hit out to 30 yards easy. So if you are looking for a new pocket pistol or carry gun, the Ruger LCP line is one to consider. A month later Ruger released the LCP II. Never understood what the deal is here. (It was my first striker-fired pistol and it confirmed all my worst fears about that kind of weapon.). Alex now resides in California. Just slip it in and it looks like a wallet. I would however pay more for one with a better finish. Also use an LC9S with ARX ammo to amp up the performance of the smaller gun. How do you carry with peace of mind without a safety? Thanks to the revised trigger, the LCP II’s absurdly accurate for its size, and more than adequately accurate for a pocket pistol. It was and remains one of the most reliable gun I’ve ever owned! I had a crazy thought. The LCPII is $250 shipped…Buy the extra mag for $23. While the Ruger one is more comfortable and doesn’t print, it doesn’t retain as well as the Vedder. At least use Lehigh / Underwood .32 Cavitator for maximum damage. The original LCP I experienced a large volume of sells, in the first couple of years, but later on they started to see a drop due to some common issues that had been discovered. But I’ve owned 2 LCPs and only one P3AT. I’ll work on it. Should it come with two mags? Born and raised in Kentucky, Steve grew up deep in the mountains on a family farm. working in Central America, knowing combat is 7 to 12 feet! Your email address will not be published. While my professional writing has been mostly for technical journals, in my opinion por spelling and grammar shows unprofessional attitude or lack of care, and that can also reflect on the content. Features and Benefits. The sights are taller and more defined, allow for faster target acquisition. Let’s get the testosterone swinging out of the way… Check your spell check. Well, that depends. Trick question, the gin and holster are getting wet. There’s zero grit leading up to the LCP II trigger’s break point, which lies straight behind a solid wall. It’s small but perfectly formed. The LCP II ate everything I fed it without complaint, well over 500 rounds. The addition of the finger rest at the bottom of the mag — previously an aftermarket item — is most welcome. I may be in the minority of LCP owners, but I occasionally carry mine IWB in summer when the situation doesn’t merit “Threat Level SR9c”. I’ve experienced just about every failure nameable with that gun. It is wider, to accommodate and better grip, and also the slide is longer. I wear scrubs most days. Caliber: .380 (not suitable for +P ammo) I finally got an easily concealed gun and the LCP and Bond Arms were the finalists. Grip Frame: Black, High-Performance, Glass-Filled Nylon The LCP II swaps out the older model’s channel sights for dehorned raised post-and-notch sights. When writing this review, the current price for a factory new Gen 2 LCP from an online retailer was $190. In 2008, there was a recall that affected some Gen 1 serial numbers. I’ve handled one but that’s it. Customizable: * * * *    Ruger claims the LCP II “provides a secure and comfortable grip.” The LCP mag’s finger grip extension floorplate — previously an aftermarket item — helps realize the promise. The LCP is just alright by me. Follow Murphy and his friends on his survival journey and adventures. It is soooo easy to conceal! Still, amazing little gun for the $$$. It’s a sticky holster, pocket holster, staying in place even for hip and appendix, it doesn’t slip. I’ve though about changing to the II but my 2nd gen with Hogue grips, while not a take-to-the-range-gun, runs good and isn’t too snappy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Click on a State to see the Gun Law Profile My wife tried it for it’s light weight and ease to carry concealed and she grew to dislike it as much as I did. I have an original and a Custom, both with Crimson Trace lasers. It lets me get to a better gun or get away. Since that time, I’ve been doing some additional shooting with the .38 Special version of the LCR, and I’m nearing the 350 round mark. For newer gun owners or for those that are new to carrying a firearm it might not be the best choice. The original Gen 1’s had a dash in the serial number like 123-45678. The LCP does not have an external safety. The most significant complaint that people had with the LCP was the trigger. I have an Alien Gear set for IWB and OWB, but I’ve used the BORAII 99% of the time. So for me the light (lighter), trigger is not a concern. It’s not a fun range gun for me. They’re free for the taking…legally…. No! But the LCP’s still a really small gun: just 5.17 inches long and 3.71 inches tall. In dress slacks, the pistol doesn’t print at all, looks like a cell phone might look like in the pocket if it shows, etc. It’s a shame. I haven't tried it in my lcr, so this comes from reading comments from other users and looking at specs. The LCP II is smaller, thinner, less expensive, the trigger is almost as good as the Pocketlite, and it is easy to shoot decently well. Wearing scrubs? Look into the DeSantis Mini Scabbard holster if you like leather over Kydex. For some reason, George Kellgren of Kel-Tec never patents his designs anyway. We practice at the typical distance of 1-7 yards, with 1 yard often being the hardest for new students, since you typically shoot from the rotation without even seeing the sights, so “point shoulder” or other natural point of aim techniques are the most effective training and practice. They’re free for the taking. It was never reliable after the first two magazines so I bought the gun they copied, the P3AT. Shipping a self-defense semi with one mag is not acceptable, regardless of the price. I wound up selling my original LCP. Gun Guru IdahoPete says, “The best carry gun is the gun you are carrying. Would a bad guy prefer to be shot with a .380? Is this not possible with the 2? Reliability: * * * * * Not as much as not being shot at all. Very good review. I tried an LCP2 at a rental range in comparison to the G-42, Sig P238, Browning 1911-380, and Bersa Thunder. The rounded and low profile sights create a snag-free draw. Maybe really old patents or something.. While there’s plenty of room on both sides of the front post (thank you, Ruger), both the front and rear sights are solid black (damn you, Ruger). As for people who denigrate the lowly .380 ACP cartridge (especially from short barrels in “mouse guns”): it will save your life in the overwhelming majority of attacks. There is always a way, finding it is the hard part. I tried a Hogue, the rubber band is better. You can fix the .380 ACP power issue by using Ruger ARX ammo made by Polycase. I carried a P3-AT for just about forever, daily, in my front pocket in a DeSantis holster. Height: 3.71 inches If you can’t get it from the website, I’ll put it up again.

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