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His beats have made hit songs for artists like Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Charli XCX. Cashmere Cat is one of the most sought-out pop producers in the world.

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Cashmere Cat is known for collaborating with famous friends such as Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Tory Lanez, The Weeknd and, most notably, Kanye West on “Wolves.”. Bon Iver & Kanye West)', What We Talk About When We Talk About 'TLOP', Charli XCX And The Year's Most Fabulous Pop Record.

Space to … Toshamakia's Daily Dose - if you feel like you are running in place. But when I make songs now the environment I picture isn't a club or a concert, but a young girl or boy listening in their room and just being alone. And a few weeks later, I was in a session with The Weeknd and I was trying to get him on the song from my album and I decided this was the one I was going to play — this horribly weird-sounding demo. The song changed multiple times, even after it was released — were you part of the changes? But this time I stumbled, and while I was falling awkwardly to the floor I kind of just last-minute threw it to one of the greatest artists I've ever worked with. The MP3s he started releasing as Cashmere Cat in 2011—some twinkly solo tracks, plus blog-friendly remixes of artists like Miguel and Lana Del Rey—grew out of a desire to create club music with softer edges. Thanks! Masahiro Shimazaki/Courtesy of the artist, We Insist: A Timeline Of Protest Music In 2020, Francis And The Lights, 'Friends (Feat. Dive into the pop star’s crazy but wonderful year of nonstop touring and recording. His solo work has been equally amorphous, with two early EPs — 2012's Mirror Maru and 2014's Wedding Bells — fusing delicate piano flurries with warped, crystalline hip-hop beats. Cashmere Cat stopped by the KS1075 studios with Big Mic to talk about his new single "Miss You" with Tory Lanez and Major Lazer, as well as about his show with MO tonight at the Ogden and how he came up with his name Cashmere Cat! Have you ever felt pressured to dilute your sound?

There, Høiberg began making music for Top 40 artists with a disregard for genre conventions: his kinetic electronic productions absorbed icy R&B minimalism (Tinashe’s “All Hands On Deck”), DJ Mustard-esque hip-hop (Ty Dolla $ign’s “Drop That Kitty”), and fizzing brat-pop (Charli XCX’s “Break The Rules”). I know how to write songs now, and how to get people on songs, and I also have a whole new way of producing. 2014 was especially big: in addition to releasing his second EP on tastemaking London label LuckyMe, Høiberg co-produced the vacillating beat on Charli XCX’s snotty hit “Break the Rules,” as well as the glassy backbone of Tinashe’s “All Hands on Deck,” strikingly different productions that somehow both have his playful fingerprints all over them. “I’m trying to do scary stuff sometimes.

His Skype screensaver is Kevin, the tropical bird from Disney’s 2009 tearjerker, Up!, which he chooses to leave on display for our chat rather than put the camera on himself. It's gonna be so opponents say it but you know what you know I realize the last time I was here red rocks the rocks or rent at the red yet and that's why it's called red rocks. Robot overlords only. Part of RADIO.COM Music. Plus, I feel like I have things to talk about now. And it did you have like it a type of you prefer to be a magazine is an outdoor amphitheater do you like the more intimate venues do you like clubs but you have a setting like are you just like to work. A song that was on the radio in concept I remember like I want points. It earned him co-signs from Diplo and Hudson Mohawke, as well as a personal message from wunderkind hit-maker Benny Blanco. Just by doing that — and kind of letting go of any requirements of it being anything that would be taken seriously by anyone — I kind of stumbled upon something that really felt like my own.

An in-depth interview with the Norwegian producer about his all-star new album. Is this coming up here this week we got these new Winter Olympics was there any time to that the to have anything to do well in Ottawa. Will not be accurate. I remember being really intrigued by it all. Høiberg sat down with NPR to talk about his debut album, 9. Cashmere Cat’s been talking more lately. report.

Toshamakia's Daily Dose - something for the guys!

Oslo-based Cashmere Cat is on mixing duty for Diplo with a huge hip hop and R&B set. Does that freak you out? It's a song I did with The Weeknd and Francis and the Lights, and it came about in a really confusing way.

music / Electronic. The way he changed his album after it came out ... it definitely messed with my head a little bit when it comes to finishing music. No I actually just realize that the other day that that's like I think so I guess it's like a really good perfect time to have the stars are the the winter stars or are lining up for I had asked Brian is this part of the Olympics are some academy of the figure skaters in there yet doing what do they do you figure skating India always its huge engine side half I thought he was perfectly timed gift for fourteen steer and dad yeah yeah we have a really really good.

He’s visiting for a couple weeks to unwind after a month-long stint as the opening act on Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour.

An in-depth interview with the Norwegian producer about his new album 9, featuring Kehlani, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, and more. share. Magnus August Høiberg, better known as Cashmere Cat, is the producer behind hits like Kanye West's "Wolves."

