drive your own car at pocono raceway

Team Building Kart Racing The stock car driving programs begin with a detailed orientation on the operation of the race cars, safety equipment and track rules. We recommend booking at least 4 weeks in advance. Unlike other motion devices, the GS-5 can produce strong sustained motion feedback and can respond to all up/down, side-to-side, and forward/backward G-forces that occur in the simulation. Complete information for your Experience Provider, including contact information, will be included on your booking confirmation email once you or your gift recipient have scheduled the experience. This site requires Javascript to function correctly. While there is no set max speed, how fast you go usually depends on you, your car, and your driving abilities. Most of the cars used are high dollar, high-end sports and touring cars that have owners who just want a fun, safe place to open them up. The track will have a special seating area available for guests to safely watch the action. Top notch operation for a top notch customer! Phone: 1-570-643-6921

Drive as fast as you can behind the pacecar, keep your drive lines and go faster each time. The perfect addition for any driving package! Participants must be between 5'0" and 6'4", and weigh between 100 and 300 lbs. Not only do we curate the best experiences for you, we also guarantee that you'll pay the same price through Cloud 9 Living as you would buying directly from our experience providers. I have been a race fan my whole life but I will never watch a race the same way again! If you cannot attend on your reserved date you may send a substitution at no additional charge. We'll teach you what you need to know and let you out for some fast laps around the track! | Employee Login Advanced programs lead directly to an SCCA or similar racing license.If you are looking to improve your everyday driving schools – try our 2-Day Precision Highway Driving School. This 2.5-mile superspeedway hosts 2 NASCAR races annually and recently became part of the IndyCar Triple Crown. Wear comfortable, climate-appropriate clothing and close-toed shoes. This unique combination provides a thrilling opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Stock Car on an enormous 2.5 mile Super Speedway. If you would like to do a Stock Car Drive program with us in the morning and drive your own car in the afternoon, as a special incentive we are offering over a 10% discount off the 10-Mile & 20 Mile Drive price when purchased together. You must register in person, no matter what the weather looks like at your present location or at Pocono Raceway. We do.

Failure to report to the track in person will result in a no-show, thereby forfeiting your opportunity to participate in the experience. ** CANCELLED

StockCar Racing Experience

Please visit Stock Car Racing Experience on FACEBOOK. All participant gear will be inspected by the track operator for formal approval on the day of the experience. Pocono RacewayDon't miss the opportunity to race on one of the elite superspeedways in the country! We will make every effort to run your experience. 105 Wt Family Blvd, No. And our vouchers never expire! Pocono Raceway sells GT-100 if you would like to purchase fuel at the track please arrive one hour early. Any damage to the Pocono Raceway facility will be the responsibility of the individual causing this damage during the course of this event. Bachelor Party Team ProKart Racing Race with your friends at 50 MPH only 1 inch off the ground. I was a great experience.

“How do I drive my own car on Pocono Raceway’s track?” If you’re one of the many that has driven our race cars and has pondered this question, our Bring Your Own Car Experience will have you exploring the limits of your own car. We recommend that spectators bring blankets/lawnchairs, as seating in this area is sometimes limited. experiences by tagging us @cloud9living. © 2019 Great American Days. With No Speed Limits, Driver Coaching and 2 x 15-Minute Sessions on the 2.5 mile Superspeedway at Pocono Raceway. Some additional notes in slide caption. Your Driver’s Meeting will begin at 2:30 pm where all the rules of the program are outlined and explained.

** CANCELLED ** Our Stage V full motion simulator includes SimXperience exclusive SimVibe physics based tactile feedback technology in addition to 3DOF motion. The opportunity to get the feel of the car on the track definitely helped me on my own drive. We need a dry racetrack; we cannot run in the rain or with a wet race track. The staff at the stock car experience was extremely knowledgeable. StockCar Racing Experience’s Bring Your Own Car Experience will have you exploring the limits of your own car! If they were allowed to sit in the main grandstands or had some type of viewing platform in the infield (perhaps atop the pits), then they could watch the cars go all the way around the track. Learning to drive fast is a real art. After a safety briefing and on track instruction, you will be ready for two 15-Minute sessions on track. You will need a high-quality SA rated Auto Racing helmet, preferably full face, SA 2010 designation, or newer. Refunds are not provided for no-shows or weather-related cancellations.

From professionals to club racers, the Stage 5 provides a wide variety of training capabilities including laser mapped tracks and advanced analytical tools. Yet another game-changing piece of simulation tech has arrived! We’ll teach you what you need to know including a safety briefing, tour of the track, and racecar orientation before finally suiting you up. Participants must be in good health, and be able to enter and exit the car unassisted through a window opening 15" high, 30" wide, sitting 36" off the ground, with little or no assistance. SimXperience AccuForce Steering systems set new a standard of realism in racing simulation, providing a true feel of the vehicle while maintaining an industry leading price/performance ratio, response and durability.

You get sized up for your suit and helmet and that's when the fun begins .

Had a great time! © Cloud 9 Living, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I would like to particularly note that all of your instructors gave me a level of confidence which was helpful when Redeem a Gift, SCHEDULE You must have completed a 10 Mile or longer Stock Car Drive Experience with Stock Car Racing Experience at Pocono Raceway within 3 years and be at least 25 years old with a valid driver’s license.

CLICK HERE to visit the SRE website or call 877-786-2522. You will be required to hand in your completed tech form at registration on the day of the event. Two 15 minute sessions on track with coaching from your Instructor between. Yes! An instructor will lead 2 students following at 4 car lengths. Electric and Hybrid motor vehicles are not eligible(ie: Tesla).. Only certain SUV’s or Trucks will qualify- GMC Cyclone, Porsche Cayenne or Ford Lightning etc . 1 participant per car with up to 20 per session. Bring Your Own Car Experience My driving experience was wonderful! It was a great experience.

The Stage 1 offers the same pulse pounding 250 motion updates per second found in our higher end motion systems but in a modular and affordable manner. ProKart Racing at Pocono Raceway (From USD 103.53) 3 Lap Stock Car Ride Along at Pocono Raceway (From USD 142.57) 80 Mile Stock Car Drive Experience at Pocono Raceway (From USD 2,178.40) 6 Lap Stock Car Ride Along at Pocono Raceway (From USD 278.00) 40 Mile Stock Car Drive Experience at Pocono Raceway (From USD 1,088.66) Now as u get in the car u get last minute instructions to start the car and follow your instructor. Take a break for lunch and later in the afternoon, Get Your Car On The 2.5 Mile Super Speedway. All available dates have for this season have passed or sold out. If you have not yet participated in one of our Drive Experiences you can combine our 10-Mile or 20-Mile Drive Experience with our Bring Your Own Car Experience on the same date. Any type of gasoline engine sports car or high performance touring car can be used, as long as it has H Speed Rated or higher tires. Easily bolt on upgrade modules are available such as a front end and rear traction loss module. Minimum 10-Mile Stock Car Driving Experience, Enter to Win A 20-Mile Driving Experience & Receive Our Promotional Discounts By Email, Stock Car Racing Experience

Some companies might recognize this as Driver Training; most companies will not cover anything that takes place on a racetrack. Drivers only need experience driving a standard shift, sneakers and a pair of gloves! It's recommended that spectators bring blankets and lawn chairs, as seating in this area is sometimes limited. We ask that you limit your speed to 70 MPH until the Green Flag is thrown.

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