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Xavier L. Dotson, professionally known as Zaytoven, is an American record producer, DJ, and pianist from Atlanta, Georgia. Then there is newer production that stood out from the pack in a major way. He is planning to release music in 2019 under the new moniker “Zeddy”. The 1999 track "Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99)" sounds like Jay-Z was rapping over the bleeps of a traveling spaceship, and only Timbaland could push Jay that far from his traditional sound. Within the mixtape’s context 'Appeal' is beyond refreshing, but when you take into account Scooter’s current situation, Zay’s heart wrenching piano gives the song that much more punch. This song truly captures French's essence as he transitioned from a respected mixtape rapper to a consistent hitmaker here. Here are his favorites: Our first prize goes to Random Beats, a producer based in Florida. in addition of all elements used in 4 forms : Loops / One shot hits / Multisamples / Midi Files. "Nas Is Like" is an amazing song period, and DJ Premier sampling Nas himself led to him handing the young legend one of his best beats. Send us an email and we'll get back to you, ASAP. The beats on the demo are inspired from magesy download : Se7en from magesy download Strange music, Mike will, metroboomin, zaytoven, 808 mafia. Wheezy crafts the beat, which sounds like an outer space parade thanks to the horns, and drums that sound like an explosion. Beats Galore. No matter. Zay will sometimes employ these Eminem-like, sad-sounding cellos that linger behind the beat, and here it makes for a bizarrely rewarding sound. The beat is a perfectly chopped soul sample, with bass guitar and drums accentuating it. Zaytoven's Best songs. This is the type of s--- that makes you close your eyes and raise your face to the sky, reciting the words and losing yourself in a trance. Let’s collectively make sure that doesn’t happen to this one. Rocko got four consecutive heatrocks from Zay on his 'Rocko Dinero' mixtape, but this is easily the standout. This song haunts me because if there were ever a Zaytoven song that was more in need of additional versions, its this one. Even if we admit that a lot of his drum patterns can sound similar, it’s what he does with other instruments that grabs your attention and keeps you interesting. The beat work on the 2017 track "DNA," created by Mike WiLL Made-It, helped K-Dot achieve just that. It all fits together seamlessly, and is one of TM88's smoothest productions. Flipping a Christmas song into a dope beat is not always an easy task, but you guys did great. The pattern that the notes follow… damn. Mike put together booming bass and a sitar on the way to making a classic song in the modern times. He is known for his work with Southern rap artists Gucci Mane and Migos, and has released joint projects with artists such as Future, Waka Flaka Flame, Young Scooter, Bankroll Fresh, and Young Dro. The master crafter has developed a legendary reputation for producing music that sounds more like art objects than beats. His Wikipedia page is woefully lacking and it is tough to find a comprehensive list of his productions. The production is very strong, bringing the worlds of eerie, horror film adjacent pianos and boom bap together. These two are super special to me, though. French Montana's "Shot Caller" is an all-time great track, and half of that is due to Harry Fraud's work behind the boards. Check out the Best Hip-Hop Beats Made by Respected Producers in the Game and choose your favorite. Flipping a Christmas song into a dope beat is not always an easy task, but you guys did great. He has plenty of classic beats, but none more accurately define DMX and the label's ethos like "Ruff Ryder's Anthem.". The latter could be heard in dorms across the country, as Zay layered descending xylophones, wobbling organs, and airy synths to make the quintessential shifty backdrop for a drug-dealing anthem. He used an Ableton Push 2 to make this beat, and a Pioneer DDJ controller to scratch and all the mixing/mastering was done in Ableton. HAAAAAAAAAAANHH! The muffled drums and the vocal loop are stellar. On a tape packed with skull-blasting bangers like 'Mark McQuire', 'Karate Chop', and 'Chosen One', the currently incarcerated Young Scooter shows up in the middle for a bitterly somber cut dedicated to locked up friends, ironically hoping that they get appeals. Even on a well-produced project like Fever, the "Cash Shit" beat stands out. Here, XXL highlights some of the best hip-hop beats made by respected producers in the game, all of which are worthy of having a light shined on them. “I get up in the morning and can make 10 beats, which I then send to different artists who I think would be best suited to rap over them. You know that a producer is truly exceptional if they can be versatile, and that ability is on full display here as Usher repines about his marriage over electronic clicks and eclectic percussive touches.

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