blowering dam fishing map

One of the most important of all symbols on a fishing map is the contour line. Our maps use OpenStreetMap. Love the detail and some of the old creek beds, there would have been no way in hell we would have found these without the map! These tell you the rise and fall of the lake bottom revealing drop offs, humps, saddles and flats. Aerial maps can give an angler who knows how to read them a huge advantage. As a result, Blowering Dam, like Copeton, has been opened to fishing … Bathymetric bottom mapping drastically increases the visibility of underwater structures such as drop offs & humps, taking plain old contours to the next level. Low Water Aerial, Deep Water. ... One of the most important of all symbols on a fishing map is the contour line. Probe the areas you plan to fish for important features like underwater vegetation, oyster beds, potholes in vegetation flats, mangrove trees and rocky outcrops. of the resident cod being very fat for their length due to the abundance of food in the dam. Depth Contours, Low Water Aerial, Deep Water. DPI research indicates that the dam’s cod fishery is heavily reliant on stocked fish recruitment, with very little natural fish recruitment. Go Fishing - Blowering Dam (PDF, 2897.69 KB) More information. Low Water Aerial, Deep Water. Available only on selected maps. Colours used throughout the app and their meanings. Several boat ramps are provided around the lake. These maps are colour coded to clearly define water depth and to help you better understand the underwater landscape. The ability to look at both marked and unmarked channels, depth contours, waypoints, previous catches and a few thousand lay downs at the touch of a button gives me all the extra time to concentrate on the important thing CATCHING fish! Camping Camping is allowed along the foreshore of Blowering Dam. The closer the contour the steeper the drop off, the wider the interval the flatter and more gradual the slope. Not for navigation. Brogo Dam. Visit Roads & Maritime for more information. Thanks to the NSW Roads & Maritime Services for providing: And to the Office of Environment and Heritage NSW and Sydney Water Monitoring Services. Found it great and would not be without it. Map. Toby Vesty gambles on Blowering for the first time and wins big! Access varies depending on water levels. Structures & Maritime Markers are plotted on selected waterways. Areas with heavy current will show in the form of trenches on the bottom, predator fish often seek locations with current so their meals can be brought to them. All rights reserved. We have received the upgraded Map Card for our new finder and we couldn't be happier! Focus on the two most important factors, underwater structure & channels. Blowering Reservoir is open to all forms of boating. A very handy tool for anyone that fishes Mulwala. Other camping, caravan access and cabins around Blowering Dam with Hotel / Motel accommodation available in Tumut. Blowering Dam. Copeton Dam. Makes our fishing and boating experience on Lake Mulwala so much better with lots more water now opened up to us. Once you know what habitat your target fish loves, they will have nowhere to hide. This really is an unbelievable product- make sure you check it out. Low water aerial imagery is a game-changer, every angler wants to know what lies beneath the water - these maps do exactly that, revealing all sorts of hidden fish-holding details like shallow humps, fallen trees, laydowns, big rocks, deep holes, old creek beds and rocky bottoms - they show everything. GO FISHING – BLOWERING DAM GO FISHING – BLOWERING DAM Blowering Dam Throwing a line at a new spot always makes for a great fishing adventure. This upgrade has made it a heap more user friendly, used it the other day to find a shallow ledge and cracked three cod in four casts! channel markers and other aids to navigation, formed boat ramps and public wharves/jetties, areas of assumed shallow water (depth of less than approximately 2 metres in tidal waters and the shallower water in inland waters at full supply). GO FISHING – BLOWERING DAM This mirrors results at Copeton Dam, in northern NSW, which was also found to have very low natural recruitment levels and a high dependence on fish stocking to sustain the fishery. Used the app myself all weekend to fish the edge of a few snaky creeks. Depth Contours, Bottom Mapping, Deep Water, Depth Contours, Low Water Aerial, Deep Water, With the valuable information these maps provide, you can find great new fishing spots in just a few short minutes. Combine this with our depth contours and you should have no problem locating the most productive fishing grounds. In addition to being one of the state’s favourite activities, recreational © All Content in is Copyright 2017. Depth Contours, Burrinjuck Dam. We both thank you very much for putting these map cards together. Artificial reefs; Catch and release fishing I highly recommend any keen angler who fishes Lake Mulwala to give it a go. Reveals an amazing amount about Mulwala. All maps and charts are for reference purposes only. You won't be disappointed. Whether you’re just starting out or an expert fisher, NSW boasts some of the best locations to fish in the world.

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