homeopathic remedies for upper respiratory infection in cats

They actually seemed to even like it. That is seriously cool about curing the spleen cancer. This is not another cheap, online site that promises a $10 website and then sells you never-ending upgrades to keep your account. This condition is often picked up when cats are in shelters so many rescue kitties get it and can be susceptible to re-occurrences throughout their lives. I am glad you like this idea. In kittens or weak cats this can be deadly. These dogs should be examined by a veterinarian immediately. The pus-like discharge would indicate a bacterial infection. I am only recommending this if your cat has already been to the vet and it is confirmed that nothing else is going on. Force feeding your cat could cause her to develop a food aversion, since she would associate force feeding with illness. I have never tried that but thank goodness we live where there are not fleas! With FHV-1, fever can reach as high as 105 degrees F (40.5 degrees C). That is a neat trick to wipe the vinegar on his fur! Now, she takes Lasix, theophylline, Pneumotropin PMG, tumeric, garlic, vit E, fish oil, and and another med to boost her immunty (mammary tumors). Cleaning your pet's paws after a walk can significantly reduce their chemical load. He wrote strongly about vaccinations and their deleterious effects. If you have multiple cats, watch them for signs of URI. Read my post to find the answer.Click the link right above. Some of the other common symptoms may include a discharge from the nose or eyes, sniffling, a fever (often evident by a lack of appetite), a hoarse meow (or no voice at all) and ulcers in the mouth or on the nose. Apple cider vinegar may help treat the infection since it is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral as well as anti-fungal. I make sure my cats get fresh water every day as bacteria can build up in the bowl. Instead of needing teeth cleaning and extraction every year, our orange tabby has been able to go many years now between dental visits. And they can ingest enough of it that way? If I have too much garlic, I feel very sick. I have a rescue cat for a little over a year now. This is a great piece of work here Jessica! You could increase this to the recommended dose when your cat is sick. please join me in this great community online. Well that’s very good. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Puppies and kittens are delicate and there is not time to try different remedies to figure out a solution. Force feeding has been suggested to get a cat eating again, but it may not be a good idea—your cat may end up biting you. If your cat is severely ill, she will need to be hospitalized and receive more intensive treatments (e.g., intravenous fluids, extra oxygen). It was the emergency Vet line Monday night that suggested it was a reaction to the onion and garlic powder, that is why I knew to google it. Thanks so much for this information. He can't even meow anymore. I hope it works well for your cat. Second hand smoke is harmful to pets as well as people. We always need to take our cats to the vet. Oscar did react to the garlic, but it was an allergic reaction, not anemia; most pets do not experience anaphylactic shock/closing of airways when they ingest garlic. It makes me cry to even think about it. It is great to know now that this condition can be treated with a product like Apple Cider Vinegar, and how easy it is to find and use. These bouts can be brought on by other illness or simply stress caused in the cat’s environment which weakens the immune system. as to Dr. Goldstein's book, he used natural meds made in the US and Chinese traditional herbs. I was on the net immediately trying to figure out what was going on. Jessica. When they lick it up, they will ingest some and it can go to work helping your kitty’s immunity. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. If you put something in the water then you might not want to dump it out every day and give them fresh water either. The symptoms of an upper respiratory infection may include runny nose, watering eyes, goop (yellow, green or brown) coming from the eyes, squinting eyes (this is the first sign we usually see), sneezing, coughing, wheezing, fatigue and red, hot ears. Sure enough, it works! My boy Felix is forever grooming and cleaning himself so I will take your advice and rub it through his coat with a paper towel. MOST are OK when they ingest garlic. It is great when we can find a product that really works but it safe, affordable and easily accessible. Both human head colds and feline URIs can be caused by a number of different things (various bacteria or viruses) and the symptoms and severity vary. A good 3-6-9 oil like hemp seed oil and also coconut oil over the food. Homeopathic care for the prevention of upper respiratory tract infections in children: A pragmatic, randomised, controlled trial comparing individualised homeopathic care and waiting-list controls. How clever to rub it on their fur so they lick it. In severe cases, blood transfusions may be needed. Normal-typical-standard reaction to too much garlic is anemia. Thank you for the comment for Oscar. So this was the action I took. If you want to create your own website for business or pleasure, please join me in this great community online! It has worked for all of my cats except a few times with a bad case when they still needed a prescription from the vet. Can I add something else, do something else to have more of a longer impact and a longer goal? She has had Chest xrays, U/S of major organs, EKGs, lab tests of all sorts-including heart worm and all negative for cancer or infection. I know after years that one of my cats gets seriously sick when he gets an infection and another barely gets the sniffles. Follow the prescription instructions exactly to kill all of the bacteria and prevent antibiotic resistance. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. It is vitally important to make sure cats drink enough water. Thanks to this site I know now and I want to tell every cat owner on the planet about it especially the ones desperate to help their kitties but dont have money for very expensive vet care.I always prefer the natural option if possible and this is awesome information. Your vet can recommend which nasal medications would work best for your cat. Apple cider vinegar is a simple solution for many problems that affect the lungs of pets. Better than compromising their relationship with drinking water. There are many types of good bacteria in the mother and these are actually what we now call probiotics. These small clumps, called Heinz bodies can be seen in the red blood cells when the blood is viewed under a microscope, especially when the cells are stained with a special stain called New Methylene Blue. She only gets better for a short time. The response to the food was immediate. Yes, they get enough from the diluted vinegar/water being dabbed on their fur. Common causes are the feline herpesvirus Type 1 which is also called feline viral rhinotracheitis and feline calicivirus. Thank you for sharing this recipe, and the tips. Here is more information about Gumz-n-Teeth for dogs and cats. By accessing or using this website, you agree to abide by the Medical Disclaimer, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy. I only wanted to put this out there because my little Westie - Oscar has COPD. Approximately 80 to 90% of feline URIs are caused by FHV-1 or FCV. Only one of my two wolf dogs gets sick from it but I kind of think it is a taste preference for him. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. I nearly killed my little guy on Monday by giving him a very small handful of chopped up cooked chicken in his food. It is something we check every time we go for a checkup. It can be used for lung issues that are caused by infections, allergies, or any type of inflammation. Jessica. If not, go to the vet. Severe upper respiratory infections in cats should always be looked at by a vet but mild cases may be treated at home. They boost the immune system. The damage to the red blood cells caused by onions and garlic generally doesn't become apparent until three to five days after a dog eats these vegetables. If you do not feel comfortable taking your cat’s temperature, your vet will do so. Apple cider vinegar also has properties that help with our immunity and also works well for heart burn., never would have believed it til I found out myself. Theresa from Minneapolis was born and raised in the inner city, always wishing she had been raised on a farm. Theresa's interest in pet health started with a bird keeping hobby at age 14, where she learned from another hobbyist that the simple addition of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in a bird's drinking water kept fungal infections away; she was able to share this with her avian vet who in turn prescribed it to her own clients; Theresa was surprised to learn that she could teach her vet a thing or two.

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