Grande’s crescendoing vocal pairs perfectly with his blippy beats, and though he won’t name names, Høiberg says he’s got a bevy of vocal tracks cooking (he won’t say whether “Wolves” is the only new Kanye song he’s contributed beats to, either). It's going to have harps and it's going to have water drops, then it's going to have like a huge build-up but then it goes nowhere, and then it's going to have bed squeaks from Jersey club. In this case it had a lot to do with me learning to work with artists — because up until this point it was pretty much me and my computer, and now it's more of the relationship between me and other people and that spectrum of infinite things to deal with, when it comes to other people's emotions and musical desires. It's like playing someone the first thing you've ever played on the guitar, or like, "Hey, I just discovered a piano, you want to listen to a thing I just recorded on the piano?"

You know?”. Cashmere Cat Recruits 2 Chainz, Starrah, And Tory Lanez For “Throw Myself A Party”. His beats have made hit songs for artists like Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and … He has been a hero of mine for so long, and then I was able to make this song with him. ©2020 The Fader, Inc. All rights reserved.

How Cashmere Cat Is Helping To Shape Pop’s Weird Future An in-depth interview with the Norwegian producer about his new album 9, featuring Kehlani, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, and more. I walk into this room and all of a sudden Jeremih’s there and says, “Oh, cool remix.” Then he's in the booth and I'm playing him my beats, it was a really mind-blowing moment.

I was just on my floor. Cashmere Cat …

And I'm trying to learn and get better at everything right now playing like a concert thing is that. ©2020 The Fader, Inc. All rights reserved. I try to not be close-minded. And The Weeknd. These remixes caught the ear of super producer Benny Blanco, who invited him to L.A. It kind of blew my mind — the different stuff you can do with it and also how fully unpredictable it was. I started a SoundCloud and suddenly now I'm at this point where it's very real. Cashmere Cat: I put out my first EP in 2012 and I stumbled upon a new sound, because for so long I [had] been trying to copy everyone. Is it real? “For a while, being in the studio with an artist was really scary to me, but now that’s my every day,” he says, humbly acknowledging that by staying busy, and making well-received work with artists he finds interesting, he’s finally started coming out of his shell. When Yeezus came out it blew my mind. Try to Download directly (21.47 MB) Play.

He talks to Richard Kingsmill about the concept behind Princess Catgirl, and how his own music differs from the huge songs he’s written and produced for others. Then, I was like, "All right, I'm going to make a fake dubstep song, and then I'm going to make a fake Jeremih song or I'm going to make a fake R. Kelly song. To me, the weird stuff isn't that exciting if it's not contrasted by something really pop. I was not a part of making those changes at all, but I paid very close attention to when it happened. Listen to Cashmere Cat, The Weeknd, and Francis and The Lights's new single, "Wild Love.". It's like the equivalent of a polar bear in Hawaii.

He was my favourite rapper. Yeah. Yeah yeah I did that song with the with the Benny Blanca Ozal is on mine but one of my best friends and someone who I were equivalent.

The stuff I'm doing now is very out of character for a Norwegian person; Norwegians are very shy and stoic. How Cashmere Cat Is Helping To Shape Pop’s Weird Future An in-depth interview with the Norwegian producer about his all-star new album. More from 2019. I can't imagine you being demonstrative. In a world of streaming individual tracks, and with you being busy with other productions, why make an album at all? Cashmere Cat's new record is here, featuring SOPHIE and more.

What music did you hear growing up that sparked that desire for weird sounds? Tell me about working on the song "Wild Love" with The Weeknd. Cashmere Cat drops new album featuring SOPHIE, Tory Lanez, XXXTentacion sample, Pre-order a copy of Cashmere Cat's's issue of The FADER now. The two EPs were very much based around the same sounds and instrumentation, but making this album I had so much new shit to show and to do. It must have been 2013 or 2012 maybe? “I started realizing that the musical part was more interesting to me than intensely jabbing on the fader,” he remembers. He does not speak during his shows, he wears oversized jumper jackets in bright colors and his long, blond hair covers his face. Cashmere Cat at the L.A. home of his friend, the producer Benny Blanco, 4 April 2017, Audio equipment at the L.A. home of producer Benny Blanco, 4 April 2017. I think that was one of the first albums I'd heard where I thought, Wow, strings are really cool, and so on 9 there are a few songs with real string arrangements and that was inspired by that album. Tue 10 Sep 2019 Audio Player failed to load. True to the tale, she had a cat who slept in a cardboard box full of cashmere sweaters under the bed. Really awesome because they get to sink a lot about the music and the lights and think about like the show has a whole Robin just like playing like a bunch of bankers. How Cashmere Cat Is Helping To Shape Pop’s Weird Future. Watch Cashmere Cat's "Emotions" video, starring Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood actress Margaret Qualley. I wish there was like accords are like I went like a shaman and there was like given to me under like him in Carson Daly and now is just me being snooze snoop doggy dog hates dogs must cancel its final call to action to restore I mean I'm gonna roll rock and roll and welcome back to my city man thank you thank you very much as you were out here you writer for the Madison block party rhetoric right. What made you decide you were ready for your debut album now?

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