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The group, all men, evacuated Batlow – their workplace and home – on 31 December. It's been 100 days since AWH recorded a positive COVID case, MPs may be willing to cross the floor to allow debate of integrity bill, Friendships tested during a tense 2020 AFL Grand Final, 'Kick in the guts' Vandals attack train used to farewell Tim Fischer, Police issues fines for truck drivers transporting stock. Residents in the historic NSW town of Batlow - known as Australia's apple capital - have had a tough decision to make today. Walau told ABC’s Pacific Beat, ‘We prayed for our farm to be protect [sic] so we could have jobs … now we can go back to our jobs … We are so lucky our orchard is safe and our camp is safe. If she leaves, the plants will die. At least nine people have died since Christmas Day, with more dangerous conditions predicted for the weekend. The longer-term issues are always being addressed. Don't subscribe CONVEYING CONFIDENCE: Batlow Fruit Company apples are sorted after the harvest. The first fire incident that I attended with Jenny was back in Conungra back in September. Winemakers spoke of unprecedented conditions. They did not know what the fate of the farm would be, only to prepare for the worst. He said the immediate priority for the growers' co-operative was securing crops that had not been burnt and sorting out orchard infrastructure like sheds, irrigation equipment and netting, with birds already starting to damage fruit. "We've lost a shed and we've lost some trees, so we've had a little kick up the tail, but we're not down and out by any stretch of the imagination.". At the meeting, experts from the Australian Wine Research Industry advised on the impact of the smoke. Already, he's sorting out insurance claims and trying to re-equip his property before a harvest next month. In preparation for the evacuation, workers had been informed to pack all essential documentation and their bags. Mr Mouat said he hoped Batlow and its importance in food production would make the town a priority for financial assistance from governments. We are one of the few countries that can say that. The people of Batlow were told their town was "undefendable" when a bushfire raced toward them last Friday, but the local Rural Fire Service brigade had other ideas. Fire authorities called a town meeting yesterday to tell residents there is nothing they can do to stop the blazes coming and everyone should get out. Devpolicy Talks brings you the latest from our centre’s public events as well as other discussions from our blog and research work covering Australian aid, PNG and the Pacific and global development policy. There are many areas that are in that situation right now. Wait to ensure we do that, whether it is an evacuation or the medevacs that are occurring, is to continue to do it in the responsible and well-coordinated way we are doing. To improve your experience. Walau and the group returned to Batlow on 12 January and started work again the next day. Workers in New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme (RSE) raised funds for Christchurch after the tragic 2011 earthquake. let me be a volunteer. And there are stories of grassroots fundraising for the fires from communities across the Pacific. That is the spirit in which we need to continue to engage this right now, right here. Picture: Jamila Toderas. It was predicted that the fire would destroy the township, which was declared to be ‘undefendable’. This blog is now closed. It's cool-storing and the packing, the administration, the distributors in the marketplace, the consumers ... everybody's affected by a lack of production one way or another, including the general public because if there's a lack of production there'll be higher prices. It has a "big apple,' a ciderfest and an apple blossom festival. Picture: Dion Georgopoulos. On behalf of all our team, I would like to extend our thanks to all those people who are bravely fighting the fires and to everyone who is working tirelessly to support impacted communities," he said. Amanda McCorkindale has a nursery outside of town. Search over 20,000 rural real estate listings online including farms, rural property and acreage for sale. The town has suffered immensely since imported varieties of apples started flooding the Australian market. "Not being able to get trucks through to Batemans Bay or the oyster farms has been the biggest impact.". Colin Foyster, an avocado farmer in northern New South Wales, also praised his workers from Papua New Guinea for helping to fight the fire on his farm. "Those who have been so sadly affected by these bushfires, and their properties and dairy farms devastated, need to be given a chance to rebuild and be given support to ensure they remain on the land and continue to supply the fresh, nutritious milk," he said. There's nothing quite like that magical feeling you get after handing over your ticket and walking through the gates at the annual agricultural Royal Show. A new home in the Baldry district from Condobolin didn't deter loyal supporters of Bundemar Merino stud last Thursday. In the midst of the disaster, I understand the anxiety and I understand the fear that is there for many and I understand the frustration but this is a natural disaster.

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