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Later, when Gutt is holding Peaches hostage, Shira is seen struggling to get up, implying that Gutt had physically punished Shira for her betrayal. Santa Claus is a magical human that brings children presents on Christmas. Buck and Rudy made a brief cameo in the following film Ice Age: Continental Drift. Soto's Pack is a group of saber-toothed cats in Ice Age. After the revelation of the flood was proved to be true, Stu took the test snorkel and used it to swim underwater. She did not believe that Sid was truly dead, and sullenly told Diego to "eat him". A running gag for Manny, shown in four of the five films, is that if a certain character were to refer to him as fat, he would often deny it, saying that "his fur is what makes him look big" and that "it's poofy". It is unknown what happened to them afterwards. When the rest of the herd caught up, Prancer accidentally caused an avalanche which ended up destroying Santa Claus' workshop and the toys that he built. Next, he appears when Sid's "children" are batting a ball around, the ball actually being Scrat. Her friends, Katie and Meghan, are always in agreement with her. He is last seen running away after he and Lenny see Soto killed by Manny, leaving him and Lenny's fates unknown. The molehog's name is a portmanteau of mole and hedgehog), who is always dutifully by her side and eager to help, even if it is to help her get closer to pretty boy Ethan. Some appear to be military marching., Due to living underground for so long, he has an extensive knowledge of the dangers of the dinosaur world. At the end of the movie, the baby is reunited with his tribe. However, they are separated later and Sid is attacked by Rudy. Diego had him inform Soto that there will be a mammoth traveling with the baby as well. He was sent by his pack to retrieve the human baby called Roshan; When he found Roshan in Manny and Sid's care, he pretended to lead them to the humans, but instead planned to lead them into an ambush by the pack. Lenny met up with Diego along with the other members of the pack at Half Peak where Zeke reminisced the joys of mammoth flesh much to Lenny's displeasure (saying his only lines in the film, "Hey, knock it off. Prancer is a flying reindeer character in the special. Later, once a number of seaborne mammals accidentally broke down Gutt's vessel, the rats abandoned ship, escaping into the waters below, with at least one pushed out forcefully by Scrat, another mammal taken hostage by Gutt. He asks to hang around with him and Peaches, to which Louis accepts. She brings Sid to Lava Falls and the two compete to see who can care for her babies better. A CNN report by Jeanne Moos of Ivy's discovery was aired in 2000, two years before Ice Age went into development. Immediately afterwards, they try to throw him into lava, believing that they can avert the flood by sacrificing him. Zeke accompanied Oscar to tell Diego to hurry up and bring back Roshan or not to come back. Not yet rated. Ashley is a minor beaver character in the second film. It was released on November 26, 2002 on the Ice Age DVD and VHS. Gavin is a tough-as-nails and misguided dromaeosaur who is part of an extended family of "flying birds". When a herd of mammoths came by (as mammoths were presumed all but extinct), they thought that Ellie would go with them and leave Manny, so they went with her. Gone Nutty (also known as Scrat's Missing Adventure) is a 2002 American computer-animated short film directed by Carlos Saldanha for Blue Sky Studios. Bitter at Diego's failure the pack leader Soto orders Diego to retrieve Roshan and bring him to Half Peak where the others will be waiting. As one attempted to edge back to the water, Scrat stomped on its side, forcing it to release an acorn that is held. He makes his first appearance in the second part of Scrat's Continental Crack-up. Roger is a Harpactognathus who was used by Buck, along with Crash and Eddie, to go to the Lava Falls to rescue Sid from Rudy. He is about to kill Ellie when Peaches knocks him onto the back of the ice. Enter the world of Ice Age! She and Manny escaped and regrouped with the others, but faced another problem, for the waters were still rising. Later, when the dam broke, the two reptiles went swimming on the wall of water that was slowly approaching towards the escaping masses and pulled down Manny when he was swimming to save Ellie. Despite knowing that Sid isn't their real father, they still loved and care for him to a point of protecting him from their angry mother. The same gazelle later appeared running by Diego to escape the Tyrannosaurus. Gone Nutty (also known as Scrat's Missing Adventure) is a 2002 American computer-animated short film directed by Carlos Saldanha for Blue Sky Studios.The short features the character Scrat from Ice Age, who is yet again having troubles with collecting his beloved acorns.It was released on November 26, 2002 on the Ice Age DVD and VHS.. Fast Tony was last seen at the end of Ice Age: The Meltdown using Stu's shell as a raft. At the end of the film, he becomes the proud father of a