formula ford specs

Front  Double wishbones with pullrod and shuttle operated single spring/damper unit located on floor. Non-handed fixed length elliptical section tubular steel upper wishbones with pressed-in spherical joints. These tyres have proven to be of great quality with nationwide availability. Toe adjustment on tie rod turnbuckles. The FFA Administrator will advise you where to send your camshaft. Toe adjustment on tie rods. Non-handed lower wishbone comprises adjustable length trailing arm, fixed length diagonal link and adjustable length tie rod, all links being elliptical section tubular steel with pressed-in spherical joints at one end. Gun-drilled, heat treated 4340 steel driveshafts, low section CV-joints. Removable cover for access to front spring/damper and master cylinders; removable covers for access to anti roll Belleville spring packs. Camber adjustment by shims witout affecting toe adjustment. Suspension   Rear Double wishbones with Pullrod and rocker operated spring/damper units located along lower edge of bellhousing. Droop limit adjustment on damper. Chassis Fully triangulated TIG-welded 4130-N tubular steel space frame with stressed floor pan and firewall bulk-head. All running gear components are non-handed. Double row angular contact front wheel ball bearings, twin thin section, large diameter deep groove rear wheel ball bearings with CV joint imbedded in aluminium alloy hub. Ride height adjustment on pullrods. 12V, new battery Gearbox. From its inception, Formula Ford has focused on creating a level playing field for competitors through regulation of technical aspects of the cars as well as cost containment to make Formula Ford racing available to as many as possible. The FFA Administrator will advise you where to send your camshaft. Roll stiffness adjusted by Belleville spring packs. Technical regulations are monitored by the FFA and modified as required to ensure the spirit of Formul… Fuel Safe cell new in 99 Facet (pulse type) electric pump runs premium unleaded with lead additive Oil/Water System. Semi stressed engine installation with sump casing and bellhousing joined by CNC machined aluminium alloy fitting, engine located on sides and top by tubular steel “spiders”. Når du benytter websitet giver du tilladelse til anvendelse af cookies. Ford 711M 1600cc CrossFlow by Minister Racing U.K. single downdraft Webers Fuel System. Non-handed fixed length elliptical section tubular wishbones with pressed-in spherical joints. Duratec-powered cars in Australia must use the following controlled parts for competition: These parts can be purchased directly from the Formula Ford Association Inc. using this form.

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