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Can we learn something about our predicament from looking back at the Kennedy assassination? Several of the lyrics suggest that the JFK assassination was the beginning of something very bad. And then, what begins as a sprinkling of pop-cultural references that feel a bit out of place (“Up in the red-light district like a cop on the beat / Livin’ in a Nightmare on Elm Street”) mushrooms into a serial invocation of important art that, for better or worse, calls to mind Woody Allen’s list in Manhattan of things that make life worth living. The escalating shittiness of these times has become a running joke, with 2020 making 2019 look like a cakewalk, 2019 making 2018 look like a breeze, and on and on back to 2016, when the election of Donald Trump kicked off a series of events culminating in our collective present: a time when the United States has arguably bungled its response to a global pandemic worse than any other nation in the world. Much later, in his quasi-memoir, Chronicles: Volume One, Dylan suggested, not entirely believably, that his “voice of a generation” reputation was based on a colossal misunderstanding. This dizzying, utterly extraordinary song — as allusive as it is elusive — starts off seeming like it might be a straightforward recounting of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but expands into an impressionistic, elegiac, increasingly apocalyptic journey through what feels like the entire Sixties (complete with references to the Who’s Tommy, Woodstock, and Altamont) and then perhaps all of 20th-century America, especially its music. “The soul of a nation’s been torn away,” he sings in his first new song in nearly a decade. It’s about Kennedy—and a lot more. Hit play on the song and read Dylan’s full lyrical genius, below. Before too long, it becomes fairly clear anyway what he’s up to. Stay safe, stay observant, and may God be with you.”. To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Bojangles’ Songwriter, Dead at 78, Tekashi 6ix9ine Transforms Into a ‘Supervillain’ in New Teaser for Showtime, ‘Rolling Stone’ Doc, William Blinn, Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ Screenwriter, Dead at 83, Phoebe Bridgers: Listen to Our Revealing, Hilarious Podcast Interview, Hear Our New Podcast Tribute to Eddie Van Halen, Why Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ Feels Exactly Like Life in 2020. When JFK was killed, on November 22, 1963, Dylan was 22 years old. Play Stan GetzPlay “Blue Sky”; play Dickey BettsPlay Art Pepper, Thelonious MonkCharlie Parker and all that junkAll that junk and “All That Jazz”Play something for the Birdman of AlcatrazPlay Buster Keaton, play Harold LloydPlay Bugsy Siegel, play Pretty Boy FloydPlay the numbers, play the oddsPlay “Cry Me A River” for the Lord of the godsPlay number 9, play number 6Play it for Lindsey and Stevie NicksPlay Nat King Cole, play “Nature Boy”Play “Down In The Boondocks” for Terry MalloyPlay “It Happened One Night” and “One Night of Sin”There’s 12 Million souls that are listening inPlay “Merchant of Venice”, play “Merchants of Death”Play “Stella by Starlight” for Lady Macbeth, Don’t worry, Mr. President. Eight years after since he released his last taste of new music, Dylan is back with ‘Murder Most Foul’, a dark and intense 17-minute epic. This is a man who most recently collaborated with Martin Scorsese on a “documentary” whose infidelity to the truth was so extreme that it included fictionalized characters. Like most honest chroniclers of the assassination, Dylan invokes the conspiracies without attempting to either confirm or deny their validity: The day they blew out the brains of the kingThousands were watching; no one saw a thing. His songs weren’t about Civil Rights—they were about the Civil War! It’s 36 hours past judgment day? So Bob Dylan has a lot to say about JFK, our collective fascination with the famous and infamous and, more than likely, the coronavirus. “Groucho Marx, to name one thing,” Allen begins. Our attention spans are dwindling, thanks in large part to the way we listen to music and watch movies. So what’s Dylan’s take on the assassination now? His second album, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, had come out six months earlier. Freedom cover meI hate to tell you, mister, but only dead men are freeSend me some lovin’; tell me no liesThrow the gun in the gutter and walk on byWake up, little Susie; let’s go for a driveCross the Trinity River; let’s keep hope aliveTurn the radio on; don’t touch the dialsParkland hospital, only six more miles, You got me dizzy, Miss Lizzy. Of course, like all things Dylan, “Murder Most Foul” isn’t for everyone. At almost 17 minutes, "Murder Most Foul" is Dylan's longest song. Bob Dylan Releases Epic New Song, 'Murder Most Foul' The iconic songwriter surprised fans at midnight with a 17-minute song about the assassination of JFK.

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