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Basic dignity that we all have without winning back the hearts and yes, the soul of america, we’re not going to make it. Rejecting concerns from doctors and parents, Gov. “Did you see he did a ‘lid’ this morning again?” Trump asked Thursday evening in Jacksonville, Fla., pausing to offer a definition for the, New York's attorney general on Friday recommended the New York Police Department get out of the business of routine traffic enforcement, a radical change she said would prevent encounters like one last year in the Bronx that escalated quickly and ended with an officer fatally shooting a motorist. It’s gone,” Jill Biden interjected. Michael R. Sisak, by Instead, a select few New Era employees — all masked — hit the university pavement to help young, NEW YORK — Coronavirus continues to spread “at an alarming rate” in several New York City neighborhoods, the city health department said Sunday, a day before it is expected to decide whether to shut down private schools and nonessential businesses there. You can subscribe to our print edition, ad-free app or electronic newspaper replica here. Tom Wolf were discussing the neighboring states when the former VP mixed up the dates surrounding when Delaware became independent. Biden and Pennsylvania Gov. More: Fact check: After deplaning in Tampa, Joe Biden waved to firefighters in a field. Every time they would have a left slanted article, Freddy Gray, by Some of the most disingenuous, furious tap dancing on record. "It … Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden delivers remarks at an aluminum manufacturing facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, on September 21, 2020. Biden spoke in Manitowoc on September 21 2020: Joe Biden Delivers Remarks In Wisconsin | NBC News via @YouTube, — Independent Commentary from a Patriot (@commentary_a) September 22, 2020. Williams captioned a video of herself staring into the camera wearing a black hoodie. Biden also led with likely voters who said they were unsure of who they were going to vote for, with 52, On Tuesday — National Voter Registration Day — the Auraria campus in downtown Denver was practically barren, so uninhabited that a shout of “Are you registered to vote?” easily cleared the plexiglass shield in front of New Era Colorado’s tent and echoed down the walkways. According to data cited by the Washington Post, about 53% of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in “blue states” and 47% of the deaths have been in red states. ", "I'm running as a proud Democrat, but I'm not going to govern as a Democratic president, I'm going to govern as president.". We can deal with the existential threat of climate change, which aluminum is going to be a gigantic part of. If you just count all the deaths in the red states, we are number two in the world in deaths just behind Brazil. It was posted twice on Facebook by The Political Insider, a conservative news and media website, which initially said, "This may be Joe Biden's most humiliating gaffe yet." The clip was taken from a 26-minute video speech by Biden in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, on Sept. 21, and addressed President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak. Guest did not provide information about the date, location, or setting in which Biden made the remarks. Did Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden botch the Pledge of Allegiance during a campaign event? Some who shared the quick clip claimed Biden made a gaffe, or "botched" the pledge, including Dinesh D'Souza, The Federalist, PJ Media and Fox News' Sean Hannity. Joseph A. Wulfsohn, by If you just count all the deaths in the red states, we are number two in the world in deaths just behind Brazil. DONALD Trump's campaign falsely claimed presidential candidate Joe Biden messed up the words to the Pledge of Allegiance. Doug Stanglin, by The most telling thing here is that this story as posted here comes to us via the ultra leftist fake news outlet “Yahoo”. This is not a partisan moment, for God’s sake, this has to be an American moment. "OK Gen Z listen up!" I promise you this, it will change with me. Apparently, nothing is sacred with Meghan Markle and her man-on-the-string, Prince Harry. Epstein killed himself. “If I’ve done my job right, at the end of the night, people will say, ‘That was a great debate, who was the moderator?’”. & It also flagged Kew Gardens, Edgemere/Far Rockaway, Bensonhurst/Mapleton, Gerritsen Beach/Homecrest/Sheepshead Bay and Flatlands/Midwood as areas of concern. He’s not responsible for you as president, your family or your well-being. But within the context of the speech, it’s clear he was not attempting to recite it in full. Courtney Pomeroy, by It is to laugh! The New York Times’s big Trump tax files splash on Sunday is therefore something of a flop. According to the Daily Mail: Chris Wallace, the host of “Fox News Sunday” and moderator of the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden, said that he hopes to remain as “invisible as possible” during their faceoff on Tuesday in Cleveland, Ohio. King pressed Pelosi on her statements that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden should not debate President Trump. conservative posters, including me, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden delivers remarks in Wisconsin — 9/21/2020Democratic presidential nominee and Former Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. In a sense, they are playing the, If calling a “lid" enters the mainstream American lexicon, this will be the week it all started. Ay least there was when I recited it from memory at my naturalization ceremony last year. '", In the clip, Biden says: "I don't pledge allegiance to red states of America or blue states of America. I don’t pledge allegiance to red states of America or blue states of America. Instead, he focused on the coronavirus, “the dignity of work” and the need to “unite the country.”.

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