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Begin with your arrival in Mumbai one of the world’s great cities for nightlife. The Ratan Chowk Bhat has floral motifs in geometrical arrangements. And don’t know why you have mentioned Salvis are not open, Mr. Rahul Salvi has made PATOLA MUSEUM in Patan where they have showcased entire process of Patola art & son of other family Mr. Nirmal Salvi has poured his blood to make PATOLA art famous all over India. Check out our assortment of blog posts on India! Find out more about which cookies or turn them off in settings. We are proud of you maintain the Indian tradition with so many difficulties in your manufacturing sarees. As many textile enthusiasts know, patola weaving (which involve the intricate art of matching dyed warp and weft threads on the handloom) requires masterful skill and meditative work. Some of their Patola have been given to museums, while his son, Shyam, incorporates Patola fabric into more modern clothes and accessories. Don't worry, I only link to products I actually own or would buy myself. The Salvi family are generations of patola weavers. A small museum providing a big experience, we enjoyed it a lot. Patola weaving requires a lot of precise mental calculations, vivid imagination, patience, undivided attention, and dexterity of the hand. A firsthand look into the history of Patan Patola, one of the most complex art forms in India… and the world. A middle-aged man, Mr. Soni, stands at the center of it all, a master watching over his craftsmen. Glad you like the article. In all of Patan, only two families of the original 700 still make Patola: the Sonis and the Salvis. To help us understand how engrained the traditions truly are, Mr. Soni brings us to Rani Ki Vav, an 11th century step well outside of Patan. It’s said that he then staggered production, and despite the 7+ months manufacturing time of Patola, he received at least one new Patola to wear to the temple every day. Great article and insight Alex. Finding someone competent enough to wrap their minds around the highly mathematical designing and dyeing process is no easy task, and so the father and son remain the gatekeepers of the knowledge. more. I use cookies to make your browsing tastier. It was an awesome experience overall. Initially, his Patola supply came from Jalna, a city in neighboring Maharashtra state. Thanks for being awesome! Eight workers sit inside, silently focused on the tasks at hand: carefully wrapping and unwrapping thousands of dyed silk threads. With a nominal entry fee we could see details of double ikat printing of sarees and appreciate the amount of hand work involved in making a single saree with beautiful design which, requires more than a year. This article was made possible with the help of Devanshi Sheth, who introduced us to the art and the Soni family. Mr. Soni flits to and fro between the different looms, stopping to adjust some misaligned threads when he espies them. There is a small shop that sells scarves, stoles, kerchiefs and sarees upstairs. The complexity and time-intensiveness is what makes Patola so valuable. You can read about Nirmal Salvi, all visitors are allowed to visit their production units. The designs and motifs found on Patan patola have remained constant for centuries. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. And of course, you become the proud owner of an heirloom worthy treasure in six yards!! Must visit for every tourist going to Gujarat. Photo essay: A day at the races in Gonbad-e Kavus, Why you need to visit the World Nomad Games, I traveled the world for one year for less than $10,000, What it’s like to travel in Pakistan during Ramadan. Thank you, and happy to share! Required fields are marked *. Rinse, repeat, until the threads are all dyed to match the pattern. Their symmetrical designs are based on the divine positions of the stars, he explains. Whenever he does, the others often stop to watch the master at work. Then again, many companies are probably run that way. But Mr. Soni leads us away from the workshop instead. A patron of Jainism, he needed to be clean and dressed in fresh clothes before saying prayers at the temple. In a display of extreme piety (… or royal indulgence), he insisted on wearing only Patola when visiting temples. Seven flights of stairs lead down into the four galleries of the well, once used for the masses to collect their water. saw some exquisite sarees taking months and years to make depending on its contents. A dizzyingly mathematical process, Patola saris are woven using dyed threads both vertically (warp) and horizontally (weft) to create the design. Your email address will not be published. Our jaws hit the floor, but it’s standard procedure for Mr. Soni. viewing the private collection of patolas from centuries past and reading about the many steps involved in weaving a patolu; one is treated to appreciating how the handloom is worked, and to educational conversations with members of the Selvi family regarding the significance of the iconographies in different designs.

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