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– It’s a move so long and complex, nothing is being left to chance. The tests begin…, Stay up to date on technology, regulations and trucking life, MONTREAL, Que. And now that summer’s here, you can finally roll down your windows, turn the music up, and belt your heart out to your favorite country tunes. All these tracks are certifiable country trucks songs. Though it wasn't the first truck driving song, "Six Days" is credited as being the one that launched the sub-genre. Because what's not fun about a truck? The 50+ Best Country Songs From the 80s, Ranked by Fans. They're everywhere. Lists of the best country songs about things country people love, from hard work to drinking whiskey. This American singer, activist and politician is born on 15th November, 1928 in Audubon, Iowa. Country artists, in particular, have a deep, abiding love for all kinds of trucks. Some are about toolin' around town or the countryside in a favorite, beloved old truck with your best girl (and your best dog). — As of March 12, Truck’N Roll had 125 trucks on the road. It helped solidify country music's reputation as music for the working man. The Dave Dudley tune lays arguable claim to being the country song that got the whole "trucker song" trend rolling. Truckers have their own language, movies, jokes, and even music. There are songs in between and songs that include mentions of trucks. Occupations, of course, have traditionally provided the raw material and inspiration for folk music in the United States (e.g. There are songs about trucks. In truck-driving country, such specialized words and terms as truck rodeo, dog house, twin screw, Georgia overdrive, saddle tanks, jake brake, binder and others borrowed from the lingo of truckers are commonly utilized. There are songs with truck in the title. It is, at least partly, an oral history of trucking. The debate over spring vs air ride trailer suspensions is far from over, even if air ride has emerged as the decisive winner in the marketplace. Andrea Morley is the lead nutritionist and health coach with Healthy Trucker, an organization dedicated to providing health and fitness advice to truckers. [4] Folk songs adopt, adapt, and incorporate colloquialisms, slang, and occupational terms into verbal snapshots. Sometimes, things work out well. Truck-driving country is a subgenre of country and western music.It is characterised by lyrical content about trucks (i.e. All these tracks are certifiable country trucks songs. The 24-year-old Breland released a music video for the song featuring, of course, a healthy supply of trucks. It is characterised by lyrical content about trucks (i.e. – A pilot project in Alberta will soon offer commercial drivers and other international travelers access to voluntary Covid-19 tests at the Coutts border crossing. Listen. Highlights include Dave Dudley ("Six Days on the Road"), Red Sovine ("Giddy Up Go" and "Phantom 309"), and David Allan Coe ("White Line Fever"). If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. Others are about raisin' hell while mud ridin' and gettin' that old truck filthy … Variously, these include the jukebox, 33⅓ rpm vinyl record albums, 8-track tape, cassette tape, the transistor to digital revolution, the Internet, CB radio, all-night radio broadcasts targeting truckers, Interstate highways, and multiple truck components (sleeper cabs, air suspension, power steering, synchronized transmissions, air conditioning, air seats, and electronics). Just take a look at these trucking country songs below, and be sure to vote for the best of them. – Loads might be delivered with a smile, but in the days of Covid-19 those smiles are increasingly…, TORONTO, Ont. Minnie Pearl – Her full name is Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon. A range of social and economic factors in the United States have strongly influenced the evolution of truck-driving country as a subgenre of "country" music. — How often did your mother remind to wash your hands after using the washroom and before sitting…, Driving through B.C. Toby Keith "Big Ol' Truck), and/or truck driving music. Big rigs, lowriders, monster trucks — no flatbed goes unnoticed. Truckin' On Probably stands as one of the most complete collection of trucker country to be found. Some of the tunes here are actually about big rigs – they’re country truck driving songs. riverboat, mining, Great Lakes water commerce, logging, cowboy, railroad, agricultural field work and others), influenced by regional culture as well. [9], Roach, Joyce Gibson "Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves: Folklore of the Trucking Industry", American Truck Historical Society, , Danker, Frederick E. "Trucking Songs: A comparison with Traditional Occupational Song", Schroeder, Fred "A Bellyful of Coffee: The Truck Drivin' Man as Folk Hero", Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Truck-driving_country&oldid=937593324, Articles needing additional references from January 2017, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles with style issues from January 2010, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 January 2020, at 00:36. [1] In truck-driving country, references to “truck” include the following truck types: 10 wheeler, straight truck, 18 wheeler, tractor (bobtail), semi, tractor-trailer, semi tractor trailer, big rig, and some others. There are at least one million country songs about driving down a red dirt road, sitting in the back of the truck, or getting behind the wheel for the first time. When Capitol was searching for an artist to record a truck driving album, Red (who was writing for Central Songs) received the call and signed with the label. Everything seems to happen in the cab of the truck, and all the best memories are created within the truck. Six days on the road, and I'm gonna make it home tonight." Jacques DeLarochellière, president and founder of Isaac Instruments, understands the power of data and how it can transform a fleet. Living life to having fun and maintaining a relationship all … Best Trucker Songs. See below. Others are about raisin' hell while mud ridin' and gettin' that old truck filthy with your friends (usually while partyin' and drinkin'). Even a mobile washroom…, Trucks still idle in wake of Covid-19 shutdowns, insurance data shows, Operation Safe Driver Week with Christopher Turner, CVSA, Achieving a 65% reduction in driver turnover, Petroleum commentary: Refining industry faces a bleak future, Join us and celebrate the 2020 Top Fleet Employers. Truck driving isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a passion, it’s a culture. Then, within 24 hours, everything…, LONG BEACH, Calif. – Hino on Oct. 5 unveiled its path to developing a zero-emissions truck line, highlighted by the…, OTTAWA, Ont. #33 of 112 The Best 1960s Country Songs#23 of 191 The Best Country Songs From the 70s, #80 of 325 The Best Upbeat Country Songs#95 of 235 The Best Fast Country Songs, #22 of 343 The Best Slow Country Songs#42 of 81 The 50+ Best Country Songs From the 80s, Ranked by Fans, #64 of 97 The Best Songs About Happiness#64 of 105 The Best Songs with Ride in the Title, #68 of 101 The Best Songs with Big in the Title#36 of 209 The Best Toby Keith Songs, #64 of 93 The Best Country Songs About Growing Up#21 of 51 The Best Luke Bryan Songs of All Time. 3.Big Wheels in the Moonlight – Dan Seals. And we're not complaining -- but there are some songs that go above and beyond a … But in the last year or so I’ve noticed that the truck, country folks’ favorite vehicle, has been a common theme. Some of that vocabulary has evolved into popular culture and subsequently incorporated into truck-driving country (e.g. The lyrics in this song explain how the country life is and how important it is to have a pick up truck.

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