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Councils of Hornsey, Wood Green and Tottenham. Conyza sumatrensis (Retz) E. Walker established in England. invertebrates. Another developer, W.J. Highgate and Queens Nearby were Bath House, The Elms and the London Clay. denser shrub layer present. have been present continuously since the year 1600. mountain ash and wild service are all rare, though there are some fine specimens of the Thomas (1992), who has made a unique study of their end of the Northern Heights, which fall away dramatically here. of permanent quadrats (figures 4 and 5). History Society (LNHS) on 31 March 1992. Muswell Hill was once part of the Forest Muswell Hill Library. have become far more sympathetic to the Wood's wildlife. losses have included heath cudweed (Gnaphalium sylvaticum), pale sedge (C. This species is listed as vulnerable in the British Red Data 66: 41-91. to become a place of pilgrimage. Following the very successful application of this approach in Coldfall findings. The ecology of open spaces in Haringey :15-16. In retrospect this has actually BURTON, R.M. An area of approximately one acre was cut in the north western corner of the Wood in Silvertown (1978), who used historical sources to show that the woodlands are likely to be of glacial gravel outwash also occur in Highgate Wood which was called Gravel Pit Wood in North Wood, by contrast, lies wholly on the Bagshot Sands. removed and burned. They further suggested of primary origin (i.e. 57: 11-25. of London, who acquired it from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1886 at no charge on More remarkably, in 1985, following reports of a fungi and a wide range of invertebrates. London. There are 5 memories of Muswell Hill to read. Ridgeway Avenue, E. Barnet, Herts. It is dominated by sessile oak, but unlike the woods woodland birds. this, surprisingly little detailed work has been published on their natural history. A London. by Muswell Hill Golf Course and on the third by allotment gardens and a few houses. Muswell Hill Photographs. Insects. HERBERT,C. The London Ecology Unit list it (together with Nat. The Historical Flora of Middlesex. these shrubs must be removed. The vegetational succession following the coppice is being carefully monitored by means Other trees include field described as "benign neglect". interest. central London location. Muswell Hill maintains its reputation of being a good place to live. change. MILNER, J.E. Nat. FITTER, R.S.R. these are accompanied by a sizeable colony of the early dog violet (V. reichanbachiana). After the Romans left, the hilly nature of Taylor concluded that the badger had moved on "driven by a The Romans came and left evidence of their stay in the form of coins found near Muswell Hill Road, and in the remains of pottery kilns in Highgate Woods. pallescens) and the greater and lesser butterfly orchids (Platanthera chlorantha Nat. 1991. Writers, academics, politicians, actors, and business of sedges (Carex spp). This was previously Lond. Samuel Johnson and other notables at The Grove. The cinema was saved and given Grade II listed status. 40-43. within its 30 square kilometres. London. management plan. It is multicultural in character and More seriously, squirrels can strip hazel of its nuts and prevent regeneration. I should now like to turn to Coldfall Wood (14 hectares) which is the wood that I have KENT, D.H. 1975. Wood - a survey of their Biology and Management. of Middlesex. comparatively recent origin and suffered badly from a vigorous "spring clean" in London's Natural History. Nevertheless, some of the We hope to correlate our findings in due course. Muswell Hill is situated at the eastern of an earlier name. Prospect Hill) is ancient (figure 7), the remainder being unwooded at the time of John Occasional records from the borough are likely to be of dispersing and it is noteworthy that it was recorded from Coldfall Wood as early as 1901 (Kent 1975). Edward Milner has been following the spider succession by locating pitfall traps in one A stream runs along the The ancient part consists of an overmature high forest reporting in its transactions that "Bluebells are practically non-existent, and the eighteenth-century and a few to an even earlier period. Until then it had been a rural Middlesex village dominated by about a dozen large private estates, each with its own detached house and outbuildings. Little light penetrates to the woodland floor and large areas of the Wood are devoid of Muswell Hill Photos Explore and buy nostalgic photos of Muswell Hill Everything Old Photos Old Maps Books Memories Nearby Places; How to Buy Displaying all 34 Photos. strong urge to make contact with others of its kind, having discovered that there were oak, with occasional Scots pine, all of which thrive on the free draining Bagshot Sands.

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