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The king gradually falls sick under the demons' influence, and the white deer lies that the hearts of 1,111 children are required to make a cure. After a while, the victim trapped inside the flask will be reduced to a bloody mash. The boy in charge of looking after the lion once secretly drank a special potion and fell asleep for three days in Heaven (equivalent to three years in the human world). The King of the Southern Hill (南山大王) is a demon king based in Linked Cave (連環洞), Bent Peak (折岳), Hidden Misty Mountain (隱霧山). The Nine Headed Beast (九頭蟲), also known as the Nine Headed Prince Consort (九頭駙馬), is married to Wansheng Dragon King's daughter. He is less powerful than other demon kings in the novel, but is considered one of the wittiest. He is based in Wuzhuang Temple (五莊觀) on Longevity Mountain (萬壽山) in Aparagodaniya (西牛賀洲). The Yellow Robe Demon (黃袍怪) is based in Moon Waves Cave (波月洞) on Bowl Mountain (碗子山) in the Kingdom of Baoxiang (寶象國). The tale is also often known simply as Monkey. The Black Wind Demon eventually surrenders to Guanyin and becomes the mountain's guardian deity. Lingxuzi was preparing magical pills as gifts for Black Wind Demon when he encounters Sun Wukong again, who recognises him and kills him. He is eventually subdued and taken back by Samantabhadra. She is the mother of the two demon kings and is disguised as an old woman. She lives in Maoying Mountain (毛穎山) and wields a short staff (transformed from the pestle) as her weapon. They become the king’s royal advisers. The guardians transporting the protagonists back to Chang'an drop them off abruptly at Heaven Reaching River, where the protagonists meet the turtle again. Sun Wukong however, steals another three fruits for himself and his two juniors. Journey to the West Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. The Demon King of Confusion (混世魔王) is a demon king who seizes control of the Water Curtain Cave (水簾洞) when Sun Wukong left to learn magic from Subhuti. They honour the Nine Headed Lion as their grand ancestor. When they’re not onstage at the Lincoln Center Festival, what will … Zhu Bajie goes to bring back Sun Wukong – who was previously banished by Tang Sanzang after killing the White Bone Demon – to help them. Sun Wukong tries to save his companions but Yellow Brows traps him in the Golden Cymbals. He disguises himself as a boatman, pretends to ferry the protagonists across the river, and captures Tang Sanzang when they are unaware. While fighting with Zhu Bajie, he uses his nose to wrap around him and capture him. Sun Wukong sees through her disguise and fights with her. Sun Wukong and his companions attack his cave and slaughter him and his minions to take back their weapons. Sun Wukong enlists the help of celestial forces to deal with the demons. To evade trouble, the protagonists disguise themselves as horse traders and hide in a big cupboard in an inn. Journey to the West (西遊記, Xīyóujì in Mandarin Chinese and Saiyūki in Japanese) is a 16th-century Chinese legend and one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, which Dragon Ball is loosely based upon. Sun Wukong escapes later and brings various divine forces to help him counter the demon but Yellow Brows uses the Human Sack to trap all the reinforcements. As he and Sun Wukong are both spiritual primates (Sun Wukong is the Intelligent Stone Monkey), their powers and abilities are on par. The Roushi (猱獅), Xueshi (雪獅), Suanni ((狻猊)), Baize (白澤), Fuli (伏狸) and Boxiang (摶象) are six lion demons who used to inhabit the Jiuqu Panhuan Cave before the Nine Headed Lion came. The Tuolong (鼉龍; literally "Water Lizard Dragon") is located in Black River (黑水河) in Hengyang Valley (衡陽峪). He uses a plan called the "strategy of separating the plum blossom's petals" (分瓣梅花计) to lure Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing away from Tang Sanzang in three different instances and then captures Tang. Su'e was later reincarnated as a princess of India (天竺). She later moved to the Bottomless Pit (無底洞) at Flaming Air Mountain (焰空山) and renamed herself "Lady Earth Flow". At the monastery, Wukong bragged about his master's cassock to the monks, which surprised the abbot and wanted it. The Tawny Lion Demon (黃獅精) is based in Tiger's Jaws Cave (虎口洞), Leopard's Head Mountain (豹頭山) in the Kingdom of Yuhua. Tang Sanzang is shocked and he scolds Zhu Bajie for killing innocents because the spirits never harmed him, but Sun Wukong explains that it is best to eliminate the spirits now in case they become evil in the future. Nezha shows up, captures Bull Demon King, and brings him to Heaven to let the Jade Emperor decide his fate. The Azure Lion is eventually subdued and taken back by Manjusri. The king then issues an order to capture 1,111 children and imprison them in cages. Apart from that, Manjusri once disguised himself as a monk and visited the king of Wuji, but the king had him tied up and thrown into the river for three days and three nights. Sun Wukong seeks help from various celestial forces, including Li Jing, Nezha, the fire deities and the Eighteen Arhats, but all of them also lose their weapons to the demon's Golden Jade Ring. She ate six monks in the temple and captures Tang Sanzang when Sun Wukong and the others are distracted. They expose the demon's true identity in the king's court. The King of Cold Protection (辟寒大王), King of Heat Protection (辟暑大王) and King of Dust Protection (辟塵大王) are three demons based in Xuanying Cave (玄英洞), Azure Dragon Mountain (青龍山) in Jinping Prefecture (金平府). However, Tang Sanzang forgets his promise when he arrives at his destination, Vulture Peak, where the Buddha is based. She kidnaps the princess of India and impersonates her. The Six Eared Macaque (六耳獼猴) is one of the four spiritual primates that do not belong to any of the ten categories that all beings in the universe are classified under. Sun Wukong then traps the demons in the gourd and frees Tang Sanzang and the others. He is later revealed to be a guise assumed by Kui Mulang (the Wood Wolf of Legs; 奎木狼), a star spirit, and one of the 28 Mansions. The rabbit escapes into the human world to take revenge against Su'e. The demon is later revealed to be actually a brother of the peacock Mahamayuri (the Buddha's godmother), as both of them were born to the Fenghuang. The Jade Rabbit Spirit (玉兔精) is actually the moon rabbit that pounds a mortar and pestle in Guanghan Palace (廣寒宮) on the Moon. He captures Tang Sanzang when the latter passes by the mountain. They are captured by Sun Wukong and his companions and executed. Just as Sun Wukong is about to defeat the Jade Rabbit, the moon goddess, Chang'e, shows up, stops him, assumes custody of the wayward-rabbit, and takes her back to the Moon and to her work. Metal Lord of the West (西方太白金德真君), also known as Taibai Jinxing (太白金星).

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