hard part haircut with beard

Without the razor cut, the mid fade styled into a pompadour would still be outstanding but rather generic.

The type and level of fade entirely depend on you. Interested?

25 Hard Part Haircuts for Men to Get A Robust Look, Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles in 2020. The implementation of the shaved part amplifies the layers, making it differentiable from a long distance. Hard part styles work at any variety of different cuts such as pompadour, High Fade, Undercut, Buzz Cut, Quiff and much more cuts. To enhance its texture. This right here is modernity at its finest. Most notable is the simple cut that runs straight through the fade and short crop to make them easily distinguishable. As seen, the low fade underneath the hard part helps direct the attention to the neat spiky top that almost resembles a short pompadour. Amazing how a few simple variations could transform a haircut into a sensation of class and elegance. A pompadour styling for the crown hair will amazingly combine with the lined design and the faded trims. When you want an out of the ordinary hairdo, a hard part side will undoubtedly gather all the attention.

Try this style once and find out how irresistible it can be, especially because of its flexibility and ease of maintenance.

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The long hairs are tied in a knot while the rest can be trimmed to the bottom or slightly to create a contrast. Or a few suggestions? Thanks to the wide variety of styles you can wear with this cut, you would be spoilt for choice with this haircut. Whatever the case, you need to ensure that your barber doesn’t cut too far. The long layers on the hairstyle above add texture to the messy, pointed tone. The hard part style consists of a mid-skin fade that gives a perfect contrast as well as a curvy sideline with a deep razor cut. This look is easy to style and very versatile. Unlike most mohawk cuts, the additional razor cut not only helps show off the dimensional highlights but also encourages sophistication. This hairstyle is perfect because it complements the hard part due to the creativity employed in it. Required fields are marked *. As observed above, the skin fade is achieved by cutting the hair shorter as it moves towards the neck. The hard part is usually on one side of the head to create a classic look. To achieve a more attractive and appealing look in this hard parted hair category, you need to dye your hair for great results. Understanding your preference, shape, and getting the right barber contributes a lot to your final appearance. This hard part haircut is made deeper to create a clear distinction between the faded part of the head as well as the wavy part.

Our first hard part hairstyle is also one of the all-time most popular, …

In the 1950s this haircut did it all. This is one creative way to get men’s hard part haircut because it enhances the features of the face, it’s both classic and versatile. The big crop, though not widely adopted like other styles, can completely change your outward appearance. A reincarnation of the Mohawk, the hawk, also known as the faux hawk, is toned down a bit and maintains a nice undercut or fade, instead of the usual shaved head. This gives your facial features an unbelievable amount of definition, so its popularity with all … The curved razor part on the side complements the medium fade, making this style worth your while. A razored line on one side will separate the longer top from the trimmed area.

Before anything, always make sure you have the right haircut in mind; Changing from a hard part could be cumbersome and time-consuming since hair growth is required. As stated severally, your creativity and barber’s skill set are the only things that can help you exploit the hard part. The most outstanding thing with this is the double side part that runs longer than the rest. The gothic look displayed above resembles any other skin fade hard part but has two haircut lines to increase contrast and specialty. Got some questions? With short, curly, wavy or dyed hair, the part detail could create a spectacular style that inhibits glamour and uniqueness. This style is perfect for people who prefer a shorter haircut line and some extra detail. Often paired with an undercut fade on the sides and the back, the textured crop works well when worn with a blunt or short fringe.

Tough parts are traditionally worn around both sides and may work with a wide variety of hairstyles. You may feel free to leave a comment or two down under and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Before you start stressing your barber to get you this exact look, first understand there is no specific procedure or specially defined cut known as the design part. That provides definition and contrast to get the edgy look.

The hair on the sides can be faded into your neck to give you an elevated, energetic pompadour.

On busier days, you can skip the styling part and run some shine spray to give your hair a casual but presentable tousled look. This is one of the few styles that display the magnificence of the electrical clippers. Before thinking of trying this cut, you must envision how the two hard lines could make you look. The only difference between this and the other spiky styles is the nature of the hard part. Modest to some and extra to others, this style demands a lot of precision, detail, and contrast-orientation. Remember, the success of any pomp depends on the quality of the styling products. Draw a razored thick line that separates the two areas. Thanks to the extra volume of hair on top, the part is accommodated perfectly. Regardless of the type of hair you have, a sharp razor cut can be included, add more life into the hair contrast. If you have a long beard it would even compliment the look more. As opposed to cutting the hairs on the side to the scalp, they are trimmed to medium length and the hard part is around the ears with two lines on the same side faded hair. All that matters here is creativity. With a razor, style two thick lines that will gloriously delimit the long top crown hair. I writes many of the articles here at The new men's hair style. The shape of the head and length of hair should be highly considered. A hard part haircut can make any hair type look stunning. Style a razored like that will part the faded razored area from the one with long locks. Thinking objectively, you now have 26 new ways to rock your hard part. With the outer edges, you can achieve a fresh youthful look whilst boasting the hard part.

