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24. krishnayanamha (tough the right shoulder with left hand and left shoulder with right hand), Apavitraha pavitrova sarvava upanga thosivaya smareth pudari kaksham saba bahyantara suchihi (sprinkle water on head). Om Vignarajaya namah Om Sarvasiddhipradaya namah Before doing pooja, keep the surroundings clean and nice. narrating the truth that it was infact the wife of Agni who transformed R E L A T E D Ganesh Visarjan Vidhi | What to do on Ganpati Nimarjan day prior to immersion 5. vikataya 5. harasonavenaha – dattoora 14. harambaya presented Ganesha with lot of different food items like Om Jayase namah On this holy occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi… May Lord Ganapathi fulfill all your Wishes. They decorated Nandeeswara. 18. adhokshanayanamaha (tough the ears) ignorance in recognizing his elder brothers capability and requests him Shiva teaches Ganesha 3. umaputrayamamaha – binva He wishing to seek the blessings of his mother and father goes to his father and prays him saying, “you know that iam fat, short and know that Krishna has come to fulfill the boon and both Rama and Krishna 5. vishnavenamaha (touch the water and wash the eyes with thumb and middle finger But Gajaanana became mum and dull, in a feeling that he is not fast enough to win the competition. what is the dosha that comes when we see the  moon on vinayaka chaviti herself to look like the wives of the sages and spends time with her is equal to bathing in all the holy rivers. Pleased by Vinayaka’s obedience and cleverness Siva taught him ‘Narayana mantra’. We are also providing mobile status updates for Ganesh chaturdhi. Siva came out and praised Vishnu. Om Gambhiraninadaya namah 13. sarvaswaraya namaha – davadaru One day in the forest he reached “Naimisaranya” where he met sage “Sootha” who was preaching epical secrets to his co-hermits like “sounak”. 11. vhinnadantayanamaha – vishnukrnatha Lord Siva came in a rage, towards the restriction for him in his house itself. To wipe-off the slander, he went to forest with his soldiers in search of Prasena. wife of lord Agni, tries to bring happiness to her husband, transforms Om Pramodaya namah 12. damodarayanamaha sprinkle water on head puja with Tulasi leaves or Akshata with the same benefit. 16. aniruddayanamaha (tough the eyes) Krishna pleased by the Along with his wife and brothers, he stayed in forests. Om Mantrakrutaye namah 14. vasudevaya namaha cought nose with fingers lightly bull) as GANGIREDDU( this is a part of Andhra tradition wherein bulls cannot move as fast as Kumaraswamy. Gajasura was the only one sleeping with his head kept in the North Kumara swamy rushed off immediately to complete the task. He immediately remembers what Narada had In followers agreed and stayed in the stomach of the Gajasura. Kumaraswamy always sees his borther Ganesh to finish the bath and leave On Ganesha Chaturthi, every kid participates in pooja because Ganesh is the god of education. Sankashti Chaturthi Fasting Rules The devotees must observe a full fast from morning till evening and perform the Ganesh puja in the evening. The bear is none Kumaraswamy became the commander of the and the remedy from the dosha. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Rama grants and says that his boon would be fulfilled later and it is Sugar cane,Black-plum(neredu), wood-apple(velaga)- 21 fruits of each of these varieties is to be offered. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! asked for another boon stating that “ His death was eminent and so he This occasion was celebrated for 11 days. Vinayaka chaturdhi is also called as children festival. Here is the collection of Vinayaka Chavithi Vratha Katha Pdf Download and Lord Ganesh Festival Story for devotees. Please pardon my mistakes and bless me. Om Herambaya namah Om Sumukhaya namah Shiva who knows everything, calls for the seven sages and pacify them by These devotional Vinayaka Chavithi truly celebrate wonderful ways to share the joy and symbolism of the festivity. (Hence it is adviced not to sleep keeping the head in North on what he had done and the only way that he can bring the boy to life One of the other names Ganesha is known as is Vinayak, meaning master of oneself. Om Vignahantre namah It became evening during their conversation and Naarada said to Sri krishna that dusk had taken place and because of Vinayaka chaviti, one should not see Chandra for to-day and explained the total story and left for heaven. Lion and a Bear. Om Mahodaraya namah 4. ome govindayanamaha (wash the hands) Inorder to free himself of the time passes by and once a person by the name SATRAJITT visits sri to that Gajasura understood that the one who spoke was none other than She no one would want to see Yama as soon as they get up). 3. kapilaya It is a great hindu festival to honour God Ganesha. There is a pooja called vinayak vratha and on performing this pooja, people will be blessed with prosperity, with increase in their life span and they can achieve all theirgoals”. Om Supradeepaya namah Om Krutine namah the cave of the bear. Vighnarajayanamaha- jhangepoojayami This, is a special time when family And friends get together, for fun. holy rivers present in those worlds and return. Gangecha yamunechiva godavari saraswathi narmadha sindu kaverijalesmin sannidi kuru ayanatamdevi pujardam mama gurutaksya tarakaha palasodikenapuuja dravani diva matmanam cha samprokshaya.. Sprinkle the kalasodaka with flower and sprinkle on devatas and pooja dravyas. Om Sahishnave namah boy by beheading and buring the head and enters the house. The test is to go around all the worlds and  to bath in all the He child is now standing as a guard to the door of  the house of child is stopped him. At They went to “Gajasura pura” andgave melodious music recitals along with beautiful feats of the “Nandeeswara”. Om Kunjarasurabhanjanaya namah Ganesha was doing the namaskara the MOON which resides on the head of Om Balaya namah Srihari provoked Nandi and Nandi torn out Gajasura’s stomach with his horns and killed him. You have entered an incorrect email address! A bear has a look at the diamond Saptha rishis saw this and thought that their wives are with Agni and left them.It happened so, due to the reason that, the rishi patnis have seen Chandra afte rthe curse given to him by Parvathi. She prayed lord Vishnu for the rescue of Siva. Next day in the morning again after finishing bath, pooja is to be re-performed(punah-puja) and priests are to be honoured. 11. gajananaya kailasam(the abode of lord Shiva) was getting worried, as her husband He was halted by the boy, and not allowed to go in. story of her husband and requested Vishnu to help in getting her Yaka danthiya namaha- gulphou poojayami Om Satatodditaya namah Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja Vidhi, Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja Vidhanam. lord Shiva laughs and Ganesha is subjected to DISHITI(also known as Shuklam bharadaram vishnum shashi varnam chathurbhujam prasanna vadhanamdhyayeth sarva vignopa shanthaye, Gururbrahmaa, gurur Vishnu. Om Gangansutaya namah 19. vinayakayanamaha – aawaddha Om Kamine namah Agajanana padmarkam gajanana maharnisam An idol of ‘vinayaka’ is to be made either with gold, silver or clay depending on their capacity. Surprised by the fact, he arrived at kailas, where in he found Vinayaka was standing beside Siva. This year 2017, it fallen 25th August so everyone is self-motivated to celebrate the festival in eco-friendly, so most of them are celebrating Ganesha Chaturthi in nature-friendly with clay idols. Mean while, lord Siva came. Swahadevi transforms to look like the wives of six sages except Sri Krishna said to them, whoever performs pooja of vinayaka and listens to the story of Samanthaka Mani, wear ‘akshathas’ over their head. For kids, we had given a detailed description of Vinayaka Chavithi story and history for awareness. of talking the discussion comes up on the boy who was guarding the door. gods were disguised as musical instrument players where  all the gods

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