baby daughter named Peaches. Sid's right front tooth was slightly bigger than the left, similar to his right eye, which was also somewhat bigger than the left, both eyes of which were pale green. They are shown to be adventurous and fun-loving, courtesy of the fact that they're both very stupid. Precious then helped the group to Switchback Cove and Granny bids her pet a fond good-bye. Gutt chases Diego up a tree on the herd's ship, and knocks the sabertooth down with the rest of herd. After Manny embarrasses her in front of Ethan, her crush, and the other mammoths by grounding her, she and her father get into a fight, and as a result, when he, Diego, and Sid get separated from them on an iceberg, she feels not only helpless to stop it but also guilty. In the melee, the baby Roshan was taken by his mother from a saber-toothed tiger named Diego, and the hunters successfully warded off the saber-teeth. He teams up with Raz in firing the cannons, loading them with chunks of ice for Raz to fire with her powerful kangaroo legs, and leaps down onto the heroes's ship with her to corner Manny. Silas informs Captain Gutt of Manny and his herd's presence, claiming that their raft was a huge bounty ripe for the taking. Scrat generally loses, except when he defeats a school of piranhas and successfully "battles" Sid. The Condor Mom is a female Condor who is among the parents that entrusted Sid to watch over her eggs. It is shown in the film she had an allegedly imaginary pet named Precious, which showed up at the end and turned out to be real: a giant whale who defeats Gutt's crew (minus Squint) by blasting them away. He was seemingly killed when the pack's leader, Soto, threw him against a rock but survived and joined Manny and Sid on their travels. Wedge called it "sort of a squirrel based on some lemur. Cretaceous is shown in the beginning frozen in a great block of ice that was jarred loose when the wall of ice began crumbling. When Scrat digs out the acorn, he finds it has been charred and thus crumbled into ash. 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Their mom is Mother Opossum, who first saved Ellie when Crash and Eddie were very small. Gupta is a Bengali badger who's fur pattern on his back resembles a skull and crossbones, allowing the crew to use him as their pirate flag. When Sid commented on the beaver mom's pregnancy, the beaver mom angrily tells Sid that she is not pregnant and snapped a stick to hit Sid with it. and "I told you to knock it off!"). He lands in a cave river and grabs a piece of ice to float on the water; he notices fins sticking out of the water, and is shortly after eaten offscreen by a siren posing as a female Gigantopithecus. [citation needed]) Rudy first appears when he attacks Sid and chases him onto a rock floating over Lava Falls, and later attacks Sid and company full force as they are about to exit the jungle. His friendly demeanor quickly vanishes when Manny refuses; he throws the mammoth and his friends overboard, and furiously vows revenge when they destroy his ship and bounty during their escape. Ethan is a teenage woolly mammoth who takes a liking to Peaches, Manny and Ellie's teenage daughter, and becomes her love interest later. When Manny had saved Ellie from drowning, they helped Ellie back onto solid ground, but almost drowned when the flood was encroaching. Rudy is a gigantic albino Baryonyx in the third film who is feared by all the creatures in the valley except Buck and Momma. As soon as the wave was gone, Sid tried to thank the giant crab for saving his life, but was horrified to see only its leg remaining, with leg then being blown away by the wind. The two appeared at the beginning of the film when Sid the ground sloth was shown stepping on their salad and eating an important part of it, the dandelion. Sid took them away from their mother, but she came searching for them and took Sid away with them, then she later became friends with Sid at the end of the movie. Scrat, stuck in the snow, is only able to free his arms before the acorn impacts right between his eyes with the force of a rifle bullet. The Lone Gunslinger was last shown flying over the "boat" full of escaping animals and making provocative remarks. They referred to Sid as an overgrown weasel. However, she is cornered over a waterfall. After the events of Ice Age: Collision Course, Scrat came back to Earth and he's searching for the Crystal Nuts. The plan worked, freeing Ellie and killing Cretaceous and Maelstrom. Because of their newfound love, she follows Diego to the ship, but on seeing that Gutt is catching up to them, secretly puts ice in his way. Prepare to deal with fierce wolves, insidious insects, giant prehistoric bosses, and – most perilous of all – Scrat’s never-ending bad luck. The following is a list of the characters in the Ice Age films, mentioned by a name either presented in the films or in any other official material. Despite being pregnant, she bravely went on the journey, and at one point had to save her mate and friends when they were trapped in the chasm of death.

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