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For off-roading, the tire width is typically wider than the wheel. If you carry heavy loads or haul a trailer, and/or drive over rough roads, be sure to account for the added vehicle weight, a compressed suspension system, and an associated loss of clearance. Wheel offset is a measurement from the rear (inside) the wheel mounting face to the center of the wheel. When choosing the wheel size, you should also remember to take into account the width of the car tyre at the point of contact with the wheel. For instance, hi-tech products have been produced to take control of some information about wheels and road. The tread width can be found on the tire manufacturer’s websites under the specifications along with the minimum and maximum rim width range. To do this, simply use the formula presented below. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade the look of your ride with new wheels, or considering another set of wheels and tires for specific purposes like off-roading or winter driving. Get free delivery on all tires and wheels when you choose a TireBuyer installer in the continental U.S. The stock wheel widths were established after considerable engineering and vehicle testing, and so if there’s no good performance reason to alter wheel width, well then, there’s just no good reason. Enter your order number and your surname or VAT number. Tell us what you drive and we’ll show you all the best options. Above all, a larger width will contribute to increasing friction. Backspace is referred as the distance from the back edge of the wheel to its mounting surface. You can check this by noting that the speed indicated by GPS sat-nav systems is more reliable on average than that of the dashboard instrument, particularly on older cars. It's important to use recommended wheel widths and tyre size combinations - the wheel width dictates what tyre sizes you can mount. Certain trucks have the wheel well space to accommodate a much wider wheel than stock, whereas other vehicles are able to fit only a slightly wider wheel than stock (if at all) without modification in the wheel well area. The resulting value shows which ET is appropriate in this case. The wheel width is usually slightly smaller than the tyre width in order to ensure the tyre fits well. The diameter measurement occurs across the front face of the wheel, excluding the lips/edges. Wheel width on a new set of wheels should be primarily determined by two considerations: Clearance and purpose. But there is another element to be taken into consideration: increasing the wheel diameter will also increase the axle weight as a whole. Because the diameter (face) of the wheel is most influential on the look and profile, that’s what gets the attention. If you change rim width or diameter, e.g. Regardless of whether your purpose in fitting new wheels is advanced by a wider set of wheels, you are first and foremost limited by the available clearance. Guaranteed work from our network of 9,000+ installers, is owned by American Tire Distributors, CCPA Privacy Notice for California Consumers. You will find drivers using tyres bought at Oponeo all across Europe. The installation of sports suspension systems, for instance, typically lowers the vehicle by around 40-120 mm, which usually requires narrow tyres with alloy wheels. Valid through 10/31/20. The TireBuyer Installer Advantage Choose a TireBuyer installer and get: Sign up for our newsletter and save 5% on your order! The owner picked 185/55 R15 size Pirelli Cinturato P1. A safe clearance between the wheels and tires and all vehicle components in the wheel wells should always be maintained. So, back to the question: how do these measurements affect our car? Some promotional offers and sale prices cannot be combined with coupons. Wheel size is a hot topic in the automotive world. The greatest tyre knowledge source on the Internet. The most commonly used wheel sizes in most cars include the 15, 16, and 17 inch wheel size, even though you can find other sizes available in the market. In short, in this article we have explained what happens if the tyre size is changed in simple terms. Wheel offset adjusts the wheel either inward or outward once mounted. The narrower footprint allows the wheels and tires to better “slice” through wintry precipitation. Finally, it is worth remembering that wheel size will influence the speedometer readout because the device is always set and type-approved for original equipment tyres. Sometimes the four stock wheels and tires on a vehicle are the same width. For media. Similar to the diameter and width, offset directly affects vehicle component clearance. Wheel Width & Diameter: The alloy wheel size is shown as follows: Wheel diameter x Wheel width - e.g: 15 x 6.5J The width is the section between the tyre mounting flanges on the wheel / The diameter is the overal diameter of the wheel. (Unloaded suspension changes the geometry, and could lead to inaccurate clearance measurements.) master_9fdd7d45803417d04c09144eec25f718c82b062e_872_20200910_182749, Staggered vs. square tire and wheel setups. These are references to the diameter of the wheel. Linked to an app, special tyres will communicate with your phone and will tell you information about temperature or tread status. Naturally, these changes are directly proportional to the variation of size. The behaviour of the car may also change: increasing the tyre diameter will obviously raise the chassis height and the centre of gravity as a consequence, with the direct effect of increasing roll and oscillations. It might even cause a tyre burst in the end. But rolling resistance is also incremented at the same time. Promotional discounts and coupons may not apply to certain products including but limited to Pirelli. For more information see Staggered vs. square tire and wheel setups. As you look down at the wheel, the width is the measurement from left to right between the wheel edges, also called the wheel lips. For example, although it still has the same offset of ET30, a 9-inch wide wheel will protrude more than a 6-inch wheel. It's crucial to apply the correct wheel offset because too much positive or negative offset can cause damage to the vehicle, especially when driving at greater speed. Like clearance measurements for wheel diameter and width, confirming sufficient clearance to these vehicle components is vital to ensure proper vehicle performance and safety. Wheel backspacing is essentially an extension of the wheel offset measurement. This is called a “square” setup. Just about any vehicle can accommodate a larger or smaller wheel size than stock, and depending on your vehicle and purposes, the ideal wheel size and specification can vary significantly. This is because any given wheel width can accommodate more than one tire width. The final number in your tire size (before the separate load index and speed rating) denotes both tire and wheel size.

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