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Chelsea Handler used her privilege to make a documentary about that privilege in which she acknowledges that she’s completely aware of the potential irony of that fact. Of course Handler is given the opportunity to give reasons for her invasion in a place that’s dominated by young thinkers, who are not that interested in what she has to say. The film flounders when Handler visits a spoken-word night to see college kids talk about microaggressions, but the film … I write a piece about my thoughts on the stuff as well and posted the link to it on my personal Facebook account. Because it’s a white person’s problem.”. It feels very much like how a rich White Netflix star might grapple with awakening to the realities of her own privilege and complicity in the racist systems that are at the very core of Whiteness in our country. Wise explains why White people prefer to downplay the societal bias that consistently works in their favor. To be fair, that’s right there in the title so, I expected it to be a documentary about her journey. Re-reading it, I can see how I was very likely projecting or at least drawing parallels between where Chelsea appears to be and my own experiences. Yes, that’s absolutely not good enough, things aren’t happening fast enough, and it’s completely unfair. Why Oscar Host Has Become the Least-Wanted Job in Hollywood, “Catch-22” Mini-Series Fails to Capture Novel’s Magic, A Modern-Day Cultural Artifact: “Game of Thrones’” Battle of Winterfell, Hollywood Studios Say They’re Quitting Netflix, But the Truth Is More Complicated, How ‘Dare Me’ Both Did and Didn’t Queerbait. ( Log Out /  But, I totally agree that she centers herself and there’s a lot of this documentary that’s about her. In fact, I said it was a nice sophomore attempt. It was entertaining and even had a few laugh out loud moments. It's Me, Chelsea is a 2008 best-selling book by Chelsea Handler that was released on April 22, 2008, by Simon Spotlight Entertainment, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. I still don’t think the documentary was valueless. Hello, Privilege. There was even a moment, though it was glossed over, where Chelsea reached a woman she was speaking with. Hence the title is appropriate.

I could’ve just stopped there and been very satisfied, but I followed the camera capturing Chelsea Handler trying to absorb the cold shower that had been levied on her attempts at a bonding session with a crowd of unapologetic truth-tellers. I got so much blowback from my white ass black friends or made me second guess myself. But the scathing review that cut the deepest came from a young woman of color who was visibly bothered by Handler’s presence, and conveniently timed mission statement that’s coerced by the self-interest of a White woman who is ironically exacting her privilege in ways that center her narrative. “…the white privileged savior of all people of color who spent too much time in the past making fun of people of color.” You may have just described every White person at the beginning stages of their “racial awakening”. I had seen bits and pieces of things, but I never found her to be enjoyable. I do believe that the continual drip, drip, drip of information yields gains one person at a time. Now we are supposed to believe she has woken up with a documentary based on her narcissistic self. The documentary, which is a Netflix original, sees Handler travels around the country to talk to people from a range of different backgrounds about the topic of race and white privilege, including college students at an open mic night and a Republican women’s group. It would explain some things. Much like Dave Chappelle (who’s recent special I watched and reviewed as well), I never got into either of their shows nor did I get beyond the trailers for their previous specials. It was very subtle, but something she said made it through the force field of reflexive denial and the interviewee became open to a perspective she hadn’t previously considered. So, I watched Chelsea Handler’s latest documentary and I suppose my view is that you should probably watch it yourself before casting judgement. It seems small and insignificant in the film, but I’ve seen firsthand that’s how it starts. Learn how your comment data is processed. I feel we are manipulated to believe she has suddenly experienced an enlightening awakening (damage control perhaps?) Maybe my review wasn’t harsh enough or specific enough. “Part of me thinks it’s time to move on and knock it off and quit talking about it.”. However, even if the piece is valueless for most people, do you think it does harm? The beginning of the 60-minute documentary starts off with impressive shots of the exterior and interior of Handler’s Los Angeles compound. In the end, if you’re a White person that doesn’t yet recognize White privilege, I don’t think there’s much, if anything, in this film that will change that viewpoint. Netflix needs to invest in Black media personalities who are more than capable of doing what a White celebrity can’t furnish when it comes to dissecting the deadliness of Whiteness in Trump’s America. When there is an inner conflict, gaps and double standards, some members of the audience will get something there is missing at a gut feeling level and that’s what’s been on the opinion sector of these websites. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. However, the best parts of it were when she got out of the way and let others speak. Thank you for the comment. It was only a matter of time before we would be faced with the task of watching a privileged White woman sleekly document her journey of repentance as she poses hardcore questions to her tribe, while dutifully listening to the Black people, who have to once again provide the answers only they can give. The lack of respect for boundaries and self-centered style was evident and bothersome for sure. She acknowledges her own, even though it sometimes seems as if she does so performatively.
It will be interesting to see how this is received by mainstream Whites. So, in the end, it looks like it’s a failure as a serious conversation starter and whether or not its a failure as a career-booster for Chelsea remains to be seen. Thanks again. Hello, Privilege. When it is just a performance piece and not sincere, some will pick up on that instinctively even if they don’t know the precise reason. ‎Hello, Privilege.

I don’t know how I missed this comment!

So, I watched Chelsea Handler’s latest documentary and I suppose my view is that you should probably watch it yourself before casting judgement. We need to talk to people who are white and stop asking black people to solve our problems.

I actually replied to your piece: https://theghettoactivist.com/2019/09/19/thoughts-on-netflixs-hello-privilege-its-me-chelsea/. This is probably the explainer of why the film about White privilege, that’s supposed to elevate and capitalize on the hysteria around Trump’s presidency is basically the bittersweet treat that suits the palette of clueless White folks who can bask in the glow of the temperate depiction of their orneriness.

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