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For the rare occasions that you’ll need more years, such as writing your resume, bookmark this article and the table below. Downloadable applet. There have been 4 eras since 1868, with Heisei being the current one. 2019 - Present ~ Reiwa Era However, conversions for all years since the Meiji Restoration can be found below. Convert a Japanese era date like Showa 14 into a Western year, or convert a Western year like 1964 into a Japanese era year.. See also the FAQ page on Japanese years and the FAQ complete list of Japanese eras. The Gregorian calendar has been used alongside the Japanese nengo since 1873. This means “Western Calendar,” so you could circle that option and write the four-digit year (e.g. The current era, Heisei, is already filled in, since it’s assumed you are entering today’s date. You will probably have to explain it to him or her. Pictured here are two Japanese coins. Nobody is likely to get very picky about this, so you don’t need to worry too much. Country: Japan Denomination: 50 yen Year: 平成10年 ⇆ 1998. For almost all cases, you will only ever need to use Heisei and Showa (昭和), which began in 1926, or any era name that comes into existence in the future. It is, however, acceptable to refer to the Crown Prince (皇太子 koutaishi) by his first name. Each time a different emperor begins to rule, a new counting of the years begins and the period acquires a new name. Choose a year, and click "convert". A conversion chart is provided below. Era names may also be shortened to just the first character above or to an English Letter, such as “H28” for Heisei 28. Examples include City Hall forms, some postal and banking forms, and Japanese-style resumes (rirekisho 履歴書 or shokumukeirekisho 職務経歴書). Although the Western (Gregorian) calendar system ( 西暦 seireki ) has been widely adopted since it was introduced to Japan in 1873, a separate and distinct calendar system is also in parallel use, one which is based on the reign of Japanese emperors. I have a business card-sized template you can complete and print by signing up for my free mailing list. Note: You may see 西暦 as a fifth “era name” option. Therefore, January 1-7 1989 would be the year Showa 64. These caused significant confusion. Sign up below to receive email notifications whenever we have new resources about expat living in Japan. For example, 2005 is Heisei 17, and can be written in Japanese as 平成17年 or 平成十七年 (17 is 十七, juu-shichi, or 10 and 7). Meiji Taisho Showa Heisei Western Year=Japanese Year+1867 Western Year=Japanese Year+1911 Western Year=Japanese Year+1925 Western Year=Japanese Each Emperor has a given name, but it is considered rude to refer to them by that name. You’ll also get a weekly update whenever I have new content and guides available. A variation of this example is most common for birth dates or other days that might not have been within the last 28 years. Chances are good that you won’t ever need to refer to more than a handful of years: Your birth year, your spouse and children’s birth years, your marriage year, and the current year. In 2016, the current emperor stated that he wished to abdicate within the next few years, which would bring an end to the Heisei era. The 100 yen coin is inscribed 昭和63年 (Showa 63), which is 1988. Currently in Japan, both the Gregorian calendar years (e.g., 2004) and Japanese nengo are used. Use this Date Converter to Translate Japanese to English Dates. I recommend writing each of these in an Evernote note or on a business card-sized piece of paper and keeping them with you for quick reference. I’ve created a tool to build and print your own conversion chart. The current era, Heisei (平成) began the current emperor took the throne on his father’s death in 1989. In this case, you will decide which era to use based on the month and day. The Japanese year is written with the name of the reigning Emperor followed by the year of his reign and the kanji character for "year" (nen). There are 2 different calendars used in Japan. If you have documents written in other systems, such as Buddhist, Coptic Christian, or Islamic calendar years that you need to submit in Japan, you will have to convert those and/or include a note explaining the discrepancy in years. For example, Crown Prince Naruhito is the heir apparent of the current emperor and we can call him by that name. The 500 yen coin does not mix Japanese kanji with Western numerals: 平成十五年 (Heisei juu-go, or Heisei 15), which is 2003. 2020 is year 2 of the Reiwa (令和) era, from 1 May 2019. For example, 2005 is Heisei 17, and can be written in Japanese as 平成17年 or 平成十七年 (17 is 十七, juu-shichi, or 10 and 7). Only Japanese calendar and Gregorian (sometimes called AD or CE) calendar years are … January 8 – December 31, 1989 is the year Heisei 1, called Heisei gannen (平成元年) in Japanese. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Don’t worry, it isn’t going to be this difficult. Also note that the Japanese calendar years increment by one every January 1st (the same as the Gregorian calendar), not on the anniversary of the Emperor's reign. 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