die hard 2 villain actor

Thomas Gabriel is a crazed former DOD (Department of Defense) agent turned traitor and cyber terrorist, and the main antagonist of Live Free or Die Hard. This is a list of antagonists in the Die Hard series. His daughter Irina is there to meet him, as arranged, but she is revealed to be working for Chagarin for money. Aboard Holly's flight, a suspicious Thornburg is monitoring airport radio traffic and learns about the situation from a secret transmission to the circling planes from Barnes. He is portrayed by Jai Courtney. Colm Meaney appears as the pilot of the Windsor Airlines flight crashed through Stuart's machinations. Former U.S. Special Forces Colonel William Stuart and other former members of his unit establish a base in a church near Dulles. Franco is in charge of watching the hostages. Once again, the day is saved when McClane takes out Stuart and his mercy by blowing up his plane with his zippo lighter. John McClane confronts Hans Gruber and his surviving henchman Eddie in the end and, although Gruber seems to have the upper hand, he is shot in the shoulder and falls out a window, still clinging to Holly. She appeared in Die Hard 4.0. | Simon then orders John and his new partner shopkeeper Zeus Carver to reach a nearby telephone booth or else he will blow up another downtown building. Eddie ends up being one of the only remaining terrorists when Gruber holds Holly hostage, but is shot in the head by John. Sgt. Uli is the only Asian terrorist among the team. They demand a Boeing 747 cargo plane so they can escape to another country with Esperanza in tow, and warn the airport controllers not to try to restore control. McClane later notifies Bowman of the failure of their attempt to reach Homeland Security and the two men watch Gabriel start to terrorize the country before being cut-off. John and Holly reconcile and get back together. The second explosion was part of a scheme by Simon to create a pathway to break into the New York Federal Reserve Bank and steal gold bullion worth millions to billions of dollars. During Sergeant Al Powell's inspection of the Nakatomi Plaza, Eddie disguises himself as a guard and convinces Powell nothing is wrong. Marvin. McClane saves his wife and Gruber falls to his death. Tony is Karl's brother, who disables the phone lines. A shootout with McClane ensues, and despite losing Fritz and Franco, he manages to retrieve the detonators and escape. Stuart retaliates by recalibrating the instrument landing system and then impersonating air traffic controllers to crash a British jetliner, killing everyone on board. Bowman later identifies Gabriel for McClane after being sent a picture of him and explains Gabriel's history before losing contact. Robert Costanzo appears as Sgt. She is portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Since you have landed on our site then most probably you are looking for the solution of Portrayer of Hans Gruber the villain in Die Hard 2 wds crossword clue.

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