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Recently, Eric Lempel did state that they’d let the fans know when the date will be, however, a bit more clear cut detail would be huge. As the insider has been right in the past, fans could hope. The PlayStation 5, Sony's next-generation game console, will finally be revealed in a presentation on June 11 that Sony is touting as "a look at the future of gaming on PS5." Activision still hasn't officially revealed Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War despite a leak of its logo recently, and that would qualify under Sony's rules. Sony used the livestream to announce the PlayStation 5’s official price and launch date, as well as unveil games for the next-generation console. Starting Friday, PlayStation 4 owners can play the game’s multiplayer alpha build. Many expect it to be around $500, but one can never tell. Microsoft was originally planning to announce its Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X launch plans and pricing next week, before the $299 price of the Series S leaked. Sony needs to be on high alert to match with Microsoft’s plan on that front. Every fan is aware that there’d be two variants; one digital and one with a physical drive. Stay tuned to The Verge for all the latest PS5 news on Wednesday. In a follow-up to his original tweet, Serrano posted the following information: “you will see a showcase of incoming games on PS5 and PS4 from creative talent of PlayStation Studios and worldwide acclaimed third-party studios.”, In the next Sony @PlayStation™ event you will see a showcase of incoming games on #PS5 and #PS4 from creative talent of PlayStation Studios and worldwide acclaimed third-party studios, Be first to discover latest news and some exciting surprises, 08.06.2020 With both publishers possibly having two SKUs in the wings as well, it will be interesting to see who surprises who in an upcoming State of Play or Inside Xbox. It’s certainly hard to imagine Sony waiting much longer to reveal the most important details about the console, given that it’s likely to be released in November. Sony PlayStation 5 event: Everything announced By Don Reisinger September 16, 2020 With the days ... as well as unveil games for the next-generation console. That’s pretty much everything we know so far about the rumored PS5 State of Play event occurring in August. _#PlayHasNoLimits? As PlayStation don’t really have a set schedule for their State of Play events, it’s a little hard to look for a pattern or expected dates, but one that has been heavily rumored is Thursday, August 6. Capcom didn’t share much about its plans but said the title will be available digitally on the PlayStation 5 launch date. jwplayer('jwplayer_sdEiSVZH_scyvyYe0_7a36806997_dex_div').setup( Alex Santa Maria is a writer, editor, and critic based out of the Sunshine State. As for PlayStation VR, Sony's headset is in an interesting spot. if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)}; PlayStation 5 Showcase broadcasts live this Wednesday at 1pm Pacific Time: Going beyond that, with Microsoft supporting the Xbox One even after they launch their next-gen machine, third parties may see a reason to also release games on PlayStation 4 because of the two machine's similar architecture. These trolls claim to be someone like Shroud, s1mple, or NiKo while running fake giveaways that put the Steam accounts of CS:GO fans in danger of being hacked. There were also a number of games announced for PS5, with original IPs and fan-favorite sequels popping up on the reveal show, including Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, Forbidden West, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Of course, once we have more concrete information, we will be able to tell you exactly how to tune in and what to expect on the day. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. There’s no release date yet. Sony and Capcom offered a look at the upcoming Resident Evil VIII. Every PlayStation fan out there have been waiting for Sony to announce the date of their next event. CS:GO is #3 on Twitch and literally 40% of the viewers are scam bots. There wasn’t much shared about the game or its gameplay, but look for Capcom to share more in the coming months. Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: How has the pandemic changed gaming? Mass Effect: Andromeda: The best weapons in the galaxy you should craft, The Best Gaming Deals for October 2020: Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, How to set up dual monitors in Windows 10. Pokémon: The Crown Tundra DLC has secret legendary pokémon - here's where to find them, Apex Legends ban spirals out of control, results in death threats, Xbox Game Pass Platinum could include free hardware teases Phil Spencer, Stormzy music video for Watch Dogs: Legion is not just a quick cash-in, Pokémon: The Crown Tundra DLC has secret legendary pokémon – here’s where to find them, Why I bought Oculus Quest 2 instead of PS5 or Xbox Series X – Reader’s Feature, What Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 could learn from Genshin Impact – Reader’s Feature, PS4 DualShock 4 controller does not work with PS5 games, PS5 patent suggests cloud-based take on backwards compatibility, Xbox Series X backwards compatibility uses SSD fast-loading and HDR. Sony is holding a special PS5 event on Wednesday. Square Enix didn’t share a launch date. Sony has gone out of its way to get fans ready for the disappointment that there won't be new PlayStation 5 news at this event. While players worldwide are eager to hear more about the next generation of Sony consoles, there are plenty of big games still coming to current-gen this holiday and beyond. They’ll be available in the rest of the world on November 19. Those looking to head to a world where dungeons, castles, swordplay, and bundles of giants reign supreme may want to check out Demon’s Souls. Not to be outdone, Sony offered a look at the first-person title Deathloop, which will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 5 when it launches in the second quarter next year. Sony @PlayStation 5 next event is scheduled for AUGUST 6th 2020 – 1pm PT | 4pm ET | 10pm CEST, Watch it on, *TO BE CONFIRMED*_#PlayHasNoLimits#PlayStation5, — Roberto Serrano' (@geronimo_73) July 21, 2020. At long last, Sony shared its launch date and pricing for the PlayStation 5. He has an unhealthy obsession with bad movies, a love of the 1980s, and the skills to rack up a high score on your local pinball table. There will be a slight helping of PlayStation 5 news in the form of updates about some of the third-party games mentioned in June's PlayStation 5 showcase. