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Aniston told Elle in 2016 that her typical lunch is "pretty basic," usually "some form of vegetables or salad with protein.". Works: Inner-thighs, core, and mental focus. Step the feet to the hands. Press your feet into the floor, lead with your sternum, and rise up to standing. Shop The Vogue Edit, “Creating that lean, toned look requires a combination of specific and progressive strength (resistance) training and smart nutrition,” explains Worthington. As I was battling a cold, I truly needed a hot, hearty breakfast, and a smoothie just wasn't going to cut it. Since I couldn't stomach the thought of Aniston's smoothie again, I opted for oatmeal with an egg white whipped in at the end — a trick the "Dumplin'" star said she learned from ex-husband Justin Theroux to give the dish a "fluffy texture.". Ingber, who also works closely with Kate Beckinsale and a slew of other stars, has been working with Aniston for 3-4 days a week since 2005. Here’s the exercises you need to get Jennifer Aniston's arms. "Part of why Jennifer looks so awesome is her balance. To check out more of Ingber's DVDs, visit her store or connect with her on Twitter and Facebook. Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe in. But her most recent fitness love is boxing with Azubuike. On Wednesday, I was up early for a SoulCycle class after my cups of coffee and warm lemon water, which helped soothe my throat after a night of mingling and chatting. Jen is also fond of Budokon which is a mix martial arts, yoga and deep breathing which helps channelizing energy and achieve balance. The actress can hold a plank for three minutes! Again, inhale, keep the palms on the floor, or bring your hands up to the knees, raise your chest halfway forward, flatten your spine. She won’t mind tightening up a bit whenever she needs to focus on something specific but she doesn’t believe in starving herself for that. I love working with her! If you are super flexible to the point of hyper-extension, make sure you don't lock your elbow. Complete three sets that are 30 seconds each, plus eight reps and eight mini reps. 1. 2. All Rights Reserved. I'd intended to try a boxing class, which Aniston has recently taken up, but since I was battling a cold (and low energy levels) for much of the week, I decided to stick to more gentle exercises. Aniston says she eats balanced meals with plenty of protein. Do this eight times, then step the feet together. This Is How Jennifer Aniston Embraced her Natural Waves, 18 Times Jennifer Aniston Was The Poster Girl For Low-Key ’90s Style. She also loves doing V-ups and using an ab wheel. If you want to boost your arms, ask to use the jacket as well as the trousers. Still, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the drink kept me satiated until lunch. almost every day. Resting on balls of feet, rotate right arm up towards the ceiling, opening up the chest. Here's what it was like to follow the actress' diet and exercise regimen for a week. This allows him to adjust things based on her schedule.

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