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The friendliest people in the UK. your vodka. I think Charlotte calls Gary’s penis a PARSNIP cause he has a short fat uncurcumcised cock! They always talk about how amazing a kebob is, but it seems to be very different from what a kebob is here in the US (marinated meat and veggie chunks on a skewer, usually grilled on the BBQ -also AMAZING!!). Sorry for being rude but can someone answer my question please? ALL-NEW Geordie Shore: How to watch series 18 online! Nello slang britannico "Geordie" indica le persone originarie di … kaiko, i think i figured out the “phone sign” on the nose. Type it into Google, and it’s defined as “Rubbish, nonsense”. lol. Here we can put “vamos” at the end of a phrase, or just say “vamos” if we want to mean “are you lying to me?”. I keep hearing people say it does narki mean annoyed? Geordie shore e stato studiato da psicologi professionisti ,per far accadere quelle cose che succedono..Vicky nn è lì per caso.Guardate Bene. Non-Geordie translation: to throw and bounce an object off something. Michael 84 - Copyright © 2020. Proper…. Charlotte – Sunderland Use it in a sentence: “Just leave her be, she’s in a fettle.”. It depends on how strong your Geordie accent is. What does gannin mean? I think it’s in season 4,, when hollys getting ready for her first ever date I think Nd her Nd Vicky are talking Nd Vicky’s trying to give her advice on what to talk abt. She is proper lush like A "reality" tv show based in Newcastle, England, Uk A terrible rip-off of Jersy Shore. However, writing about the ridiculous antics of the Made in Chelsea crew is by far his most enjoyable job yet. BTW, I’m from New Jersey, so I can appreciate/relate to both of these MTV shows!! Bosh is not a Geordie word, it’s doesn’t really have a meaning at all, it’s basically the equivalent of making a noise at the end of a sentence. (usually means hello/how are you), Bairn – child, kid. When people are asking what a word or expression means that they have heard on Geordie shore they are assuming it is geordie. Hi Jordan, Emmawalsh, your not a Geordie because you wasn’t born in Newcastle, so your not a Geordie. What better way to describe a soft, subtle and romantic kiss than to ‘tash on’. Worldie is covered in the comments above . Like Gaz says that he won’t be sleeping with Charlotte again and then does it, (noot!!). Geordie Shore è un reality show britannico prodotto da MTV ed è il seguito del reality statunitense Jersey Shore. I was sitting at the bar with my ex the other night and we were drinking new castle, and as we read some of the facts on the backs of the bottles, we came across one that had said “I’m gannin to town to see a man about a dog”. I love this show!! Statement used if someone else is being too overly inquisitive. So, I thought I would make a dictionary/translator type of post, so if you watch Geordie Shore you will know what they are saying, or if you are just interested in the Geordie accent and dialect. Drunk. Box off is not Geordie, afaik it just means go away like bore off; It depends what context it’s in. Search Google, and you’ll find a million answers, so it doesn’t really mean anything Bish bash bosh means quickly or in quick succession, which is not what you’re defining bosh as , Also, definitely NOT a typical Geordie word, and this is a Geordie dictionary , Its not banker, its probably wanker and it means like a douchebag or a prick My American mates can’t understand most of what I say (and I’m Southern) as we use so much slang here in the UK but add to the ridic amount of slang an accent as thick as a Geordie accent and any yank who can understand it deserves a medal! No mate, I am out with my girlfriend, If you want some more examples or want to know how to say something let me know I am sure that others will be able to tell you too . for those who don’t understand most of the words that are said in the show. Meant to ask what it means when they do the ‘phone’ sign with their hand and then put their thumb on their nose. I think they use it as a sign to say liar. Scotty T – Newcastle It’s not Geordie, it’s a typical English phrase. Me thinks someone is telling fibs. Hello, are you out tonight? Nello slang britannico "Geordie" indica le persone originarie di Tyneside, zona del Nord Est dell'Inghilterra. Rebecca – Newcastle Where’s me scran? knowing for drinking everyone under the table and their amazing accent. We are going down the town. They often say it when talking about ricci just really want to know what it means! One Piece Power - Tutta la Potenza di One Piece! They don't deny a good baked pastry treat. The kebabs which are on skewers are shish kebabs, where it’s a skewer/stick with chunks of kebab meat and vegetables. Nathan, Sam and Adam clearly had a ‘mint’ time coasteering, too. Anyways… LOVE this show! Us/Izz – me e.g. Belland means dick basically. Nothing to do with Geordie words , When James put the girl in the taxi in the morning the housemates kept saying ‘James has pulled a worldie’…what exactly does this mean? You’d say “Are you breaking up with iz” rather than “us”. WATCH GEORDIE SHORE SEASON 18 ON MTV AT 10 PM EVERY TUESDAY. You’re missing a couple (and this may just be English slang): It can be used to mean done, finished. Im from Nova Scotia canada and i love the show. “in the bank”/home banker/dead cert/certainty etc. and that’s not its equivalent of making noise at the end of a sentence … I think you will find Bosh is the equivalent of saying ‘get it’. It pisses us off. I am glad you like it MTV canada also airs the show, absolutely in love with the show, understand every single word, wheres my medal? Michael Adams is the founder and editor of Michael 84, blogger and T-shirt designer from Newcastle, UK. Effective. i’m from the netherlands, i LOVE this show it’s so hilarious @micheal thnx for this Geordie Dictionary. Maybe the first german fan here? Also devoted football fans and mass lovers of greggs. hhmmm .. just a thought …#BOSH!! You can go down the bank/Stay around the Quayside and there are bars such as Chase, Quilted Camel, Offshore etc. Statement that can be used to diffuse any situation, Use it in a sentence: “Yer gannin’ proper radgie, man. Use it in a sentence: “I’m gannin the toon the neet ta git mortal!”, A version of this article was originally published here. Also devoted football fans and mass lovers of greggs. As a lingo curiosity, we often use the word “mortal” in spanish here in argentina to emphasize something that is either bad or good! Any input would b great. I am really tired. It’s not really Geordie, but it’s used in Newcastle quite a bit. I assure you they are not. Scotty always says ‘Let’s get acka’ or something along the lines of that, what does acka mean? A couple times when getting interviewed Scotty T will say something that sounds like “Kay man” I think it might be something good cause he says it before they are about going out. for being a little radgy!” Geordie Shore, in onda su Mtv, è l’adattamento britannico di un famoso reality statunitense, Jersey Shore. Gaz – Prudhoe (Northumberland) I’m not sure on this one but does narki mean annoyed? Im a Geordie and if a lad thinks your pure class it usually means he thinks your wicked, fun, or he just really likes you! Alreet, are yee oot the neet? Bosh does not really mean anything, just a random word they say at the end of a sentance.

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