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Then far-striking Apollo sent them a following wind, and they raised the mast and spread the white sail.

There she found Zeus, he of the far-thundering voice, sitting apart on the highest peak of ridged Olympus.

One of our counsellors can go as captain, Ajax, Idomeneus, noble Odysseus or you, son of Peleus, you the most redoubtable of men, and make sacrifice and appease far-striking Apollo.’, Then, with an angry look, swift-footed Achilles replied: Why, you shameless schemer, why should any Achaean leap to obey your orders to march or wage war?

lt:Chrisas Restrain yourself, now, and obey.’, Then swift-footed Achilles, in answer, said: ‘Goddess, a man must attend to your word, no matter how great his heart’s anger: that is right. Once before, when I rushed to save you, he seized me by the foot and hurled me from heaven’s threshold; all day headlong I plunged, and fell, with the sun, half-dead, to Lemnos’ shore. In Greek mythology, Chryses (English: /'krai si:z/; Greek: Χρύσης - Khrúsēs) was a priest of Apollo at Chryse, near the city of Troy. The white-armed goddess, Hera, smiled at this, and took the cup from her son, still smiling. Let the great-hearted Achaeans find a prize, one that’s to my taste, so the exchange is equal. So they came to the broad camp of the Achaeans, dragged the black vessel high on shore, and propped her with lengths of timber, then dispersed among the huts and ships. Then they cast out the anchor stones, made fast the hawsers, and leapt on shore. You too should do the same, for that is wise. So ready a prize at once, for me, I’ll not be the only one with empty hands: that would be wrong: you see for yourselves, my prize now goes elsewhere.’, Then swift-footed Lord Achilles spoke in answer: ‘Great son of Atreus, covetous as ever, how can the brave Achaeans grant a prize? Then Chryses, the priest of far-striking Apollo, came to the swift ships of the bronze-clad Greeks to free his daughter with a rich ransom, bearing far-striking Apollo’s ribbons on a golden staff, and begged her freedom of the Achaeans, chiefly the Atreidae, leaders of armies.

Bright-eyed Achaeans in a fast ship are bearing the girl to Chryse with offerings for the god; while heralds have taken from my hut another girl, Briseis, my prize from the army, and led her away. © Copyright 2000-2020 A. S. Kline, All Rights Reserved. Sing of it from the moment when Agamemnon, Atreus’ son, that king of men, parted in wrath from noble Achilles.

Often I heard you, in my father’s halls, claim proudly that you alone of the immortals saved Zeus, son of Cronos, lord of the storm, from a vile fate when those other Olympians, Hera, Poseidon, and Pallas Athene, planned to bind him fast. He is angry and tells of how he bears a huge burden in fighting and is not rewarded fairly -. It was Odysseus, that man of resource, who led her to the altar, and handed her to her dear father, saying: ‘Chryses, our leader Agamemnon commanded me to return your daughter, and make holy sacrifice to Phoebus for all the Greeks, and propitiate your lord Apollo, who has brought the Argives pain and mourning.’ With this, he handed her to her father who joyfully clasped her in his arms. Homer’s address to the Muse begins the idea that the Iliad is a poem inspired by the gods, an epic undertaking that will retrace a myth already well known to Homer’s ancient Greek audience. And here’s another thing for you to think on: I’ll not raise a hand to fight for the girl, with you or any other, since you only take back what you gave. The arrows rattled at his shoulder as the god descended like the night, in anger. What did Apollo do after Agamemnon would not let Chryseis go? You are both younger than I, so listen, for I have fought beside warriors, better men than you, who ever showed me respect. Since your life is doomed to be brief, filling so short a span, if only it were your fate to stay by the ships, free of pain and sorrow; but you, more wretched than other men, must meet an early death; such is the painful destiny for which I brought you into this world. If things are as you think, then is it not because I wish them so?

Because his daughter Chryseis had been taken as plunder by Agamemnon in an earlier raid and he wanted to get her freedom by offering a ransom, No, he refused to let Chryseis go and threatened to kill Chryses. Then Chryses raised his arms and prayed on their behalf: ‘Hear me, God of the Silver Bow, protector of Chryse and holy Cilla, lord of Tenedos. Just as once before when I prayed to you, you honoured me and struck the Achaeans a fierce blow, so grant my new plea, and avert this dreadful scourge from the Danaans.’ So he prayed, and Apollo listened.

