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Born Alyssa Stephens, Mulatto has been putting in work since she appeared on the reality competition show The Rap Game in 2016, which she won. With no melody, I could still write a hit She wanted to incorporate that into her presentation somehow. Mulatto's breakthrough occurred with her 2019 single, "Bitch from da Souf", and consequently she signed to RCA Records.In August 2020, the song reached the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 95. Though you may know her as a singer, there is more to Miss Mulatto than what meets the eye. The Future of what? She has a few other titles, such as Big Latto and Mula, that are available to non-Black people or those uncomfortable with Mulatto to refer to her by as she becomes more popular. To summarize my thoughts, the idea of reclamation does not work for me, personally, but I think it’s up to any individual that would fall into the category to make that decision for him or herself. Kesia Alexandra is a creative writer from Washington, DC. Her birth name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens and she was formerly known as Miss Mulatto. “Got your girl TikTokin' to my shit/I see Fivi in the cut, Woo walkin' in this bitch/I see Cal gettin’ wild, see the style too legit/And Mulatto she a queen, put a crown on that head,” he delivers. The platinum-selling rapper puts his head down and gets right to business, addressing the insomnia that comes with stacking money the long way. She explained that she got a lot of money from winning the show, which Mulatto explained she invested in a clothing store and an online store. [Verse 2] "N is for no broke niggas allowed," she reveals while chuckling. On The Rap Game, Stephens shares that she is aware that “mulatto” is “technically a racial slur”. I'm sayin', That they can't take away The term mulatto technically is a racist slur. [Hook] No more talking (no more talkin') The Atlanta native is known for her southern swag and no-nonsense bars, but she offers a lighthearted, playful side in XXL's ABCs. H-h-h-ha, I got all the answers to your questions, ha I also mentioned that I didn’t feel, as a Black person with two Black parents, that I had the right to be offended by the word: Who has the right to be offended by that word? When you’re putting on for the rap game, it’s imperative that you have representation from the most popular regions. Wasn't no way, I could look my daddy in his eye and tell him I ain't winnin' In an online glossary of terms from Alejo Carpentier’s The Kingdom of The World from Michigan State University, mulattoes are described as being “A new class, above the slave but below the French whites”. [(Chorus 1 + Hook) x2] No more talking (no more talkin') "L is for longevity," she affirms. Longevity with my money. Someone who’s bi-racial and is called that word by a white person. And, you know I do it all for my family She became a cast member on the Lifetime reality series The Rap Game and the inaugural winner. I think I'm the baddest Ain't no mistake I'm this great, they know I asked him to clarify whether or not he was personally offended by Stephens’ rap name. On that 'Cash Shit.' Though only sixteen at the time, Stephens was already a year older than her own mother was when she was born. “I don’t gotta rap about sex/But this shit way too good not to brag on/I ain’t even fuck a rap nigga yet, but if Fivio want to then I ain’t gon’ pass on ’em/Yeah, bitch, I get my mack on/He ain’t trickin’, I skip ’em like bad songs/I just dropped a hundred on jewelry during a pandemic, yeah, my money that long," she rhymes. This pain is described in Stephens own reclamation of the term. I took that negativity from the word mulatto and now…everybody calls me Miss Mulatto. All lyrics here are composed based off of the clarity of Miss Mulatto, solely. However, XXL adds some excitement to reciting the 26 letters of the alphabet by having some of your favorite buzzing rappers go from A to Z and do some word association off the top of the dome. “reclaiming” the power of a particular slur — the N word. The San Francisco rapper and XXL Freshman 10th spot winner energetically drops in with the same sing-song flow that turned “Valentino” and the Iann Dior-featured “Mood” into Billboard chart-climbing songs and viral hits. I have discussed my opinion on “reclaiming” the power of a particular slur — the N word. It is what it is "Yeah, they call me 'Back In Latto'/Three shows, one night," she starts off. No canopy Listen, ha! She’s on Twitter and Instagram. See her deliver slick rhymes by checking out her 2020 XXL Freshman freestyle, powered by Rap Caviar, below.—Aleia Woods. Ain't no more talkin' The “Bitch From The Souf” rapper sees being “mulatto” as a key part of her identity. It was released on February 19th, 2016 on iTunes during the show’s season finale. "Facts. No more talking (no more talkin') "O is for only rich niggas allowed," Latto adds. Women are making groundbreaking moves in the rap game and Mulatto is among those next up to mark her name in the hip-hop sands. Most of us were first introduced to Alyssa Michelle Stephens on Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah’s rap competition show, The Rap Game. She’s pumping it up, I think, to be like “people say you can’t do this because you’re a ‘mutt’”…what they’re really saying is “you can’t do this ’cause you Black, you know what I’m saying?”