navratri colors 2018

Grey color represents balanced emotions and keeps the person down-to-earth. On every day, respective form of Goddess Durga is worshiped. Wear Pink color on this day of Navratri celebrations. You could prepare makhane ki kheer for this special Navratri 2018 day. People get to witness diverse forms of our culture and tradition during the 9 days of Navratri. (Also Read: How To Cook These Six Fruits Into Delicious Desserts During Fasts). Happy Navratri everyone! Green also represents new beginnings in life. Wear Green on Friday and let the Goddess bestows you with tranquillity. This name was derived when Goddess Parvati started adorning half Chandra (moon) on her forehead after getting married to Lord Shiva. While there are many yellow colour foods that you can have during this day, nothing can go wrong with some sweet. Navratri Colours 2018: The festival of Sharad Navratri will be celebrated from 10th October, 2018 to 18th October, 2018. On this day, Goddess Durga attained all the Siddhis and also defeated the demons. Tip : You can offer white color flowers to the Goddess but avoid wearing white.

She is also known as the deity who has the power and capability to reside inside the sun. Last but not least, the ninth and final day is dedicated to Devi Siddhidaatri, who is believed to possess all knowledge and wisdom.

Motichoor laddoo can be one of the orange sweets you could have on this day and offer it to the deity. Pink symbolizes universal love, affection and harmony. Read Also : Navratri Songs List ( Best Garba Songs ).
Celebrate Ashtami with pink colour. Tip : You can wear pink Navratri dress and offer pink flowers to the Goddess. During Navratri, wearing the similar color dress as that of Navratri color of the day is in vogue among women, especially in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The relation of the color came into being after Goddess Parvati married Lord Shiva. We all know that all the 9 days depict different forms of Goddess Durga and thus all the 9 days depict different colors too. This custom of wearing Navratri color dress is so popular in these states that famous daily newspapers like Times of India, Hindustan Times, Mid-Day, Mumbai Mirror and DNA publish a separate article on 9 colors of Navratri just before Navratri season. Goddess Durga is seen holding Lord Kartikeya in her arms and sitting on a Lion. The Chaitra Navratri Colors and the Shardiya Navratri colors are different from each other in terms of significance, lets head onto the special Navratri colors 2018 and their suggestive meanings.

White color is synonymous with purity and innocence.

The color of the day seven is white which depicts peace. While there is no specific re-coloured food, you could prepare a healthy beetroot and carrot juice. This color is related to the beauty and bravery. If you are fasting, fruits and dry fruits make an important part. Navratri 2018 is a Hindu religious festival that brings immense amount of colors and happiness into our lives.

Navratri 2018 has begun and Indians are celebrating the nine avatars of Hindu Goddess Durga. The third day is dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta. According to the Hindu calendar the festival falls in the month of Ashvin. It also is related to new beginnings on Earth. She is the direct form of Goddess Parvati. Durga Puja, also known as Durgotsava, is a famous Hindu festival when Goddess Durga is worshipped, offering flowers with Mantra during Durgotsav, Shodashopachara Durga Puja during Navratri. Whether it is going to work or going for Dandiya and Garba, women are excited about wearing specific color dress during each day of Navratri.

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