government spending pie chart

Health Care 1,340.2 b 1,377.1 b 1,435.8 b 1,446.9 b 1,452.7 b 1,554.1 b Christopher Chantrill. Population Update for 2018On June 8, 2020 we updated UK population data to as follows:UK Population thr... UK Public Revenue Outturn -- March 2020 Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis reports. EDUCATION stats. Other Borrowing 147.4 b 211.1 b 162.2 b 174.1 b 207.2 b 141.0 b Everyone’s pie chart will be a little different. Check STATE spending: CA GDP, GO: GDP, GO SourcesFederal: Fed. Government Spending in Australia increased to 99676 AUD Million in the second quarter of 2020 from 96125 AUD Million in the first quarter of 2020. Then press Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C and paste the text into your spreadsheet.

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