. Miss Mulatto. I'm on top, ain't no one ahead of me Of course, given the power dynamics of a sexual relationship between a slave owner and his slaves, it feels safe to say this was not always the case. A multi-talented personality, she is truly a super woman with super powers. Through bars smooth like butter and flowing like silk, the Down South rhymer, who has been driving race cars since she was a kid, lets it be known that she demands respect, she's serious about her craft and she secures the bag. First of all, I’m taking into consideration [her] age. No More Talking (From ”The Rap Game”) Lyrics, I-I'm saying help, I don't need none of that, Ain't no mistake I'm this great, they know, Ain't nothing changed but my dang payroll, H-h-h-ha, I got all the answers to your questions, ha, With no melody, I could still write a hit. "I hope to have longevity in this rap game. That’s the only people who could possibly be offended. Let’s go.” -Alyssa “Mulatto” Stephens, Age 16, The Rap Game. Mulatto has been grinding on the rap scene for a minute—since 2016—but she isn't intimidated by the diligence and tenacity that having longevity in the game … Let’s go.” -Alyssa “Mulatto” Stephens, Age 16, The Rap Game. A music video for the song was shot at Lovejoy High School in Hampton, Georgia on March 6, 2016. Even sleep-deprived, he reminds people that he’s awake enough to make that Nina sing if it must. No flex, these rappers be sweating me Here, we present 2020 XXL Freshman Mulatto's version of the ABCs. I got the number one spot And dudes should come correct with the paper. With the innate ability to make everything catchy, he looks over and acknowledges Mulatto’s earlier name-drop before vowing to keep his haters on high alert. My mom was pregnant with me when she was 15 years old. [Verse 1] "Mulatto, you the best", what they telling me She very much has a relationship with her mother and wants to have that represented. I'ma make a way (hey!) You look like tuna to a shark In his vibrant-colored outfit and bell bottom jeans, he proclaims that he’s undeniable right now and makes note that everyone else in the cypher is, too. It is noted that mulattoes were often “well treated” by their European fathers, not as slave offspring but as their actual children. As of April 5, 2016, its the fourth most viewed video on Music Choice. Next, the pivot is to the West for 24kGoldn’s turn. Before Fame. While unabashedly talking that talk, Mulatto, 21, seemingly offers an explanation for why she refers to herself as "Big Latto." Then she discusses her hopes to have a long, fulfilling career in the rap game. Why do I have to choose one or the other? In this year’s 2020 XXL Freshman cypher, the talent in all four musical goldmines is illustrated. They ain't hear me Stephens presented herself as a hard working and skilled writer with the ambition to go far. The video is now available on Vevo. I clean the competition like Drāno So it’s, like, controversial. He was not familiar with Stephens but I played for him the above quoted clip from The Rap Game and this was his take on it: “I ain’t mad at her. “I sit in the seat and I catch it if she throw it to me/They fallin' asleep, but I never let ’em fumble the dream/Yeah, and I’ll never let ’em humble the king/Look, that’s coming from me, I call up movers and they coming at three, glttt, baow,” he raps. [Chorus 1] For Stephens, calling herself Mulatto is a way of claiming the power that the slur holds. She went on to explain that the deal wasn't enough money for her to sign, which you can hear more about above. She was successful and became a contestant during its inaugural season. The fact that her mother is white is a part of her identity. "Bitch, I'm too rich to fight/Yo' head ain't nothin’ but a price/I don't got a type, long as bag bigger than mine/Nigga, I'm spoiled ’cause my folks and nem was movin' that white/You might see me out with one of my niggas in public/I ain't trippin’, he ain't hit it/Can't name one that I'm fuckin’/You know Latto low-key/I'm a young OG/You can't play a playa, real P-I-M-P," she spits. Lil Pump? No More Talking was written by the winner of Jermaine Dupri’s The Rap Game, Miss Mulatto, and produced by Jermaine Dupri and Mike Kalombo. “I ain’t been getting no sleep ’cause nigga I’m trappin' a lot, aye/No, I’m not talkin’ ’bout Polo, but niggas be cappin’ a lot, aye/I gotta ride with that Nina ’cause niggas be yappin’ a lot, aye/I got some aim with that glizzy I’ll blow his lil cap off his top, for real” he serves. Matter fact, I don't even look backwards They tried to doubt me, but they cannot stop me Now, as far as the name itself, she could have come up with something better [laughs] of course, but look at most people’s rap names. Trivia . The RCA Records rapper's highlight track "B*tch From Da Souf," which garnered a major cosign from Da Baddest, Trina, on the remix and also features Saweetie, appears on her new album, Queen of Da Souf. I am not of mixed race, nor would I ever be mistaken for it, so my opinion on whether “mulatto” is offensive doesn’t matter that much. ", For P, Mulatto gives a nod to her own lyrics in her 2020 XXL Freshman freestyle, taking a page from Blac Chyna's playbook. I spoke with my partner, however, who is bi-racial, half white/half Black. Still, love it or hate it, the “Bitch From The Souf” rapper sees being “mulatto” as a key part of her identity.

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