redesigned mlb logos

Someone once said that a team playing in Miami should look as colorful and fun as their tropical setting, so let's bring them back to colorful fun! Ironically these road uniforms had more character than our current bland navy and grey road unis, and I actually kind of liked them. However, after an unenthusiastic remodel garnered yawns from fans, the team threw everything and the kitchen sink at their latest redesign a few years ago. So for this redesign, the goal was to scale it all back into something simple and clean. Let them live a little and experiment, especially if you can find a way to incorporate the, well, Diamondback Snake scale look somehow, maybe on a sleeve or something. Dbacks should reclaim the purple and teal (and vests! These aren't bad designs themselves, they just pale in comparison to what they were before. Additionally, I tried my hand at a concept based around a rebranded "Cleveland Tribe" team, eliminating the name "Indians" altogether and going for a more suggestive theme rather than explicit. This redesign was pretty simple: swapping out the Chief Wahoo used on the cap and sleeve for a mix of the current Block-C and Script-I logos. Click here for our rankings of all MLB logos. Here, we decided to bring the Padres back to what made them special for so many years: that ridiculous, amazing brown and yellow look. Unless I’m missing something, he doesn’t include Wahoo in the throwbacks. A halo "A" logo with red and blue highlights features prominently in most all of their uniforms in the past. I have to say, I really like the idea of the Players' Weekend. 155. Uggghh those "faux flannel" patterns on the Padres redesign look really bad. Recently, the NFL has tinkered with new Color Rush uniforms, single-color uniforms that Nike created to sell jerseys. In doing so, however, they've recently stumbled into the most utterly boring set one could think of. Also great polishing up of the Brewers' and Angels' uniforms. Here there are three basic design concepts: one using blue as a primary and orange as a secondary; one using orange as a primary and blue as a secondary; and one returning to the Florida color scheme with blue and black. Let us (DBacks, not sure if my flair is selected) just go back to purple and teal. Click here for our rankings of all MLB logos. Over the Angels' half century of existence, the look of the team has grown and evolved but mostly has remained true to a basic look. Mike Trout I do not own these logos, I simply put them together for viewers enjoyment! Here, the jerseys are brought back to a focus on red and blue highlights, with some more creative alternates to give the team a cleaner, more polished look. It looks like they're wearing pajamas. The Marlins uniforms are sooo close. While some aspects of the redesign are good - I particularly like the current wordmark font - a lot of it, from the red-on-red to the fact that their uniforms are all the same design with different colored jerseys, leaves a lot to be desired. Here, the players weekend unis are redesigned to maintain that youthful, playground spirit, while also staying a bit more visually appealing. Major League Baseball stadiums are unique in their own ways, so when their special features are thrown into a logo, the results are pretty cool. I hate the black and love the old fashion C. It's especially frustrating because OP is right: all they need to do is drop the black and they're perfect. Over the past several years, MLB teams have shifted more and more towards colored jerseys in their uniform rotations, with some teams like the Cubs and Indians wearing them almost as much as their primaries. At least bring back the purple and green. Watch. Someone definitely made a Miami Vice mock up for the Marlins within the last year or so. However, I have to say, it was pretty rough going here, as the Yankees look is just so immovably traditional that finding anything that matches both their vintage look and a new style is splitting a wide difference. Nationals Ranking all 30 MLB logos from worst to first Who has the best logo in baseball? Baseball uniforms are awesome. The old Florida Marlins unis were basic bright blue and black, they had a definite 1990's feel to them but the bright color jived well with their beachy location. Out of all the major sports, baseball has to have the leg up on the threads they wear every day. Click on any logo to see the team. I'm just gonna say it: the Brewer's M-B Glove Logo might be the best logo in professional sports. However, most of us would agree that Chief Wahoo doesn't have any place in baseball in 2018. Beyond the obvious reasons (the lack of ads and easy to wear style), they are constantly evolving yet utterly timeless, colorful and stylistic and unique to each team.

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