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Real life happens here! This chart compares the tuition costs of Louisiana Tech University (in red) with those of other similar universities. In 2017, the most common demographic for instructional staff at Louisiana Tech University was Male Associate professor with 72 employees, Male Assistant professor with 64 employees, and Female Assistant professor with 46 employees. What will college really cost? Along with all the new responsibilities (and freedom!) The most common industries for people who hold a degree in one of the 5 most specialized majors at Louisiana Tech University are Architectural, engineering & related services (523,759 people), Computer Systems Design (400,263 people), Construction (296,926 people), Colleges, universities & professional schools, including junior colleges (224,550 people), and Elementary & secondary schools (196,496 people). A better search strategy will give you better results! Check out “News from Campus,” featuring current events and fascinating stories from college and university publications around the U.S.! In 2016 the default rate for borrower's at Louisiana Tech University was 6.55%, which represents 86 out of the 1312 total borrowers. See who got in, who's applying, and how you compare! To avoid seeing this pop-up again, we invite you to register - it's FREE! We request this information to help us customize and improve the site. Prepare & Apply can help you improve your college admission chances and develop your strategy to become the ideal applicant. See. CollegeData is a member of the NationalAssociation for College Admission Counseling and subscribes to theStatement of Principles of Good Practice. The enrolled student population at Louisiana Tech University is 69.7% White, 12.6% Black or African American, 3.58% Hispanic or Latino, 2.8% Two or More Races, 1.14% Asian, 0.447% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.0731% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders. The following chart shows these completion rates over time compared to the average for the Doctoral Universities Carnegie Classification group. Its 235-acre campus is located in Ruston, 35 miles west of Monroe. For COVID-19 resources for college and college bound students, see here. 4 years for a 4-year degree). The cost of room and board decreased by 8.62% between 2016 and 2017. There were 1.05 times more white female recipients than the next closest race/ethnicity group, white male (641 degrees). The average award discount is the ratio between the average grant or scholarship value, and the cost, which is the sum of out-of-state tuition, room, board, book, supplies, and other expenses. As of 2017, Louisiana Tech University received $6.82M in grants and contracts from the federal government, $2.69M from state grants and contracts, and $441 from local grants and contracts. This line chart shows how the endowment at Louisiana Tech University (in red) compares to that of some similar universities. you'll have as a college student, you'll need to keep track of your college money and learn how to manage your money wisely. Will you get in? To successfully apply and get into college, you need to know what colleges are looking for. Louisiana is relatively insulated from the national boom/bust cycle (expansions and recessions). By comparison, enrollment for all Doctoral Universities is 51.5% White, 13.4% Hispanic or Latino, and 9.57% Black or African American. Registered users can choose to never see this message. Have you already received your Personal Invitation to apply for a Student Credit Card? Your login details do not match our records. Are you interested in applying for a 1st Financial Bank USA student credit card? The full-time enrollment at Louisiana Tech University is 8,935 and the part-time enrollment is 3,379. A portion of the College Profile data is provided under license by: Get the facts on college financial aid, including how to qualify, how to apply, how to get the most aid, and how to analyze your awards. Additionally, 5.59% of graduates (46 students) did not report their race. Use the Compare Awards tool to see which college offers the best deal. See what real students have to say about the ups and downs of getting into college and what college life is like. This chart compares the average student costs at Louisiana Tech University (in red) with that of similar universities. Develop your personal list of college search criteria to find the best colleges for you. Academics are important, but college is also about learning to find a balance between your academic and social life, and exploring opportunities to learn and grow beyond the classroom. In 2017, the undergraduate acceptance rate of Louisiana Tech University was 64.8% (4,508 admissions from 6,952 applications). Ruston, a friendly southern town of approximately 22,000 is home to parks, lakes, and world-class mountain biking trails. This chart compares the acceptance rate of Louisiana Tech University (in red) with that of other similar universities. Across all Doctoral Universities, Asian Female students have the highest graduation rate (68.1%). A cohort default rate is the percentage of a school's borrowers who enter repayment on certain Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program or William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program loans during a particular federal fiscal year (FY), October 1 to September 30, and default or meet other specified conditions prior to the end of the second following fiscal year. As a selective-admissions, comprehensive public university, Louisiana Tech is committed to quality in teaching, research, creative activity, public service, and workforce/economic development. Learn how to navigate the twists and turns of the college application process. This is compared to a 3.74% decline from 2015 and a 8.19% growth from 2014. This chart shows the full-time vs part-time enrollment status at Louisiana Tech University (in red) compares to similar universities. Click the "Tell Me More" button to learn more about the Data Locker and how to get your free CollegeData account. The average yearly cost of room and board at Louisiana Tech University was of $6,221 in 2017. Retention rate measures the number of first-time students who began their studies the previous fall and returned to school the following fall. In 2017 Louisiana Tech University had an average net price — the price paid after factoring in grants and loans — of $10,683. In 2017, Louisiana Tech University paid a total of $25.6M to 379 employees working as instructors, which represents 38% of all salaries paid. Louisiana Tech University has an endowment valued at nearly $66.9M, as of the end of the 2017 fiscal year. The value of their endowment was $220M lower than than the median endowment of Doctoral Universities according to the Carnegie Classification grouping. The return on its endowment was of $3.19M (4.77%), compared to the 5.91% average return ($16.9M on $287M) across all Doctoral Universities. Download our mobile app to help you organize and remember them. The student demographic with the highest graduation rate at Louisiana Tech University is Female and Hispanic or Latino (100% graduation rate). During the same period, the average yearly cost of books and supplies was $1,500. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) categorizes any student who is studying in the United States on a temporary basis as a "Non-Resident Alien", and the graduation rate of those students is shown in the chart below. The median for similar Doctoral Universities is 215M (42.7% of overall expenditures). This chart shows the gender split between each academic rank present at Louisiana Tech University. In 2017, 1,907 degrees were awarded across all undergraduate and graduate programs at Louisiana Tech University. Log in to see all of your saved colleges, scholarships, articles, profiles and searches in one place. Access your Dashboard from any page. The majority of degree recipients were white (1,313 degrees), 6.34 times more than then the next closest race/ethnicity group, black or african american (207 degrees). IPEDS uses the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) standard, so the categories may not match the exact concentrations offered by Louisiana Tech University. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 10,289, its setting is rural, and the campus size is 2,277 acres. 89% of undergraduate students at Louisiana Tech University received grants or loans in 2017. The median undergraduate tuition at Louisiana Tech University is $6,400, which is $-20,100 less than the national average for Doctoral Universities ($26,500). The small bar chart below shows the endowment quintiles for all universities in the Doctoral Universities: Moderate Research Activity Carnegie Classification grouping. Peterson's Undergraduate and Undergraduate Financial Aid Databases, copyright © 2020 Peterson's LLC.

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