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They too want to get rid of the Safe Third Country agreement. He previously supported the project, but backed down in May. The Bloc wants Ottawa to respect Quebec’s authority on all environmental issues, notably its opposition of pipelines. It promises to designate the entire border an official port of entry, fence off problem areas and send back those crossing illegally. September 18: Conservative platform on deficits updated. Read the policies and promises of the six main parties on this election's pressing issues. They are seeking judicial review of First Nation child welfare compensation. There are nine days of early voting prior to Election Day. It wants fewer refugees, too, and would rely instead on private sponsors. “More competition is the right plan for Canada,” says a page from his Conservative leadership campaign. The party wants to implement a national school nutrition program. Even before the election began, there was growing interest in reducing plastic, which can end up in landfill, in our waterways and, infamously, in shipping containers sent to Malaysia and the Philippines. The Conservatives’ decision to boost the Registered Education Savings Plan, however, is more likely to appeal to parents who use that program as a way to save for their children’s education over a ten-to-15 year period. However, Leader Jagmeet Singh wants to crack down more on heavy emitters. It wants more long-term care beds in neighbourhood facilities but encourages creative home-sharing plans to allow seniors to stay home “as long as possible.” Over time, it proposes boosting the CPP’s target income replacement rate from 25 to 50 per cent of income made. It wants to cancel the temporary foreign worker program and implement a guaranteed livable income. The party has stressed the need to tackle applicant backlogs and prioritize family reunification. They will concentrate their efforts on blasting the Liberal government’s carbon tax. Originally from Cape Breton, May moved to BC in 2010. Conservatives have promised to repeal the Liberal tax reforms and make the tax system easier to navigate. To confirm official dates or for more information, please contact the authorities responsible for elections in the respective jurisdictions. He has said he would do "nothing" to address climate change and leave it to the private sector to find solutions. They also promise to cut corporate taxes in half for businesses making zero emission products or technologies. But they’ve rolled out more gun policy mid-campaign, promising to ban semi-automatic assault-style rifles and buy back any that were legally purchased. He still won’t say whether he supports it, telling reporters the future of energy does not include fracking or fossil fuels. The Bloc wants larger transfer payments to provinces and territories to help pay for education and finance more university research. Greens also propose developing a national seniors strategy, which includes a national dementia strategy. Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh at Daily Hive. It wants anyone 65 and older automatically enrolled in the guaranteed income supplement — and to have the supplement itself increased. What factors lead to First Nations boil water advisories? In wake of the devastating Lac-Mégantic train derailment, the party wants a public inquiry to look at rail transport regulations and opposes any additional oil being moved around Quebec. As an MP, he represents the riding of Papineau, Quebec. He plans to revive a public transit tax credit axed by Liberals in 2017. The party wants to create a body to oversee claims and negotiations. Canada is waiting for U.S. lawmakers to approve the three-way trade agreement before ratifying the pact here. So if an MP in a particular riding wins a seat in the House of Commons, that counts towards how much power the party will hold once the House of Commons reconvenes. Leader Maxime Bernier has said he would be willing to use the Constitution to “impose a pipeline in [his] own province of Quebec” — a move many Quebec politicians reject. But Canadians have heard it all before. Expect the Conservatives to argue that people in resource sectors ⁠— especially in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador ⁠— are suffering due to Liberal neglect of the resource economy. U.S. House breaks with no new NAFTA tabled for ratification. They’ve promised more money for First Nations education and would implement all recommendations from the MMIWG inquiry, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. New Democrats are in favour of continuing with a carbon tax and the rebate program. Any party seeking to lead Canada needs to deal with the relationship — because getting it wrong can bring their best-laid plans screeching to a halt.

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