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Unbidden, it nonetheless provided the brief it had failed to file on time — a telling document in the context of what we now know the school was attempting to conceal. Daniel Libit can be reached via email at She had previously served as head coach at VCU and Winthrop for a total of three seasons. "Marlene Stollings is one of the most respected young coaches in the country and we are thrilled to have her leading the Minnesota women's basketball program," Teague said. 500 Drawing Prompts List, E-mail: This process is often done reflexively: I’ve probably made at least 50 requests to Texas universities over the last year, and at least half have been sent to the AG — a number of which quite obviously merited no exemption. Wir, Schalker Grobblech-Handel GmbH (Firmensitz: Deutschland), verarbeiten zum Betrieb dieser Website personenbezogene Daten nur im technisch unbedingt notwendigen Umfang. Texas Tech University Colors, They were, as Wednesday’s story noted, also quite notable, insofar as they documented so much more of the same: In 2020 exit interviews, a player said coaches “used fear to motivate you,” and that there was “not one person on this roster that feels comfortable going up to our coaches (sic) office.”, “Do something about the coaches,” one player wrote, “so that my teammates don’t have to continue suffering in silence.”.

Sanquin: ongeveer 3% van donors heeft corona antistoffen, ‘Bloedbanken gaan opbouw immuniteit coronavirus onderzoeken’. Applications to TTU typically increase after particularly successful seasons (men’s basketball for example) due to the nationwide publicity received from competing at the highest levels.”, (As a digression, but not diversion: That’s a hell of a case from a P5 school to grant college athletes their full economic freedoms, what with this being a “competitive marketplace” and all, where “millions of dollars in TV revenue and tuition (are) at stake.”). Wait, where’d the police go?Charley Walters: MLB wants the Saints to be a Twins’ affiliate,Group of ‘armed citizens’ confronts health workers conducting random COVID-19 testing,New Brighton police search for missing kayaker in Long Lake,Dane Mizutani: Wild GM Bill Guerin finally doing what needs to be done,Twins clinch playoff berth with victory over Cubs,Gophers open 2020 football season vs. Michigan,‘A players’ manager’: Justin Morneau, Rocco Baldelli share thoughts on Ron Gardenhire retirement,The Loop Fantasy Football Update Week 2: Last-minute moves,This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Her compensation will increase by no less than $17,500 annually; Base salary is $350,000, receives $75,000 in supplemental compensation She's a … "Marlene Stollings is one of the most respected young coaches in the country and we are thrilled to have her leading the Minnesota women's basketball program," Teague said.

Ninja Wiki, Lon Kruger Family, (Late Wednesday, Hocutt told USA TODAY that, in the wake of our report, he had met for three hours with current Lady Raider players and coaching staff, and that the “conversation” would continue today.). Box to discover it stuffed with a bulging manilla envelope postmarked from Lubbock. This site requires JavaScript to run correctly. In Mid-February, I checked in for a status update, and was told by the university’s lawyers that they were almost finished with the redaction process (“checking for student identifying information”). The paper assigned the article to Jori Epstein, their Dallas-based NFL writer who, reporting on it ‘twixt Cowboys off-season coverage and Gannett furloughs, did a magnificent job, getting 10 players to discuss their experiences, four on-the-record. Nevertheless, the request was made and, two weeks later, the documents showed up (as PDFs!) ), but the best way to support us is to buy a paid subscription. We’ve partnered with our good friends at Homefield to offer you three excellent t-shirt designs. Today’s newsletter comes from Daniel, who wants to shed some light on a huge story he helped break recently. Kaavia James Meme, Meanwhile, Stephen F. Austin claimed it didn’t have any exit interview records to disclose. How much alleged suffering could have been mitigated?

Georgia Tech Football 2019, But it’s hard to see this as the players’ failing, given what we now know: For two years, athletes regularly raised serious complaints about the program and its leader, in various forums and with multiple school administrators, leaving behind an extensive evidence file. Why Did Destiny Slocum Leave Oregon State? But not every Texas school fully complied with our records request: North Texas and Texas State only provided the questions they asked their athletes, not the answers; and UT-Arlington redacted all the narrative responses (aka, the good stuff) from theirs. Panch Tatva Mudra, Maidenhair Fern Indoor Care, Donorvereniging Nederland The university’s lawyers did not try to withhold these records, although, after my stories ran, the athletic administration attempted to kill the messenger, posting an article on UNM’s athletic website (since rendered, appropriately, a 404 Error Message), which accused me of harming the athletes by revealing their anonymized criticisms. Ayya Meaning, I began by making a lot of records requests for the emails of New Mexico athletic administrators and coaches and, in the course of perusing those communications, I’d learn things: like, for example, that outgoing college athletes are annually debriefed in end-of-season exit interviews. In a statement, Stollings did not address any of the specific allegations, other than suggesting the complaints were part of the process of her improving the program’s on-court success.

Youtube Kids Channel, Then finally, in the last week of February, I opened The Intercollegiate’s P.O. C. Vivian Stringer had been making about $900,000 a year, but took a smaller guaranteed salary in order to unlock bigger bonuses when the team does really well.

But also a telling document in the larger context of the debate over college athlete rights. We originally floated our findings in March to another national media outlet, but the pandemic put that collaboration on ice. We were also able to obtain investigative notes from a previous head-coaching abuse scandal at New Mexico State in 2003, when Stollings was an assistant there. If you enjoyed this newsletter, why not share it with some friends? Why Did Destiny Slocum Leave Oregon State?, On Dec. 5 — with the college basketball season now well underway — the state AG wrote back to Texas Tech to reaffirm that the school was not entitled to ask for a reconsideration of its ruling and could only delay the matter further by going to court. It took another two months for that futile effort to be so declared. Nimari Burnett Illinois, Click the link we sent to , or click here to log in. I knew that there was something wrong with that program with the slew of transfers out in the last two years. And yet, if not for what Texas Tech’s in-house lawyers would later describe as a “clerical error,” it very well might not have come to light. Elvis Stojko Movies, In addition to allegations of mental abuse by Texas Tech women's basketball coach Marlene Stollings, a USA Today Sports report cited multiple allegations of … Stollings.Stollings has spent the last two years at Virginia Commonwealth.In 2013-2014, she led VCU to a 22-10 record and a birth in the 2014 WNIT.

Instead, in a Sept. 26 letter to Attorney General Ken Paton, the school pleaded for a mulligan.

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