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console is priced at $499, but Sony has two prices to provide for both its disc-less digital edition PS5 and the regular PS5. Thanks for the answers. However, no details on the pricing has been revealed as of yet. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. On October 25, with the ESL One New York CIS tournament attracting thousands of viewers, these trolls struck once again by using old VODs from both s1mple and Shroud, once again claiming that fans can win prizes by getting involved. State Of Play August 2020 PS5 Event, PS5 Price, PS5 Pre-Orders, PS5 Launch Games, PS5 UI PlayStation Activities, PS5 Backwards Compatibility, PS5 PS … newsletter. The trailer shows the titular character in New York City battling enemies. The sneak peek focused on a mission from the game, as the team was tasked with using stealth, gun battles, and some new equipment to take on enemies. Instead, similar to Microsoft's first Xbox 20/20 in May, the forty-minute presentation will go over third party games coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Obviously, everyone wants to know more about the upcoming next-gen console. With the release date of the PlayStation 5 moving ever closer, fans are growing even more excited and are anxiously awaiting any new details they can get their hands on, be it price, release date or something else. Considering that this episode of State of Play is going to be 40 minutes long, there are a few games that could appear here out of the blue. The trailer featured both cinematic sequences and gameplay footage, and it teased what appears to be a story centering on power — and power struggles. The wildly popular battle royale game Fortnite won’t be left behind on the PlayStation 5: Sony said it will be available on launch day. share. Every confirmed and rumored PS5 game so far, PlayStation 5 will cost $499, launch on November 12, Here are all the games that support Nvidia’s RTX ray tracing, The PlayStation 5 media remote has buttons for Disney+, Spotify, more, The best Halo games, ranked from best to worst, A young chess grandmaster leads the game of kings to a glorious future on Twitch. In fact, at one point, the two channels were in the top three watch channels of the day – amassing 22,000 and 17,500 viewers respectively – and sitting just behind the main Russian stream for ESL One New York CIS. Sony has promised in a blog post that the event will not focus on anything related to first-party Sony games, hardware, dates, or pricing. Obviously, everyone wants to know more about the upcoming next-gen console. The company didn’t say which retailers will begin offering pre-orders that day. Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, Forbidden West, Alanah Pearce explains why PS5 fans should want Xbox Series X to succeed, Richard Lewis: Twitch is failing its users with scam streams. For more stories like this, check our Gaming page. What to expect:▪️ A focus on upcoming PS4 & PS VR games▪️ A few quick check-ins on third-party and indie games from June’s PS5 showcase▪️ No big PS5 announcements!Tune-in details: The PlayStation 5 will be available for $500, and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will retail for $400. When is the next PlayStation event? PlayStation 5 launch date and price MORE: PS4 DualShock 4 controller does not work with PS5 games, MORE: PS5 patent suggests cloud-based take on backwards compatibility, MORE: Xbox Series X backwards compatibility uses SSD fast-loading and HDR, Follow Metro Gaming on Twitter and email us at Both Sony and Microsoft are preparing to launch some powerful next-gen products., — Roberto Serrano’ (@geronimo_73) July 22, 2020. So while we don’t have an exact date, August seems to be the most likely month, and as of the time of writing, August 6 is when PS5 fans should be keeping their diaries open for now. Sony said in a statement after the event that it plans to make pre-orders available starting on Thursday. Nintendo Switch vs. Switch Lite: Which is better? The 40-minute event will include updates on games coming to the PlayStation 5, and will likely include the price of the next … All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. But, the pricing for both variants has only been rumored. It didn’t offer any gameplay footage or storyline details but cautioned players to “prepare yourself.”. Now, a rumored news is making rounds that hints at the next PlayStation 5 event. Sony thanked people for watching after it unveiled its PlayStation 5 launch date and price and ended the show with a sneak peek at what is believed to be God of War: Ragnarok. Nice I'm new to PlayStation (probably going to switch from Xbox to PS5) so I don't know a whole lot about it yet. It was revealed that at launch, the console would have two different editions: Standard (with a disc drive) or Digital (without).

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