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The two letters represent the initials of the university’s name. Neither BASD school board President Jon Guizar, Superintendent Michelle Saylor nor Assistant Superintendent Tammie Burnaford immediately responded Thursday to requests for comment. “I’m so happy with our community and I want to keep making it better,” Herbstritt said. The mascot of Texas Tech University. The NCAA in 2005 implemented a de facto ban on Native American mascots by prohibiting universities with hostile or abusive mascots, nicknames or imagery from hosting any postseason games sponsored by the organization. The mascot and logo, which were introduced in 1936, should be changed because it reinforces bigotry, racism and harmful stereotypes, BAHS graduate and petition co-organizer Kelly Berthold said. Fellow BAHS graduate and co-organizer Evan Trowbridge openly wondered what responsibility adults or parents have to educate students and foster an inclusive environment. A database of mascots in the United States curated by Terry Borning shows at least 486 schools reference “Raiders,” including 15 in Pennsylvania. The mascot invokes racism and prejudice by referring to Native Americans as “red” and “raiders,” Bellefonte Area High School graduate and petition co-organizer Steph Herbstritt said. After IUP’s change, no other postsecondary education institutions in Pennsylvania are using Native American mascots. Raider Red is used at events where The Masked Rider is not allowed or would not be appropriate. Eighteen universities were singled out as having mascots that did not comply with the NCAA’s policy, including the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The university's primary mascot is The Masked Rider who rides a live horse. I don’t think of Native Americans and I don’t think of racism,” Herbstritt said. About 82% of the 486 team names belong to high schools. changed its mascot from “Indians” to “Crimson Hawks”. There is power in numbers, but whether or not the petition holds weight in signatures, this is a basic human rights and decency issue — a right to live life free of discrimination.”. “... We hope that this is a movement that everyone can get behind because they understand we just want to improve Bellefonte to be even better than it already is.”, ©2020 the Centre Daily Times (State College, Pa.), Visit the Centre Daily Times (State College, Pa.) at Source: Texas Tech Traditions from A to Z Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. The women's basketball team uses the name Lady Raiders, while the school's other women's teams use the "Red Raiders" name. Red is a public relations mascot who shakes hands with the crowds at athletic events and poses for pictures. A red block letter “B” became the primary symbol. Meaning and history The teams have two mascots, Masked Rider and Raider Red, but none of them can be seen on the Texas Tech Red Raiders logo. “I think we need to stop promoting that image as a school.”. Raider Red fires his two 12-gauge shotguns using powder-filled shells after every Tech touchdown and field goal. Bellefonte alumni start petition to replace 'harmful' mascot. Student-athletes were also required to cover up any antagonistic symbolism on their uniforms during the postseason. Get a red raider mug for your cat Nathalie. The Texas Tech Red Raiders and Lady Raiders are the athletic teams that represent Texas Tech University, located in Lubbock, Texas. And are we making the changes that align with those aspirations?” Trowbridge said. “When I think of Bellefonte, I think of world-class trout fishing and historical places downtown and great leaders of Pennsylvania. “Are we aspiring for the right things? “We are living in a time where people are standing up and are openly stating we are done with excuses. red raider. Located in Lubbock, Texas Tech is known for it's flat, dry land and the best girls in the world. Raider Red is one of the mascots of Texas Tech University. “If you pose that question to the issue of the mascot, it seems like the answer is no. 2. Bellefonte is far from the only district to use some form of “Raiders” as its mascot. “I am one person of many who have felt strongly — and continue to feel strongly — that the Red Raider mascot needs to change, and I think the time of making excuses for continued use of this mascot is over and should no longer be tolerated,” Berthold said. About six Bellefonte Area School District alumni created an online petition to support replacing the district’s “Red Raider” mascot with something not hostile toward Native Americans. Instead, it features a large letter “T” with a smaller “T” in front of it. If we’re aspiring to a school system that’s more inclusive of people, celebrates their background and the fullness of their culture — and doesn’t reduce it to a caricature — then we have to say, ‘Is this expression of the mascot aligned with that value?’ If the answer is no, then that has to change.”. Red Raider: n. 1. a student, athlete, administrator, faculty or staff member associated, formerly or currently, with Texas Tech University. One prone to wearing scarlet and black and Double-T's; also one prone to getting their guns up. He changes from boots to high-top court shoes for basketball games. This is probably the best definition of a Red Raider in it's most general, literal sense of the term. The school in 2007 changed its mascot from “Indians” to “Crimson Hawks” after the NCAA twice denied appeals from the school and placed it on a sanctions list. The university's athletic program fields 17 varsity teams in 11 sports all of whom have combined to win 70 conference championships as well as … The petition signed by more than 400 people as of 5 p.m. Thursday called for the district to replace the mascot with a new logo and mascot that is “anti-racist, anti-bias (and) all-inclusive.”. The mascot invokes racism and prejudice by referring to Native Americans as “red” and “raiders,” Bellefonte Area High School graduate and petition co-organizer Steph Herbstritt said. The alumni plan to send the petition to the BASD school board and superintendent, and ask for the petition to be added to Tuesday’s school board meeting agenda. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, COVID-19 outbreak at nursing home kills 5, infects 30, What grocery stores looked like when you were growing up, By Bret Pallotto, Centre Daily Times (State College, Pa.), The end of the Red Raiders? The district rebranded in 2015, making the red Native American symbol with a headdress a secondary logo. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours.

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