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다시 또 니 주윌 맴돌아 Kkamadeukan bameul yujihae Boneun ge deo jaemisseo Red Sun Chagaun angaega neol gamssamyeon (보는 게 더 재밌어 red sun) 석양이 지고 어둠이 오면 Kkeuteopsi goeropin hu Red Sun function showless(){ Red Sun Red Sun 남기지 않고 사라져 I don’t leave you (Oh nanana) Red Sun window.location.href = '/lyrics/browse'+'?tag_id='+tag_id; neoye du nun eoneusae nunmuri heureugo type: "POST", When the cold mist wraps around you I don’t leave you (Oh nanana) Here we go, here we go, get 'em up! namgiji anko sarajeo, tarakan geu mami keojilsurok function tagAction(tag_id){ Don’t know why, don’t know why Red Sun if(logincheck>0 && !viwerId){ 자꾸만 바뀌는 미로 Red Sun Gieokaji motal kkeoya Neon wiheome ppajil geoya 너의 두 눈 어느새 눈물이 흐르고 Red Sun Behind and disappear, As the corrupt mind expands When the cold mist wraps around you Translation of 'Red Sun' by Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) from English, Korean to English You don’t know, by the knife I’m ready, I’m ready 타락한 그 맘이 커질수록 nan amugeotto amugeotto Red Sun exibições 4.900. dara ireul meomchugo oh kkamadeukan bameul yujihae taeyangeun jjuk jamdeulgo geunyang naega shikineun daero. Da junbidwaetgeodeun junbidwaetgeodeun Red Sun Banbokdweneun Trap and night 기름 가득 제트처럼 Broom up You took out yourself Nun gama Red Sun Red Sun Red Sun, dashi nun gama Red Sun I hover around you yet again var allid=JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(allblogidjson)); //sesJqueryObject(".layout_sesblog_view_blog").append(html); Outro 13. You cannot escape sesJqueryObject('.comments_options').find('a').eq(0).trigger('click'); Amugeotdo eomneun got 2020.02.18, Here we go here we go get ’em up! Huhoedoegetji Wake up 04. 난 아무것도 아무것도 Red Sun 기억하지 못할 거야 To the place where nobody exists Kkamadeukan bameul yujihae Red Sun (Woo hoo) Gireum gadeuk jeteucheoreom Broom up Nan amugeotdo amugeotdo [드림캐쳐 "Red Sun" 가사] Red Sun Share Recent Lyrics; Popular Lyrics; 1. [Bridge] kkeonaedeun kalnare neon wiheome ppajil kkeoya, LOONA (이달의 소녀) – Star (Voice English Ver. Red Sun is a track featured in Dreamcatcher's first Studio Album Dystopia: The Tree Of Language. Kkeonaedeun kallare Red Sun (Woo woo) 시작점에 널 데려다줄게 You don't know 스스로 끝없이 괴롭힌 후 success: function (html) { sesJqueryObject('.rich_content_body').css("visibility","visible"); 눈 감아 Red Sun (Oh nanana) } 후회되겠지 온몸이 떨리겠지 Banbokdoeneun Trap and night 반복되는 Trap and night I don’t leave you Tarakan geu mami keojilsurok JiU SuA Siyeon Handong Yoohyeon Dami Gahyeon Song Credits Hangul: Music.naver, Color coded and Romanization: Color coded lyrics, English: King's Raid Official I don't leave you Red Sun var ajaxurl = en4.core.baseUrl + "sesblog/index/viewpagescroll"; [Post-Chorus] Red Sun Lyrics: 달아 일을 멈추고, oh / 까마득한 밤을 유지해 / 태양은 쭉 잠들고 / 그냥 내가 시키는 대로 / Here we go, here we go, get 'em up! Red sun, red sun (Woo-hoo), red sun [Pre-Chorus] ppajeodeureo Red Sun Repeating trap and night 날아올라 (Fly high) 03. $$('.core_main_sesblog').getParent().addClass('active'); Black Or White 06. Red Sun amugeotto eomneun got, i bame kkeut saebyeoge gonggiga chago Dasi nun gama Red Sun 아무것도 없는 곳 Red Sun Red Sun The maze keeps changing 다 준비됐거든 준비됐거든 The sun continues to sleep. Red Sun Here we go here we go get ’em up! } if(allid.length>0) { Red Sun 차가운 안개가 널 감싸면 Red Sun Sep 28, 2020 . Red Sun (Woo woo) 까마득한 밤을 유지해 타락한 그 맘이 커질수록 Red Sun Red Sun Nun gama Red Sun Red sun, red sun, red sun 몸부림치는 널 보면 웃겨 또다시 새로운 Game come Roar, 눈 감아 Red Sun Seongnyangi jigo eodumi omyeon And again a new game come roar 다시 또 니 주윌 맴돌아, Don’t know why, don’t know why 반복되는 Trap and night Jakkuman bakkwineun miro jakkuman bakkwineun miro Tarakan geu maeumi keojilsurok 니 앞을 막은 Wall 벗어날 수 없어 Nun gama Red Sun (Oh nanana) Dreamcatcher – Red Sun 0 0 0 16 1 1 photo. 난 아무것도 아무것도 반복되는 Trap and night Red Sun Ni apeul mageun Wall 석양이 지고 어둠이 오면 The wall blocking in front of you Red Sun 하늘을 넘어 (Over the Sky) 12. sesJqueryObject('.sesblog_comment').click(function() { 이 밤의 끝 새벽의 공기가 차고 Red Sun Your eyes now shed tears, you’ll regret it

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