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Looking for some great streaming picks? In late 2016, Daniel returns to Weatherfield after Ken suffers a major stroke and is hospitalised. She promised Ken she would ask Daniel if he wanted to meet him. Douglas Murray is an actor who portrays Curtis Baxter in Home Alone: The Holiday Heist. "Street life - 50 years of Coronation Street",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 August 2020, at 07:51. KCOPDT4 (123), Oakhurst Entertainment Secures Funding For Development Slate, Rampling, Stewart, DiCaprio (tie): Boston Society of Film Critics 2015 Winners, 'Home Alone: The Holiday Heist': It takes two to fill Macaulay Culkin's shoes, Celebrity Names with the Letter D: Part 3, Critics' Choice Awards 2016: Best Original Screenplay, 2016 Independent Spirit Awards: Best Feature, Highest Rated Films by IMDb Poll Board Contributors, My Uncle Navy and Other Inherited Disorders. Carmel Finnan, played by Catherine Cusack, was a student nurse classmate of Martin Platt's (Sean Wilson), whom she became obsessed with and tried to ruin his marriage with his then wife Gail (Helen Worth). They had an argument at the top of the stairs, which ended with Carmel falling down the stairs and breaking her leg. Later, Denise invited Ken to move in with her and Daniel but Daniel began to resent Ken's presence so Denise took him to Weatherfield to make amends with Deirdre, but this ended with Deirdre slapping Denise. In September 1992, Carmel moved to Weatherfield and became friends with Martin. Doug Murray is an actor and producer, known for Spotlight (2015), Man of the Year (2006) and Anon (2018). Blue's Clues & You! In January 1996, Denise tried to end it and asked Ken if he still wanted to marry her and he agreed. Denise Osbourne (also Mitchell) was introduced as a new local hairdresser and was played by Denise Black. Bet and her friend get revenge on Harry by inviting him to Reg Holdsworth's (Ken Morley) engagement party and make him buy the drinks all night. Doug Murray is an actor and producer, known for, Sun, Oct 25 You have already completed the quiz before. After Ken threatened legal action, Denise lost her temper and went to visit her sister Alison in Macclesfield. He was played by actor Brian Hibbard. However, Gail and Martin learned there was another side to Carmel and they began to lose her trust; Carmel told Gail that her best mate Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor) didn't like her and she started treating the children as if she was their own mother. Get Squirrely (2015 Movie) Male Hobby Shop Employee . 2 became apparent. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Over the next few months, Denise and Jon became closer until in April 1995, he made a pass at her but she turned him down so he left. Harry was also a member of the local council. Doug Murray 202 A working actor since his days in law school, Doug Murray began his legal career as a trial lawyer in Toronto. Fiona Middleton, played by Angela Griffin, made her first appearance on 14 December 1992. When Derek Wilton (Peter Baldwin) is employed as the new deputy caretaker at Weatherfield Comprehensive, Harry starts giving him a hard time as he wanted his nephew to get the job. Even when she went into labour, she refused to let Ken know but later changed her mind and Ken was there as she gave birth to their son, Daniel (Lewis Harney/Dominic Holmes/Rob Mallard), and was very supportive. He is a lawyer with Taylor Klein Oballa LLP, practicing in the areas of film, television, new media and music law. After returning to Britain from the Middle East after his classic car restoration business failed and he had got into debt, Doug sought employment at MVB motors. Jeff is the father of Lisa Duckworth (Caroline Milmoe) and grandfather of Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain). Credits On BTVA: 6 Roles from 4 Titles. ALL; SHOWS (2) MOVIES (2) Filters: ALL CREDITED ROLES. 2 and refused to let Bill Webster (Peter Armitage) rent it in December. They later married but had separated by late 1992 so Denise came to Coronation Street to try and build a new life. NICJR (031), Mon, Oct 26 Harry tells Alf that he has his support. Gail was afraid that she'd hurt Carmel's unborn baby, but when examined at the hospital, the Platts discovered that Carmel had lied about being pregnant. Doug Murray is an actor, known for How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), Family Biz (2009) and Man of the Year (2006). In his will, Jeff leaves Tommy £12,000 which he is conned out of by his father Terry (Nigel Pivaro). Neil was happy to stay friends until he discovered he had a love rival in Hanif Ruparell, despite the fact that he was dating Angie Freeman. As he went for a stroll, Ken found Denise running a new hairdressers' in the heart of the city. Lisa and Des fall in love and intended to move away together, but in February 1993, Lisa is knocked down by a car outside The Rovers Return whilst attempting to retrieve change after dropping her purse. In July 1995, Ken bought No. Gail was shocked while Martin was furious. 1 and he, Denise and Daniel moved in — but she kept the flat above No. Her reasons for keeping No. Denise decided to keep the baby but had a miscarriage. He traded the Jaguar in for a Mercedes at a dealership, and later fled to Germany in the Mercedes. She suffers serious injuries and dies in hospital soon after. Ted Sullivan was played by William Russell. In the meantime, Don Brennan (Geoffrey Hinsliff) fell for Denise when she comforted him about his leg being amputated. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. Sufficiently revived, he told Denise that he would have to reduce his contributions to Daniel's trust fund but Ken was unable to bring himself to ask Denise if he could re-establish contact with their son. Richard Willmore is a director from brewery Newton and Ridley, played by Oliver Beamish. Ken found out about the affair and threw Denise out. This made John realise that Carmel was make believing again, and he told the Platts of her mental history and that he would take her home to Ireland to get the care she needed. He stole a Jaguar car belonging to his boss Mike Baldwin (Johnny Briggs) and drove away. Ted courts Rita, and they begin dating. Doug Murray Voices. Denise and Hanif's affair was initially just for pleasure but eventually Denise fell in love with her friend. Jeff Horton, played by Dicken Ashworth, made his first screen appearance on 18 May 1992. Meanwhile, Ken had troubles of his own as his stepdaughter, Tracy (Dawn Acton/Kate Ford), was in hospital after a drug overdose but he still wanted access to Daniel. Ken suggested they get married but Denise decided to remain independent and ended their relationship, telling Ken she didn't want him at the birth. Lisa struggles as a single mother. Fiona dates Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), and has an affair with Steve's father Jim (Charles Lawson), which was revealed on Fiona's wedding day to Alan McKenna. When he wants to join the Social Services Committee, he asks Alf Roberts (Bryan Mosley) for his support. He dies on a park bench on 9 September 1992 watching Percy Sugden (Bill Waddington) play bowls, but his friends do not initially realise he is dead; they believe he is just sleeping. (2019 TV Show) Mailbox. Preparing for the worst, Ken went in to speak to Denise and she invited him to her flat for a cup of tea. A few months later, Harry is found guilty of embezzlement and sent to prison for nine months. But Terry only intends to use the wedding as a plot to escape, and he flees the church after the ceremony leaving Lisa shocked and still holding her bouquet. However, she returned on Christmas Day and told everyone she had missed the boat to Ireland, but she only returned so she can see Martin and resumed her campaign to get Martin to confess to Gail that "he's in love with her.". I love America, I love New York, but I will never give up who I am. Lisa Duckworth (née Horton) was played by Caroline Milmoe. Doug Murray - real name Dave Matthews - was a mechanic. However, the doctors told Denise she was carrying twins and the survivor was healthy. Early in 1994, Denise started dating Ken Barlow (William Roache) and both were surprised when she got pregnant.

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