The hard part is on one side while the sides of the hair fade in unison. In this style, the braid is typically made on the crown of the head, Viking braid style while the hard part is formed around the braid. More than this, if you want to get a unique hairstyle, the hard part can become your canvas! Your barber must be game for this, lest you want to go bald at the end. If you need to capture the attention of many, then we would highly recommend this killer style. You can adopt a look stat is smart and works for any casual or stylish outfits or a rebel hairdo that will suit you like a glove.

There is nothing as good as having a wide range of styles to choose from.

With long, freshly washed hair and the right barber, you can achieve this look, or even a dapper one. You are at liberty to style your hard part skin fade to suit your needs. The design part, on the other hand, is out of this world. Style up your beard, wear your hawk and let the design part do the rest.

The sides fade out evenly from the point of the cut, magnifying the points of deviation and intensity of hair volume.

You can have your extra part start in the middle, run on both sides, or even have dotted sections. The buzz cut is by far one of the simplest and most elegant styles on our list. Whilst the top is usually spiked, there are a whole lot of variations that can be used as well.

With medium hair, you can accomplish this easily.

This gives your facial features an unbelievable amount of definition, so its popularity with all those who game sharp face contours. Even so, the stylish and extra nature it gives limits it for the young men.

The pompadour hairstyle was famous in 1950 with celebrities like Elvis Presley adorning the look.

By shaving the line in your scalp, the contrast creates a unique layout that looks great with the majority of fades. The long hair is combed over to one side and this helps to minimize the stubble look. This style is very popular with international footballers and rock musicians. This is just a taste of how diverse the hard part can be used.

Unlike the normal messy spiky cut, this variation reinforced by a clear hard part creates a tidy look with a sense of class. Hard parts fabulously enhance any designs and rich Pompadour hairdos for the top crown hair. This hairstyle brings out the best of anyone who wears it and finishes off with a young outlook. Don’t be amazed when your little one will ask for a hard part cut with a line razored design and lifted top hair. With a low fade, you can bring out a reserved yet classic nature. Your email address will not be published. © 2019 Thenewmensstyle. Other variations of this style include the low fade ponytail, comb over, fade perm, and bob fade, all of which can accommodate the shaved cut. For quick casual occasions, we highly recommend this hairdo.

Side Swept for Thin Hair. The Fauxhawk, unlike the Mohawk, creates a cool and more laid-back appearance.

Get the pomp plus hard part and add a twist to your conventional pompadour look. I love to create new hair styles.

The sides can be trimmed to be smooth with fades or designs. You can also use some blonde highlights to make it more spectacular.

Also, beards complete every look and can make you feel stylish, manly, or even glamorous; it’s your choice! Like different layers of a complex illusion, this pomp has exceeded most of its counterparts; the razor cut being a major contributor to this.

The style is made unique by the fact that the sideburns stop at the beard line to give it a clean finish.

Most importantly, pompadours demand proper maintenance. Designed into a crew cut, butch cut, ivy league or flattop, this variation is best suited for people with short hair. With this style, the hair on top of the head is cut short while the hard part is at the back near the neck. You can choose the hard part also to obtain a badass military look that will look straightforward but rough.

Hard part haircuts make any men look sassy and cool, and they can be combined with many other hairstyles like fading parts, mohawks, or quiffs.

This simple design can make real miracles for your hairdo. Fast forward to the 20 century this haircut still has … In more than one way, it stands out from the other hard part styles, mainly because of its short, shaved part, disconnected nature, and clipped size at the hairline. That is why we’ve got a comments section on this blog! But that’s not the spectacular thing about it. The simple technique tapers the hair down on the sides and can be styled into a mid, low or high fade.

If you want to add more characters and create an edgy look, then the hard part might be just what you’re missing. A popular hard part hairstyle especially with the African-American men because it enhances their best features including the beard. For the most part, including a beard that merges with the undercut fade creates a magical synergy. The top hair can either be curly or afro depending on your style and preference. Also Read: Top 30 Stylish Asian Beard For Men | Cool Asian Beard Of 2019. Below are Top 30 best hard part haircuts for men to inspire your next look. The hair is trimmed to the scalp with the sides left brief and the parting clearly visible when using the challenging part hairstyle. If you are into classic looks, adding the raw parting will give you the extra attention you want.

Use some gel to style your crown hair slightly upwards. This hard part hairstyle is one of the most contemporary hard parts for men. The sides of the hair can be faded or trimmed to the scalp. Using a trimmer or razor, the hard part is created and runs symmetrically from the scalp to the back of the head.

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