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[85], A toxicology test performed by a St. Louis University laboratory revealed the presence of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in Brown's blood and urine. [14][15], A new St. Louis prosecutor, Wesley Bell, spent five months in 2020 reviewing the case with an eye to charging Wilson with either manslaughter or murder. An investigator from the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's office arrived at 2:30 p.m. Brown's body was removed at 4:00 p.m.[45] Local residents criticized authorities for leaving Brown's body in the street for four hours in an action seen as demeaning and disrespectful. The en banc Eighth Circuit reviewed and reversed the panel's decision on June 17, 2019, directing the district court to dismiss the case. St. Louis County’s prosecutor announced Thursday that he will not charge the former police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a dramatic decision that could reopen old wounds amid a renewed and intense national conversation about racial injustice and the police treatment of people of color. ", "Crime Scene Medical Examiner Took No Measurements, Photos of Brown", "FBI opens investigation into shooting of Michael Brown", "FBI Investigating Ferguson Police Shooting of Teen Michael Brown", "Gov. [214][215] Wilson's lawyer said Wilson "will never be a police officer again" as he does not want to put other officers at risk due to his presence. [30] Also at 12:07, the St. Louis County police were notified and county officers began arriving on scene at around 12:15 p.m. [111] Glide, a video messaging service, confirmed the audio had been recorded on their site at 12:02 p.m. on the day of the shooting. Several of the witnesses admitted changing their testimony to fit released evidence, or other witness statements. [177][178], On October 22, anonymous sources leaked to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch what they described as Wilson's grand jury testimony. The witness accounts were conflicting on various points. The arrival of SLCPD detectives took about 70 minutes, as they were occupied with another crime scene 37 minutes away. Wilson said he thought about using his mace and his baton, but he was unable to reach either of them. [165] The Ferguson Police incident report was obtained by the ACLU after a request and subsequent lawsuit. Wilson did not fire while Brown momentarily had his hands up. The recording was not time-stamped. Brown then turned around and "for a second" began to raise his hands as though he may have considered surrendering, but then quickly "balled up in fists" in a running position and "charged" at Wilson. [72] A petition calling for McCulloch to recuse himself gained 70,000 signatures. [80] Jeffrey Toobin agreed the exoneration may have been well-justified because a conviction would have been very unlikely at a trial, but the process that was used does not inspire confidence in the legal system. [1] Blood spatter approximately 25 feet behind Brown's body suggested he was moving toward Wilson when he was killed. When white Ferguson Police Department officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, he not only cut short a teenager's life but also changed his own forever. Former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is still dealing with the fallout from the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown. [163], The August 15 release of information was criticized as part of an erratic and infrequent release of information by the police. Create a commenting name to join the debate, There are no Independent Premium comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts, There are no comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts. [104], Attorney General Holder ordered a third autopsy of Brown's body. “This is a time for us to reflect on Michael’s life, to support Michael’s family and to honor a transformative movement that will forever be linked to his name,” Bell said. [11] In March 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice reported the conclusion of its own investigation and cleared Wilson of civil rights violations in the shooting. The lawyer claimed "[t]he reason he [Brown] gave it back is he was walking out the door with unpaid merchandise and they [the staff] wanted it back. Wilson is currently listed as in stable condition at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, and is expected to survive. All Rights Reserved. “It’s over! 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We now need to begin to address the legislation the police hide behind,” Gray said. A consent agreement calls for sweeping reforms that are still being implemented. An investigator with the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's office testified he decided not to take measurements at the crime scene nor did he photograph the scene, instead relying on photographs taken by the St. Louis County Police Department. [98] One of the shots shattered his right eye, traveled through his face, then exited his jaw and reentered his collarbone. [166] Wilson did not file an incident report[165] and there was no Ferguson Police use-of-force report related to the incident. A pause of less than one second gave way to the final three-shot volley within two seconds. [173] Wilson's medical record shows his injuries were diagnosed as a facial contusion or bruise. “They would be coming up here where the QuickTrip used to be, panhandling, stealing, you know, swinging.”. Wilson continued driving past the two men, but then backed up and stopped close to them. She said she was just passing along information which her boyfriend told her he saw. [129][131][132] The court transcript reads: Prosecution: You gave two statements, were both of those statements true? [18] At the time of his death, he was 18 years old, 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) tall, and weighed 292 lb (132 kg). This was when Brown turned to his left and handed Johnson several packs of the stolen cigarillos he had been holding. Brittany Packnett Cunningham, a Ferguson protester and educator who has become a national voice in the Black Lives Matter movement, said she is pained “that there is still a gaping wound” for Brown’s family. Five years after the end of slavery, everything wasn’t better. The Urban League's Ferguson Community Empowerment Center is located in the same spot where a QuickTrip convenience store stood before it was burned to the ground during the 2014 protests. After a prosecutor confronted the witness and told them what they had seen was not forensically possible based on the evidence, the witness later asked to leave.[131]. [146] Widespread media coverage examined the post-9/11 trend of local police departments arming themselves with military-grade weapons when dealing with protests. At least 11 days of protests followed Brown's death. Wilson did not fire his gun as Brown ran from him. Where it's not a mixing pot.”. Then Witness 103 heard a gunshot and Brown took off running. In many states, a chief cause for warrants is unpaid traffic tickets. [57] On August 20, 2014, the grand jury started hearing evidence in the case State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson, in order to decide whether a crime was committed and if there was probable cause to believe Wilson committed it. [94][95][96][97], According to Baden's report, Brown was shot six times into his front: four of the bullets entered his right arm, one entered his right eye on a downward trajectory, and one entered the top of his skull. It was the first time the organization deployed such a team in the United States. Brown's hands were then down at his sides. While change has occurred in Ferguson over the past five years, residents and activists say more work still needs to be done. Evidence at the scene was generally clustered around Wilson's SUV on the western side of the scene and near Brown's body, which was in the eastern part of the area. [235][236][237], On March 12, 2015, two police officers were wounded by gunfire outside the Ferguson police headquarters.

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