His mind raves destructively, indeed, and he fails to look behind him or foresee what might save his Achaeans in the coming fight beside the ships.’, At this, Patroclus obeyed his order, and leading fair-faced Briseis from the hut, handed her to the heralds, who returned beside the line of Achaean ships, with the unwilling girl. Seized by fear and awe of the king, they stood silently; but he in his heart knew their unspoken request, and said: ‘Welcome, heralds, you ambassadors of Zeus and men, approach me. nl:Chryses ;Cambridge: Hackett, 2007. The maidens Chryseis and Briseis … ‘Oh, my son,’ Thetis sadly replied, ‘is it for this I bore you, unlucky in my labour? After he killed Thoas, Chryses went to Mycenae with the statue of Diana still in perfect shape.[2]. What joy in a good banquet if animosity prevails? "People, Places & Things: Chryses". She supports the Greeks and hates the Trojans. Yet they listened to my words, and followed my advice. Apollodorus, Hyginus, R. Scott Smith, and Stephen M. Trzaskoma. No horse or cow of mine have they stolen, nor have my crops been ravaged in deep-soiled Phthia, nurturer of men, since the shadowy mountains and the echoing sea lie between us. She has been captured by the Greek general Agamemnon. For all my pain, there’s no way I could help you, the Olympian is a tough antagonist to face. You’d rather steal the prize from any Achaean in this great army who contradicts you. He blamed it on Agamemnon's treatment of Chryses and told them in order for it to stop Chryseis had to be given back to her father and no ransom could be taken by the Greeks from Chryses. How Priam and his sons would rejoice, and the hearts of the Trojan throng be gladdened, if they could hear this tale of strife between you two, the greatest of Danaans in war and judgement. He goes back to his ship and refuses to fight with the Achaens (greeks) because of the great dishonor. When the thighs were burnt and they had tasted the inner meat, they carved the rest in small pieces, skewered and roasted them through, then drew them from the spits. Silently, he walked the shore of the echoing sea; and when he was quite alone, the old man prayed deeply to Lord Apollo, the son of bright-haired Leto: ‘Hear me, Silver Bow, protector of Chryse and holy Cilla, high lord of Tenedos: if ever I built a shrine that pleased you, if ever I burned the fat thighs of a bull or goat for you, grant my wish: Smintheus, with your arrows make the Greeks pay for my tears.’. yes but he demands that he be given a prize to compensate him for his loss by the other Greek warriors. At last a seer with knowledge uttered the archer god’s true oracle. In Greek mythology, Chryseis (/ k r aɪ ˈ s iː ɪ s /, Ancient Greek: Χρυσηΐς, romanized: Khrysēís, pronounced [kʰrysɛːís]) is a Trojan woman, the daughter of Chryses.Chryseis, her apparent name in the Iliad, means simply "Chryses' daughter"; later writers give her real name as Astynome (Ἀστυνόμη). Do you think, since you demand I return her, that I’ll sit here without a prize while you keep yours? Apollodorus' Library and Hyginus' Fabulae: two handbooks of Greek mythology. Consider then, if you can keep me safe.’, Swift-footed Achilles spoke in reply: ‘Courage, and say out what truth you know, for by god-beloved Apollo to whom you pray, whose utterances you grant to the Danaans, none shall lay hand on you beside the hollow ships, no Danaan while I live and see the earth, not even if it’s Agamemnon you mean, who counts himself the best of the Achaeans.’, Then the peerless seer took heart, and spoke to them, saying: ‘Not for a broken vow, or a missed sacrifice, does he blame us, but because of that priest whom Agamemnon offended, refusing the ransom, refusing to free his daughter. Although the Achaeans cry out their approval for Chryses' request, Agamemnon refuses to … Next, the offering of cattle for far-striking Apollo was disembarked, and Chryses’ daughter landed from the sea-going boat. Come, end this quarrel, and sheathe your sword. They found Achilles seated by his black ship, by his hut, and it gave him no pleasure to see them.

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