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Our odd one out picture puzzles bring a variety of metal stimulation and hilarious frustration. Average score for this quiz is 10 / 15.Difficulty: Average.Played 4,542 times. Over 230 trivia questions to answer. Bears, Bulls, Cowboys, Dolphins, Giants, Steelers 2. Find the contextually odd sentence: Download Odd One Out Submission PDF – Questions, Answers, and Detailed Solutions… 1. Indeed it is so difficult that it's creator claims 'no one' will answer more than 10 correctly. So, one last questions for you… Will You Ace This Odd One Out Quiz? Rate Us. Test your knowledge with our Odd One Out trivia quizzes in the general category. Odd One Out Family Quiz Questions Odd One Out Family Quiz Questions . Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker, Octopussy 3. You should make it clear that the Quiz master has the definitive answers as there could be several different explanations in some cases. Which snake is the odd one out? Views:51333. This 15-question quiz will challenge even the most brightest sparks. DIRECTIONS for questions 1-10: In each of following questions, four words have been given of which three are alike in some way and one … Learn to solve the tricky questions based on odd one out. 2. More often than not we find people having trouble finding which one is it that doesn’t belong. Frittoli was an Italian opera singer, all … Bulls (Chicago) all others American football team . B. Viper. Check out Odd One Out from Think More Quizzes, the site bringing trivia to you with a twist. recent quizzes. Rate Us. Here the teams are given a choice of four items [people, places or words] and must choose the Odd One Out. Four of the five given sentences, when ordered logically, form a coherent paragraph. 6. Odd Words Questions and Answers. Match The Words & Odd One Out (1) Match The Words & Odd One Out (1) The Odd One Out Quiz! Gigi, all the others by Rodgers and Hammerstein . FunTrivia.com . Have fun! 20 Questions Show answers. Yet Another Odd One Out 10 questions Average , 10 Qns, thula2, Feb 17 16 Once again, The Misplaced have chosen four things: three which have something in common and one which doesn't. Odd-One-Out Quiz - Questions and Answers. DIRECTIONS : find Odd word from options 1. Play our Odd One Out quiz games now! quiz-zone: Odd One Out - Can you work out which is the odd one out and why? DIRECTIONS for questions 1-10: In each of following questions, four words have been given of which three are alike in some way and one is different. This is an 'odd-one-out' quiz. 3. 1. Also, the answer key and explanations are given for the same. Perrin, all real Reginalds but Perrin is a fictional Reginald. As of Oct 22 20. 25 music quiz questions 2020: best artist, song and album questions and answers for your online pub quiz music round. Related: HOME . 8. This quiz asks you to pick the odd word out and although some are fairly easy to spot, others questions are much more challenging. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Important questions on Find The Odd One Out with answers - Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC TAX ASSISTANT, Banks, CDS, NDA, PSC, LIC, Railways and other competitive examinations. Brits love a good quiz, and while pubs remain closed, many have moved their weekly trivia night online. Word Classification-Online Odd One Out Questions-Answers with Explanations for SSC CGL, CHSL, IBPS/SBI Bank PO, Clerk and Other Competitions. Question 1 4. Helen Mirren, Not an Avenger Views:144611. 1. Which tree does not belong to the same family as the others? Questions and Answers . Here are 15 odd one out quiz questions and answers. ANSWERS . Forum . The answer key and explanations are given for the practice questions. Latest . Beethoven, all the others were blind . VIRTUAL quiz nights have become a way of family and friends to stay connected while unable to see each other due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Taboo, is Polynesian others are Indian in origin . 5. 06/11/2020 Lifestyle Comments Off on Odd one out quiz questions and answers: How many can YOU get right? A broad range of questions in which you are asked to name 'The odd one out'. There is just one answer to each question. D. Rattlesnake. Montana, all others are tribes . quiz chat. Related: HOME . Questions - Answers - Print (Questions) - Print (Answers) - PDF (Questions) - PDF (Answers) ODD ONE OUT. How much do you know? Practice these Odd Words Questions and Answers for better results. Solve the given practice questions based on odd one out. Let's check out important Odd Words Questions and Answers of General English. Which of these is not a species of shark: Nurse; Beluga; Carpet; Whale; or Megamouth? Select the odd one out A. quiz-zone: Odd One Out - Can you work out which is the odd one out and why? C. Python. Answers: Henry, all the rest are the first names of The Beatles (Paul McCartney's first names is James.) In the following post, we have given 25 questions of Odd One Out Submission Set – 1 for practice. The questions are given along with answers and explanations. Odd One Out. Port Vale, all others London Clubs . A. Cobra. 2. Octopussy , all others have themes sung by Shirley Bassey . Odd-One-Out Quiz - Questions. Which of these is not one-eighth: 12.5%; 0.125; Three twenty-fourths; or 0.8? 7. This quiz is incomplete! Sections Homepage Trivia Quizzes Free Trivia Questions Player Quiz Lists Ask FunTrivia - Get Answers to Questions Daily and Hourly Trivia Games Crossword Puzzles FunTrivia Discussions Forums Trivia … And finally, which is the odd one out from Debrett, Carson, Pennyworth, and Jeeves? Our quizzes are designed to bring brain training through questions which make you think about the answer. These are selective and useful Odd Words Questions with Answers for competitive exams.

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